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I meant to write this post a few days ago, but time seemed to have gotten away from me again...

Labor Day Weekend was awesome. [ profile] doomsey and I drove out to Quincy, Illinois-- a town on the Mississippi River-- for [ profile] forestdruid's wedding. Since [ profile] doomsey was best man, he left on Thursday to help [ profile] forestdruid and his soon-to-be wife run errands and, in general, get things set up for the ceremony on Sunday. I left late Friday morning with [ profile] doomsey's parents and we pulled into Quincy just in time for dinner. My in-laws got dinner on their own, but [ profile] doomsey and I ate with the bride and groom's relatives. They were an awesome bunch, so I had tons of fun. I also got to practice speaking German with A's father. (Ich kann nicht so gut Deutsch sprechen. Did I say that right?)

[And since this gets kind of long...I'm going to have to put it all behind some cuts. Feel free to jump to the parts that sound interesting...or not read at all].

Caving! )

Hannibal, MO and the Mark Twain House )

Parties! )

A Riverboat Ride )

Weddings )

Busted Ankle Blues )'s getting late. Maybe if I get some time over the next couple of days, I'll post some pictures....
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The handle on a coffee mug that [ profile] doomsey "fixed" broke while I was holding it. I got crap all over myself, the couch, the floor, and the little lap desk my computer was on. I'm pretty damn lucky that nothing got on my computer. Dan has now been told that he has to throw coffee mugs away when the handles break off of them. He's not allowed to glue them back together anymore. He's balking about it, but I'm putting my foot down. That was a major pain in the ass to clean up.

Damn...I hope I get all the stains out of my couch. I'm probably going to have to wash it again when it dries because I don't think I got everything out of it during the first go round.
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* Blame [ profile] bottledgoose. It's all her fault.

* Called an arborist to come and look at my two ailing pine trees, which seem to have some kind of borer. They'll be stopping by sometime next week to look at all the trees. [Scratch that....they're coming tomorrow]. I'm hoping they can save the pines because they make a good hiding place for birds. And having bug-eating birds hanging around is a good thing considering the fact that my garden is nearby. They'll control whatever likes to nibble on my plants. Also, I'm thinking that, if they can't be saved, then I'll call a tree removal company that will turn them into wood chips. That way, I can at least use the wood chips to control some of the weeds I have growing back there. Keep your fingers crossed that I can save them though, because they are pretty firs and I'm kind of partial to them.

* That brings me to my garden. Last year I had a huge problem with "something" nibbling on my garden. I was weeding and turning over the soil this weekend and disturbed a nest of red ants. I asked my next door neighbor, who is very knowledgeable about gardening and who was out at the time, if they would be a problem. He said that usually ants are a negative. He told me to put some coffee grounds out there and that should kill off a lot of the problem bugs. The caffeine kills the harmful bugs and, at the same time, is good for night crawlers, which make the soil richer. [ profile] doomsey left me some of his coffee grounds from breakfast this morning-- I can't drink caffeinated coffee-- and I put them out there this afternoon.

* On my way out to the garden, I heard some rustling by the garage. Turned out it was a garter snake who was out sunning himself. He saw me coming and then slid into a crack by the garage. I love garter snakes. Do you think [ profile] doomsey would get too pissed off if I kept one as a pet? :)

On second thought, scratch that. I would have to feed them crickets and other bugs. Crickets tend to squick me out. I could probably handle mealy worms though...

* The road construction on my way to work is turning people into assholes. I had not one but two people refuse to let me merge onto the expressway. (grumbles) Also, the exit where I usually get off-- which is already very difficult to navigate because you have to move over two lanes in order to get off-- has been made impossible to navigate with all the road horses they put up. I damn near clipped someone trying to figure out where my lane was and how to get off at the the dark. At first I thought they had narrowed it down to one lane because of the construction. I was wrong. I hope the guy behind me forgives me for the fright I must have given him. :(

So yeah, I think I'm going to get off at a different, much simpler exit from now on. They way they've got it set up makes it kind of dangerous.
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* I shouldn't kill spiders in my house, but I do because I am terrified of them. If they're outside, I have no problems. If I find them inside though? SPLAT they go! The same goes for centipedes. If I catch them crawling on a wall, they end up on the bottom of my shoe in no time flat. I hate centipedes the most of all, and I don't even want to get close enough to them to catch them with a wadded up piece of tissue or toilet paper!!! So...under the shoe they go.

