Mar. 16th, 2010

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...I forgot to hit post on this entry.

* Wow...this newspaper title is very unfortunate. Whoever wrote that one clearly didn't think it through.

* can watch a hummingbird nest on webcam. As I type this, it looks like one of the little guys is trying to break out of his shell. I suspect there will be at least one chick by the time the sun rises tomorrow.

* By the way, does anyone so happen to know the url for this alleged webcam pointed at the bald eagle pair? I keep hearing about it...

* This is begging to be made into a macro. "Er...hey guys! How're you doing?"

* If life can thrive at intense temperatures near underwater thermal vents, I don't see why it can't also be found 600 feet below Antarctic ice. (Link swiped from [ profile] ladyfox7oaks).

* So the people hosting the LARP are unable to hold the character development session at their usual place in Illinois. Now they're talking about doing it in Milwaukee or Madison on Saturday. This is very inconvenient as I'm hosting a Saint Patrick's Day dinner on Sunday for family. I suppose that, if push came to shove, I could make it if they held it in Milwaukee (and even that's going to be a bit much), but Madison is much too far for me to drive there and back in one day AND host a dinner the next day. If they hold it in Madison and I can't make it, I might ask one of my friends, who lives in the area, for help. I hope that's going to be okay with whoever is running the LARP.

* Man arrested at a Wal-mart for punching kids in the back of the head when their parents weren't looking -- That's awful! :(

* Exhausted....must....sleep...
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* Cleaning out the fridge. You know...I think I may have enough pickles.

* Yay! The fridge is clean! Now time to have a late lunch / early dinner and get ready for work.

* Made a list of things that need to get done before I have family over for a Saint Patrick's Day dinner on Sunday. Oy vey! Chicken...head...cut off.

* I'm not good at hosting dinners so this is going to be a disaster. I suppose that, if I screw it up bad enough, we could always order pizza. (sheepish grin)

* Did I mention that I suck at cooking? I can bake, but my cooking leaves much to be desired...

* Pain! My ankle is killing me from too much running around on it. Going to have to remember to take more ibuprofen for it tomorrow morning and maybe think about making an appointment with my doctor if it doesn't let up by next week.


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