Mar. 9th, 2010

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* This had better been a joke. I read this article and was speechless...absolutely speechless. I have a better suggestion. How about we take all the tea baggers, neo-conservatives, and bigots and just deport them already.... (Link swiped from [ profile] genet ) [Just found out that it was a hoax. NOT FUNNY!]

* Just got a letter in the mail saying that we're going to get a letter from the Census Bureau. Well...okay then. I guess that's where my tax money is going, huh.

* Ooops. Never did post this last night before going to bed. Going to do it now.

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* Studying German. Here's an amusing thing I learned how to say: Meine Katzen liegen gern in der Sonne. Es ist sehr warm. [Translation: My cats like to lie in the sun. It is very warm]. And yes, I like to make up sentences about my kitty cats in German.

* Sea Monkeys! [Yeah...blame [ profile] popfiend for that outburst].

* Wow...didn't get much time to catch up on LJ or post much-- even though there is one tiny thing that I wanted to talk about. Oh well...maybe tomorrow.


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