Any critter with more than six legs gives me the creeps, and the more legs they have, the worse I hate them.

* Dan wasn't too happy with me earlier this afternoon. I stretched while reading a book and knocked over a lamp. The lamp itself is fine, but the bulb inside it broke. Worse, I didn't realize that the bulb contained mercury until after I picked up the broken pieces with my bare hands. So...if I start acting a little nutty, you'll know why. (Me being nutty is a little par for the course, so in reality, nothing will really change much).

Oh...I also have to replace a cat bed and some cat toys because the lamp fell on them. I could have probably gotten away with cleaning the cat bed really well, but I didn't want to take any chances. Besides, Cosette already has random kidney issues. The last thing we need is for her to come down with any more problems.

* Weeded and turned over my vegetable garden today. I'm planning on growing eggplant, pepper, and squash so I probably won't plant anything until May. I was thinking about growing tomatoes as well, but now I'm not so sure. According to the farmer's almanac, it's supposed to be rainy and cool again this summer. Last year, my tomato plants didn't do so well because it didn't get hot enough.

* After I cleared my veggie garden, I rested for a bit and then started working on weeding and clearing one of my flower beds. I still have to work on the bed next to the garage though, but I think I'll leave that until tomorrow. I also want to do some weeding in the way back. As for big projects, I'd like to put some more cedar chips out in the beds out front and in the way back. I think I'll leave that for when I have a little bit more time, probably in late May. I'm also going to need to borrow a wheelbarrow and a bigger shovel. Lastly, I'd also like to buy a Japanese maple for that one spot I've been meaning to fill for ages. I take it that I should probably wait until May to plant a tree though, huh?

* Man Receives Ticket While Walking From Car To Parking Meter -- Ninja police officer! (Swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* Watched Episode 2 of Doctor Who with [ profile] doomsey and [ profile] judygs. Click here for minor spoilers )
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I have officially declared today Obnoxious Day. Let's see. This morning, I spilled a ton of milk and had to clean it up. About five minutes after that happened, [ profile] cosettemonster decided today was also going to be "Funny Tummy Day" and harfed on the multiple places. Guess who had to pick that up? After I finished breakfast, I got up to put the plates away, and when I came back, I discovered that the goddamn cat had stolen my goddamn seat. Instead of fighting with the crotchety old lady, I decided to sit elsewhere. Eventually, I wander upstairs to take a shower. I was washing my hair when, all of a sudden, one of those goddamn lady bugs that invade our house every winter flew into my hair. Cue me struggling to fish the damn thing out because the last thing I want to do this afternoon is make a fashion statement. Then, I come back downstairs to discover that the goddamn cat yurked on my goddamn seat while I was in the shower. Wonderful. I'm starting to think that [ profile] cosettemonster does this because she thinks it's funny. She's lucky that she's cute because otherwise I would probably end up throttling her.

Finally, my asthma is acting up because I'm still congested from my cold AND the finger I slammed in a car door on Monday is hurting again.


How had your day been?

[Edit: [ profile] cosettemonster is sitting next to me on another seat. I looked at her and told her that if she barfs on this one, I'm going to have to kick her ass. Then, she gave me a kiss on the nose. Damn it...I can't stay mad!]

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Because I had been sick last week, I had a lot that needed to get accomplished today: tons of laundry, grocery shopping, and a bunch of stuff for work. Well, I did okay on getting that all accomplished. And then, I managed to slam the tip of my pinkie in my car door right before I had to unload groceries. Words can not express how painful that was. I think I spent a minute or two with my head up against the back of my car getting my happy thoughts back. I still can't use the finger all that well. For one, I think I lost feeling in it. (I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. If I've lost feeling in it, that means that it can't hurt, right?) [ profile] doomsey seems to think that I might have pissed off a nerve. I hope it gets better soon. In the meantime, writing, typing, and knitting is going to be a bit awkward.

