Apr. 22nd, 2010


Apr. 22nd, 2010 10:25 am
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Today, I took Cosette in for her three month appointment to have her kidneys checked. During the exam, the vet heard a heart murmur. She said that it sounded as if she were skipping beats. At first, they thought that her blood pressure was high and that that was putting strain on her heart. They tested her and her blood pressure turned out to be normal. It might have been that she was overly freaked out today, but they want to investigate this more because this is something new; they've never heard a heart murmur out of her before. That and heart problems can make her kidney issues worse. I'm going to have to take her back to the vet in the next couple of weeks-- as soon as Monday if the cardiologist is available-- and have an ultrasound done on her heart. Oh...and she also needs to give a urine sample anyway. They tried getting one out of her today, but her bladder was empty.

Great...just great. I really needed something else to go wrong this week....
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I know, I'm posting a lot. Sorry! I just had a brain storm while I was giving Cosette her medication. The last time I went into the vet's office, she told me that I should give her 10mg a day of Pepcid AC to help control her nausea. What happens in many animals with kidney disease is that they get a build up of acid in their stomachs, which in turn, thickens the lining. She was certain that that was happening in Cosette's case.

Well, after I gave Cosette her pill for the day, I thought, "what if the Pepcid is causing her problem?" So...I hopped online and starting reading. I saw that two side effects for Pepcid AC in humans are arrhythmia and tachycardia. Hmm. I do more reading about dosages. It said that the normal dosage for most casts is one-quarter of a 10mg pill every two days. If the cat is still not better, you can up the dose to 5mg a day. Hmm. Maybe she was getting too much? I also read that Pepcid AC is not good for cats with heart problems. I'm not worrying too much over here though, because I also read that overdosage is not very common and you have to give them A LOT to kill them. For dogs, that's 2000mg per kg. One thing that it said was that you can give cats a very high dosage without them showing any adverse effects.

So...I'm wondering if I may have just solved the problem. I'm going to be bring this up with my vet when she calls me with the blood test results tomorrow.
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* Victoria Secret commercials are okay for public television, but Lane Byrant commercials are not because heavier women in the their underwear is too obscene. Okay...gotcha. (Via [livejournal.com profile] popfiend) [Edit: Also may be NSFW]

* A MAGIC the gathering card inspired by the Icelandic volcano. (Swiped from someone on Twitter)

* Really? Really? The cat jumped up onto the coffee table about two hours ago. Then, she started favoring her leg and shaking it like it was bothering her. I hope whatever it is works itself out because I don't think I can handle something *else* being wrong with her. :P

* Tonight during dinner, [livejournal.com profile] doomsey was rambling on about zucchinni and heckling me about not feeling up to cooking. It ended with me breaking down into tears.


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