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This weekend has been just a whirl of activity. On Friday night, [ profile] doomsey and I went to James and Carrie's wedding. I'm sure [ profile] doomsey had a good time talking with friends, but I had a blast. There may have been a bit too much alcohol consumed and a lot of dancing.

More on the wedding and on Pagan Pride )

As soon as we got home, I got a call from my parents. My sister was in the hospital because she was having chest pains and tingling in her left arm. By the time the news got to me, they had managed to rule out both a heart attack and a blood clot. They kept her overnight for observation and to run more tests. This morning, I called my parents back to see if there had been any more developments and found out that she had been released from the hospital. The doctors believe that she had an anxiety attack of sorts (and she has been under a lot of stress lately). The doctors did order an echocardiogram, but I guess she's not going to get the results from that until tomorrow. I hope she follows up with her doctor and/or a cardiologist to make sure that it's just anxiety and not anything more worrying.

My sister apparently told my parents that she felt "foolish" over going to the hospital and finding out it was nothing, but honestly, it's better to get things checked out and have it turn out to be nothing than to have something wrong and not get it treated. When I woke up after having my embolism, I tried to tell [ profile] doomsey not to call the hospital and that we should wait a bit to see if the problem clears up. Yeah, I would have been in deep doo-doo if I had done that because I had another episode of sorts while I was in the ambulance and almost blacked out again. I think the only reasons I didn't faint again is because I was on oxygen and the paramedic told me how to breathe to avoid passing out. So...I plan to call up my sister plan to call up my sister later this afternoon and reassure her that she did do the right thing considering the fact that she has two little ones to look after.

To end things on a less pessimistic note...LINK DUMP!!!

-Hurr durr -- Dumbing down of American education anyone?

-If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses (Swiped from [ profile] cedarseed)

-This? Yeah...not a good idea.
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The four mile, one-and-a-half hour, walks that I take seem looong. Sometimes I think that putting a couple of shots of rum in my water bottle would liven things up a bit....


Jun. 2nd, 2010 12:20 pm
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I keep meaning to write this stuff down, but I oftentimes get distracted and never get around to it. This weekend was jam packed. Here's what [ profile] doomsey and I did:

Had dinner at my in-laws' house.

Went to a birthday party at a friend's house. Watched the Blackhawks game, drank wine, and had Hot Sex. The drink! Not the act! Get your mind out of the gutter! Oh...and I just tried googling it to see if I could get a picture of the bottle. Not a good idea. Let's just say that you can find it at your local liquor store and leave it at that. And for those who are curious, it tastes kind of like a Mudslide, only with more cinnamon. It's yummy if you like sweet drinks.

Went to my in-laws' house to celebrate what would have been [ profile] doomsey's grandfather's 100th birthday had he still been alive. This was originally planned for Monday, but got changed at the last minute.

After dinner, [ profile] doomsey and I headed to Scott and Aimee's house. [ profile] doomsey fixed their computer-- turns out that it was a program that was slowing the computer down and not a virus like they had feared. We also sat and talked until about midnight. It was fun.

In the afternoon, we invited [ profile] doomsey's mother over to watch the latest Doctor Who and Doctor Who Confidential. Spoilers below the cut )

Went to Jason and Jori's house for horror movie night. They were showing Dead Snow-- a Nazi Zombie movie, a Zombie Nazi movie, or whatever you want to call it. [ profile] doomsey didn't care for it, but then again, [ profile] doomsey was never a big fan of horror movies. What I particularly liked about the film was the mixture of horror and comedy. There were also many references to Terminator, Indiana Jones, and Red Dawn. Minor spoilers below the cut )
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Since I can't decide what I'm doing today, I'm going to let my friends list decide for me.

Should I go to a party, get skunked, and maybe play Rock Band (note: me getting skunked may or may not end with me crying in a corner somewhere) or should I have dinner with my sister-in-law?

[Poll #1555262]
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* Last night, [ profile] doomsey, I, and select friends and family went to see "The Long Red Road," directed by Philip Seymour Hoffman, at the Goodman Theater. Long story short, the play was about a family with very serious issues. [ profile] doomsey thought it was over-bearing, but I loved it. On our way home, he asked me if people were really that crazy. My answer? Yes. After the play, we went out to dinner at Reza's, a Persian restaurant. The food was lovely, but once again, I ended up sick to my stomach during dinner. Maybe I shouldn't have tried drinking that mojito. I ended up drinking about a quarter of it and giving the rest to [ profile] judygs and [ profile] emygination.