And this one is for all the bird people on my friends list. It seems that we have a hawk living in our backyard. This is the second time I've seen him in a week. This was the same guy that I missed taking a picture of last week because I was still figuring out how [ profile] doomsey's camera worked. Anyhow, this time, he let me take a ton of pictures of him. I got a couple of really good ones, one of which I'm going to use for my picture of the day project. It was kind of amusing actually. I always thought hawks were shy, and would take off as soon as they saw you. This guy hung around and watched me take pictures of him. It looked like he was just as interested in me as I was in him. Maybe he had been in captivity for awhile and thought I was going to give him a handout? :)

Click here for picture )

So...what kind of hawk is he? Red-tailed hawk or Cooper's Hawk? I could never really tell the difference. Also, because I'm seeing him around a lot, do you suppose he's building a nest in my backyard? This would be a good thing because that means that he'll keep the squirrel population down. Too bad he wasn't hanging around last year when we had a family of squirrels living in our attic. We really could have used him them. I'd much rather have a hawk around then rats with tails who cost us money when we have to hire someone to extract them from our attic. (We could have done this ourselves, but [ profile] doomsey didn't want to go climbing around on our roof to fix it, and I couldn't because I was still on the blood thinners).

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Remember that car accident I had in February when some guy thought it would be cute to rear-end me? Well, we just got a letter from our insurance company today saying that the other guy's insurance still has not paid and that they're trying to collect both the claim and our deductible. That's just what I expected because the other guy's insurance company, Apollo out of Des Plaines, was rumored to be pretty crappy. I'm guessing that our insurance company is going to have to sue them to get our deductible back.
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Well, [ profile] doomsey and I were headed to his parents' house when we almost got T-boned by another driver. One of the traffic lights was out because of bad weather, and I treated the intersection as if it had a stop sign. Well, some idiot wasn't paying attention and blew through the intersection when it was my turn. He didn't even bother to slow down! If I hadn't slammed on the brakes (and the horn!) he would have plowed right into us. attention to what you're doing.


Mar. 11th, 2008 01:40 pm
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I *finally* picked up my little, red Prius yesterday. They managed to finish putting on the bumper right before closing time. Yay! That made it possible for me to run errands today.

I also managed to do quite a bit of walking yesterday. [ profile] doomsey and I managed to make it to and around the park in the evening. That's quite a bit more walking then what I've usually done. One of these days, I hope to eventually go back to walking one to three miles a day.

For whatever reason, I'm still worried about having my CT scan re-done in April. Sometimes I wish we could just do it so I could just stop worrying already.


Mar. 3rd, 2008 07:55 pm
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[ profile] bonobochick mentioned this. Very scary! That was definitely a close call.

In other news, the weather was nice yesterday and I managed to go for a three-four block walk. Yeah...I know...that's not far, but for me that's somewhat of an accomplishment. I can't wait until the weather warms up and I can slowly build up to walking one or two miles.
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This week I had a bit of a scare. I had some swelling on my thigh, and I didn't know what it was. I didn't think it was a clot because the circumference of my leg didn't increase and it wasn't red, but it was still a bit disconcerting nonetheless. I went to the doctor on Wednesday, instead of Friday, which I already had an appointment for, so that she could take a look at it. It turns out that the part of my leg that swelled didn't have any veins in it. My doctor said that it was a problem with my sciatic nerve, which runs from the back all the way down the legs. She said that, sometimes, changes in weather can piss off the muscles so that they aggravate that nerve. She said that sometimes it can hurt like hell, but not always. Fortunately for me, it doesn't hurt very much. The treatment is usually ibruprofen to reduce swelling, but since I can't take it, I'm going to have to make do with exercise (aka swinging the leg back and forth) and a heating pad. Last night, I was afraid that the rear-end collision I got into was going to piss off my neck and back, but so far that hasn't happened. looks like I got off lucky on that one.

My doctor also tested my INR, and it was low, so it looks like it's more rat poison Coumadin for me over the next ten days. I also have to go back in ten days and have my blood tested again too.

Today, I got in contact with my insurance agent, and filled out the rest of the police report. When I told him who the other guy's insurance policy is from, I could hear him cringe on the other side of the line. He told me that said company is pretty crappy, and they jerk everybody around so that they don't have to pay out on claims. I looked up some of the complaints online, and a common theme seems to be leaving people on hold, not answering the phone, and disconnecting on them and not bothering to call them back. I'm glad that my insurance company is the one who has to deal with them and not me. I just don't have the patience to play those kind of games right now. We do have to pay the auto body shop a $250 deductible, but we will get that back once the other guy's insurance ponies up. I have a feeling that we're not going to see that $250 for a long time.

