Feb. 2nd, 2010

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* Woke up this morning to snow. And it's still snowing. Well, today's commute is going to be fun.

* The air raid sirens are going off. Looks outside. Oh no! It's a snowpocalyspse!

Wait. You mean the sirens always go off on the first Tuesday of the month? Okay...never mind then...

* We're only supposed to get one to two inches of snow today, so today won't be so bad, thankfully.

* Just got back from voting in the primaries. I decided to vote for the local guy for Lieutenant Governor even though he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. If he doesn't win any of the seats he's running for-- he's also on the ballot for precinct committeeman too-- I'm half inclined to write him and suggest that he run for mayor when those elections come up. The guy we currently have in there apparently thinks the economy so bad that he's decided to say fuck it and ask for divine intervention.

* It's late. Time for bed. I took Ambien, and then went downstairs to take care of the things that had to be harvested in Farmville. I figured that I'd be ready to go to bed by the time I was finished, but no, the sillies hit sooner. By the time I was finished, I didn't know whether I was going or coming. Accidentally planted some strawberries. They take four hours to grow so they're probably going to be all rotted by the time I wake tomorrow. Yeah...I'm not with it. Okay...time to get up stairs and go to bed before I start doing something silly like wandering down the street looking at all the pretty lights.


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