Mar. 28th, 2010

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* Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change -- This is a big deal because the curricula in Texas schools often affects those of other states. If I were a teacher, I would refuse to teach that shit, and I would teach my students the correct information. If they were to fire me for it, so be it. I wouldn't want to work for a district that would enforce that bullshit. (Link swiped from [ profile] foresthouse)

* Tarleton professor cancels performance of plays, including controversial 'Corpus Christi'
-- So the drama professor canceled the play that had a gay teenager whose life mimicked that of Jesus because of all the threats both he and the school had gotten. The right-wing in Texas is usually nucking futs, but it's been crazier than normal lately. (Link swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio)

* Went to to the Goodman to see The Johnston Flood this evening. Dinner was at Petterino's. We ended up waiting there a long time for our check because their server crashed. Didn't get home until after 1:30 in the morning. Oh...and my mother-in-law may have accidentally glutened herself; she ate one of J's olives stuffed with blue cheese. Blue cheese is bad because the mold that's on it is usually grown on wheat. Oh well...if she did gluten herself, we'll know by tomorrow...

* it late. This is the second night in a row where I've gone to bed after one. Monday morning is going to be painful.
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The server holding my email is down, so I probably won't be able to read any of my emails until tomorrow morning at the earliest. What a pain in the ass! Let's hope that the computer it's on just needs re-started and that it doesn't need any other work. Otherwise, I will be email-less for a couple of days.

This morning I studied for German class. Then, in the afternoon [ profile] fuzzyscribble and [ profile] samcallahan showed up so that [ profile] doomsey could help [ profile] fuzzyscribble with her computer. It turned out that the poor computer died a horrible death. Fortunately, [ profile] doomsey was able to pull off all the data that she needed. [ profile] fuzzyscribble and [ profile] samcallahan also brought their dog, Re-run, who is a Beagle Coon Hound mix. He's an adorable dog. Anyhow, they put him on a tie-down in the backyard so he wouldn't traumatize my cats too much. Don't worry! He wasn't neglected for too long. [ profile] samcallahan and I sat outside with him for a while while [ profile] doomsey and [ profile] fuzzyscribble worked on the computer.

I also got some time today to do some reading, go for a walk with [ profile] doomsey, and knit. I am four rows from being finished with the hat I'm making for [ profile] doomsey! Aside from the computer server blowing up, it was a pleasant day.


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