Feb. 7th, 2010

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* Sarah Palin Bingo! (Swiped from [livejournal.com profile] tx_cronopio

* Making chocolate bread pudding. So good. Must. Not. Eat. All. The. Batter.

* Chocolate bread pudding is done. I think I'm going to heat it up a bit before I leave for the party tomorrow. It tastes better when warm.

* And of course, the wireless had to start acting up when I'm trying to get work done.

* Grrrr...Internet is being flaky. Have to get my fucking work done, godammit!

* Ich habe Hausaufgabe in mein Deutschkurs. Ich studiere Worschatz.

* Thought I had more to post today, but apparently I didn't. Too busy getting work done and studying German.
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*headdesk headdesk headdesk*

* I heard rumors that Neil Gaiman was going to write a Doctor Who episode, but after not hearing about it for awhile, I thought it was only that, rumors. Then, today, I read this story". YES!!!! This is going to be AWESOME!!!

* Since I'm going to go to a Superbowl Party today, I have to come up with a team to root for. I'm kind of partial to New Orleans-- been meaning to go there for years-- so I'm going to go with the Saints.

* Got tons of stuff accomplished today. Should probably work on studying a bit more for German class before heading out to watch the game.

* I have one more color to add to my afghan and it's D-O-N-E...done!
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...and once again [livejournal.com profile] doomsey and I switched gender roles. I was downstairs watching the game and [livejournal.com profile] doomsey was in the kitchen chatting with people. It was a fun game, and I was very happy that the Saints had won. I think that, after everything they've been through these past few years, they deserved to have a bit of a morale boost. I also know a number of people on here who hail from the New Orleans area; I'm sure they're very happy right about now.


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