Sep. 15th, 2010

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If there's a hungry T-rex running around outside looking for food, it might not be a good idea to stand in the window and watch. Just saying....

Also, while I know they grow a lot of strange critters in Australia, I didn't know that T-Rex was one of them. Nothing like a good ole' wild, free range T-Rex to break up a perfectly good outdoor dinner party. They should really sell insurance for that...just in case a guest or two gets eaten.

My dreams are so random sometimes.
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Scene 1:

Me: *madly types away on her computer*
Cosette: *jumps on the table*
Me: *flips through German textbook*
Cosette: *still sitting on the table*
Me: *doesn't find the answer and starts scratching her head*
Me: *looks at the cat* You don't know so happen to know what the past participle of laufen is, do you?
Cosette: *blinks*
Me: Yeah...I didn't think so.
Me: *goes back to typing away on her computer*

Scene 2:

Me: *tapping away on the computer*
Cosette: *plunks herself down the German textbook*
Me: *goes to use German textbook and realizes that there is a cat on it*
Me: I need to use my book...
Cosette: *blinks*
German textbook: *still being sat on*
Me: Please?
Cosette: *gives the human a kiss on the nose*
Me: Okay...maybe I don't need it that badly.... <-- Yeah...I am so whipped. :)
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The culprit of last night's dream must have been this little guy. [ profile] doomsey brought it home from work yesterday afternoon.

Tee hee! subconscious is really that random.

Also, you need to check out a video called Night of the Living Trekkies. It is hysterical! (Swiped from [ profile] muntahz)


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