Last night and today, I was kind of depressed. I was in good spirits on Thursday, and it really did feel like things were going to be okay. My classes were going well and my health has slowly begun to improve. Then, I got a cold dose of reality when idiot driver rear-ended me. After the initial fright of the crash had passed, my heart sunk. I was driving the new Prius, and I love that car. I've only had it a couple of months and already it's been in an accident. And it was something stupid that I had absolutely no control over. I seem to be having a rather impressive streak of bad luck. This might sound irrational, but I can't help thinking that, if this is the kind of luck I'm going to have at the start of the year, how bad are things going to be by the end of it? Am I going to live to see 2009? I don't know, it just seems like things are spinning out of control right now, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I'm also still a bit nervous about the CT scan that they're going to do in April to see if that mass in my chest area is growing. The way my luck is going... Yeah...I'm not going to finish that thought...
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And it my case, it really pours.

You know my nice, red Prius that I got last fall? The one I love so dearly? Well, I was driving it home from work this evening and got rear-ended by some jackass who was too busy talking on the phone to pay attention to what was going on in front of him. Fortunately, it doesn't look like it took a lot of damage. I was stopping for a red light (but wasn't completely stopped) when it had happened. His front end looks pretty bad though. He lost some of his lights and his hood looked like it was bent a bit. I'm guessing that the Prius is probably going to need a new rear bumper though.

Yeah...I really needed this. I needed this like I needed a frigging hole in my head.

[Edit: There's other stuff that has happened this week, but I probably won't post it until I have the patience and energy to deal with it].
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...throwing darts at a hemophiliac. You know, I love [ profile] cosettemonster, but she really has to be more careful. She just scratched my foot in her attempt to jump up on the sofa and spend quality time with me. I know it's not really her fault, but "ow!" The good news is that it looks like I'm not bleeding. That's always good.
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Today, I opened the door to my room to let [ profile] cosettemonster walk around a little bit. She is still limping. She looked down the stairs and said, "Screw 'dat." She did, however, inspect the other bedroom and the bathroom before returning to our bedroom. Poor kitty. Well, at least she was able to do some hobbling around.
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It looks like [ profile] cosettemonster is not the only one having problems today. This afternoon, I found out that [ profile] emygination's dog, Rico, is also limping. [ profile] emygination said that he was fine this morning, but when she got back from having lunch with us, he was limping. Fortunately, he doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain. He's not whining or crying out. is definitely lame pet day.
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[ profile] cosettemonster: (wants to jump onto the bed) *looks at the bed and cries*
[ profile] nekosensei: No.
[ profile] cosettemonster: *looks up at the bed and cries*
[ profile] nekosensei: No. You can't go up there. You won't be able to get down.
[ profile] cosettemonster: *tries to jump onto bed and fails*
[ profile] cosettemonster: (wants me to put her on the bed) *looks up at the bed and cries*
[ profile] nekosensei: No. You can't go up there.
[ profile] cosettemonster: *looks at the bed and whines*
[ profile] nekosensei: (points at [ profile] cosettemonster) Stay. I'll be right back. Stay. Stay. (runs downstairs and gets her catbed. runs back upstairs)
[ profile] cosettemonster: (ignoring the catbed) *looks at the bed and cries*
[ profile] cosettemonster" (tries to jump up onto the bed and cries again) *looks frustrated and annoyed at not being able to jump up onto the bed*
[ profile] nekosensei (horribly out of breath from running up and downstairs multiple times) Sorry Cosette. I guess you're not the only one who has shortcomings.
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This morning, I had an unpleasant wake up call. When I first became conscious, I realized that [ profile] cosettemonster was acting a bit strangely. I rolled over and heard her make a noise. At first, I thought I had disturbed her from where she was sleeping at the foot of the bed. Then, I rolled over again and heard the same noise. I thought that was unusual because I didn't remember touching her. When I sat up, I realized that something was wrong. She was making the noise she usually makes when something is bothering her and she is in pain. I hugged her, and at first, she acted normal. Then, when I got up, she jumped down from the bed and started limping...bad. She managed to make her way down the stairs and into the kitchen to be fed, but it was painful to watch. She's barely putting any weight on her back paw at all.

As soon as I saw that, I picked up the phone and made an appointment for that day with the vet. They managed to squeeze me before they closed. We gingerly got her into her crate and brought her over. The vet didn't see any new fractures and she didn't notice any swelling. On the other hand, it did look like the bone chip in her right leg might have moved so it's in the way. The vet pretty much did X-rays on her entire back end, and noticed that she might have the start of another bone chip in her left leg. She said that there's a small piece of her patella that looks like it's about to break off on that leg. I have to say that this really sucks. They also noticed that she has some arthritis in her left leg and her hips. So...the final diagnosis is that she exacerbated the bone chip and some arthritis in her right leg. The vet gave me some pain meds to give her and she told me that I should continue giving her the Adequan (which is a medicine for arthritis). They're going to call me on Monday to see if she's any better. *sigh* I have a feeling that my cat is going to have to have surgery to remove the bone chip(s). It looks like 2008 is turning out to be a very expensive (and unhealthy) year.

