Feb. 3rd, 2010

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* The cats don't like Lady Gaga. They have no taste. (I don't usually listen to a lot of current pop songs, but Lady Gaga is the bomb)

* (No really...if you try to sing along, they'll both start poking at you. Arwen will go so far as to hiss and bite).

* Oh...and they don't like Queen either. As I said, no taste.

* "Ra Ra Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh. Ro Ma Ro- Ma Ma Ma. Ga Ga Oh La La..."

* Okay...here's the song in question. Another song to check out is Paparazzi, which has the guy who plays Eric on True Blood in it. Anyhoo, the costumes remind me of stuff that Bowie used to do. That and she's kind of twisted...

* The Dresden Dolls are another amusing group. They consider themselves cabaret punk.

* Boring grading is boring.

* Just got a call from my best friend. The doctors told her she was able to take her baby home today. Yay! Unfortunately, she's not letting anyone except family come over and visit until April because she was told that his immune system is going to be shaky for awhile. She doesn't want him to come down with RSV, which could be life threatening. So...that means I won't be able to give her the baby blanket I made for her until then. Oh well.

Hmm...I should call her up later and find out if it would be okay to drop it off at her mom's house. She can bring it over to her the next time she sees her.

* Shutting the computer off so [livejournal.com profile] doomsey can put memory on it. Must hit post so I don't lose the entire thing. Will edit later.


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