Mar. 5th, 2010

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* Never say, "hopefully tomorrow will be a better day," in a daily post because you will only end up jinxing yourself.

* Woke up with more stomach trouble. I thought I was getting over this, but I guess not. Also have the stupids from not eating much for the past three days. I damn near backed into someone this morning and got a dirty look for it. I guess maybe I should have stayed home...

* Had a weird dream last night that I was climbing up and over a tall cathedral. And this thing was huge, I remember being up at the top and looking down at the tops of some high-rises. I'd made it over and then a good portion of the way down, but then I got stuck in the very last section because there weren't very many handholds. One of my friends from high school, who recently friended me on Facebook, was also climbing it and he showed me the way to get down. You had to do sort of this controlled slide. There was a ridge that you could hold on to with your hands and thighs that would slow your slide. He did it, and I was about to try it when I woke up. Oh...I also remember dreaming about this medal that you could get for making it all the way up and back down.

* Between the book I was reading-- which was kind of dark-- and the nausea at night, I've been having a lot of weird, almost tortured, dreams lately...

* Wow...I really do have the stupids. I read over the last paragraph and found tons of grammar and spelling errors in it. *sighs*

* (snerk) I thought today's xkcd was kind of amusing...

* I give up. Time to go to bed...


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