I can't help thinking thinking that [ profile] cosettemonster's current knee problem may be partly my fault. I barely remember pushing her off the bed this morning when I was half conscious. That was a really stupid thing to do since she has knee problems. She was probably begging for food, and I was exhausted from not sleeping well for the past several nights because of anxiety problems. I also wonder if I rolled over onto her during my sleep. I feel like a terrible person. :(

When I got home from the vet, [ profile] cosettemonster made her way upstairs and hid under the bed. I'm spending time upstairs with her right now. When I was sitting and typing this, I heard her stir underneath the bed and then cry out / growl in pain. Ugh! Eventually, she came out from under the bed when I offered her some water. She also seemed like she wanted to sit on the bed because she was looking up there with interest. It looks like she didn't want to try jumping up there on her own since her leg is sore. So...I picked her up and moved her onto the bed. She didn't object too much. Now she's spending time snuggling me when I pet her and sleeping. She still cries out when she moves her leg though. I think I'm going to leave her up here for the next day or so. I can close the door so [ profile] arwenmonster won't harass her. She's got water and a litter box in here so she doesn't have to move very far or go downstairs. I can also bring her food up here too.

*sigh* I'm exhausted from all the drama that has been going on here lately. Please please please can we not have any more drama for a while? Please?


Jan. 6th, 2008 01:57 pm
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Long story short, I went to the doctor on Wednesday, and she seems to think that I messed up the tendons in my foot. It's going to take 4-6 weeks to heal. I'm also back on anti-depressants because I broke down in tears in the doctor's office. Whatever.

Today is not a good day. It must be pretty damp outside because my foot hurts like a motherfucker. Since the ibruprofen-like drugs that the doctor prescribed don't seem to be doing shit today, I poured myself an apple cider mixed with rum. It tastes a little weird, but oh well. I'm also hoping it will help loosen the muscles in my neck since they're a little bit sore and stiff too...or maybe make it so I just don't care.

*yawns* I think I'm going to watch more episodes of Lost and/or Supernatural. I think reading is out today since my neck is kind of sore and I don't want to end up with a headache...
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It's barely two hours old and 2008 sucks already...

Around 11:30 or so, the foot I messed up started to get really sore. When I went to head upstairs at about 1:00, I noticed that I had a really hard time walking. I could barely make it *to* the stairs let alone up them. Then, I took off my sock and noticed that "the impact area" from the canned peaches was swollen...a lot. When we got home, [ profile] doomsey found my pair of crutches and I'm using that to get around. Taking the weight off of it helps. It wasn't like that when [ profile] doomsey and I had left for the party. It was only a small bump...and by that time, the accident had happened two hours ago. That and I was actually able to get around on it with only a little limp. The only thing I can think of is that I did something to aggravate it and didn't realize it.

I'm worried. From all of the swelling, I'm starting to think that I have a chipped or broken bone. I don't know. I'm going to put ice on it tonight and see if it gets any better. If not, then I guess I'm making a trip to the doctor on Wednesday...

I know I'm going to get shot for saying this, but it's *really* not a good idea to put a can of peaches horizontally on top of something so that it rolls off and hits random people on the foot...

Edit: Well...I just had a crying jag. I haven't been able to get a break since early July with sprained hamstrings, sprained necks, sore backs, and now an injured foot. God dammit! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!


Dec. 31st, 2007 04:35 pm
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This afternoon, I had some canned peaches fall on my foot today. Things would be a little less painful if I had gotten the blunt end of it, but oh no, things can't be that simple. I got the sharp edge right on the top of my foot. I have a small cut and a nasty bump there. It hurts like hell and I'm gimping around. No Dance Dance Revolution for me tonight, I guess.

Oh...I was also kind of miffed at the person who I was trying to get away from when the canned peaches fell on me. Said person was bugging me when I told them to leave me alone and that I didn't want to argue anymore. I opened up the basement door to run away, and that's when the can fell off the shelf on the other side of the door and conked me. Said individual (who had also rearranged that shelf the day before) almost got the can of peaches thrown at him...


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