* Oh yeah...when we got out of the car at the restaurant, we saw a couple that looked like they were going at it near the door. Really people? Get a room 'cause we really don't want to see that. There was a party in one of the rooms, and we figured that they were attending said party.

* How to Hang 10 Shirts in 10 Seconds -- I'm going to have to try that some time. (Link swiped from [ profile] popfiend) [I tried it while doing laundry this afternoon. It works!]

* How to make a Starbuck's Fakeuccino -- I used to love drinking Starbuck's Frappuccino's until I stopped being able to handle caffeine. I'm half tempted to try this using decaf coffee. (Link also swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* Paper Rater -- I wonder if this works. I'm going to have to try this sometime.

* I went to google to look up what snowdrops were and where they bloomed, and found a lovely knitting pattern for a snowdrop shawl by chance. God, I love the internet...

* This picture of a tiger amuses me greatly. He looks like he's going to go batshit in 3...2...1...

* And while we're on the topic of photography, I'm really itching to get back to the zoo to take more pictures. Maybe later this month.

* He Who Casts the First Stone -- An organization that calls themselves Repent Amarillo targets a swingers club. And the town of Amarillo does almost nothing about it. Pretty damn frightening. (Link swiped from [ profile] ginmar)
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* On Friday night, [ profile] doomsey and I went to Rock Band Night at a friend's house. And I thought parties at our friend James's house were wild. This was crazy because much drunkenness was involved. (I didn't drink much though because I had a cold and I wasn't feeling up to it). One guy showed up with a flask of whiskey. And this was no ordinary whiskey. No, this brand of whiskey was not outlawed during Prohibition because it was used for medicinal purposes. o_O He then proceeded to drink most of the flask of whiskey, occasionally sharing a shot or two with his friends. O_O How this guy avoided alcohol poisoning, I do not know. At any rate, at one point in the evening, he took off his pants to sing a song on Rock Bank. He had apparently threatened to do this before she showed up for the evening and he was making good on his threat. The good thing: he was wearing a pair of card-themed boxer shorts underneath his pants. The bad: He had a boner. O_O!!!! It was very difficult to ignore this last thing as I was playing the drums next to him. By one o'clock in the morning, the whiskey was gone and he was completely blitzed. Just before [ profile] doomsey and I left, he whipped out his dick and showed it to whoever was in the room. Well...okay then.

* I've discovered that I can both play the guitar and sing on Rock Band if I a) have both set to easy and b) know the song very well.

* Saturday evening was much more sedate. [ profile] doomsey and I went out for all you can eat sushi with some friends. Then, we went back to their place where my friend A. showed me her cat and her pet corn snake named Ernie. Did I mention that snakes were awesome? I would be half tempted to get one, but [ profile] doomsey doesn't want any more critters.

* Way behind on reading LJ. Between not feeling good, having work, and having a quiz to prepare for in my German class next week, I haven't been online very much. I wish I could shake this damn cold.

* Tengo un gato en mi cabeza. Nobody believes me. (Video swiped from [ profile] slime711)

* This guy does a very good analysis of Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. And now I have a hankering to watch that movie again. His analysis of Bambi is also supposed to be very good, but I'm holding off on reading it because I haven't seen Bambi in many years and I want to watch it again.

* Okay...hitting post now because my web browser is screwing things up...
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* this is...weird. It would be cool if there were some merit to it though. (Swiped from [ profile] laurainlimbo

* School used student laptop webcams to spy on them at school and home. Now that's just downright creepy...

* Overall, I think not drinking caffeine is a good thing, but there are some days where I really really miss it. My wagon has been dragging yesterday and today. I could really use a little extra something to kick my ass in gear. Too bad I can't handle stimulants anymore...

* Amanda Palmer has been getting some flak about her new Evelyn Evelyn album; some fans are complaining that it's offensive to disabled people. As for me, I think I'm going to reserve judgment until I hear the album. From what little I've read, Evelyn Evelyn is an album made by a fictitious pair of conjoined twins. subject matter revolves around disabled twins with a difficult live. What's so offensive about that? What's more important is how she deals with the subject matter in her album. If she's pokes fun at them in her music, then yeah, that's going to be a problem. On the other hand, if she's going to use the album to make a statement about disability and what not, then I don't see what the big deal is. My opinion is that people need to calm the fuck down until the album comes out on March 30th.

* Second day in a row that I took a three mile walk. The temperatures went into the lower 40s, so it was definitely a nice afternoon for a walk. If I'm lucky, maybe I'll get in some time to take another walk tomorrow. Also, this spring I intend to take my bike to a bike repair shop to see if I can get a tune up. It's been sitting unused in my garage for several years now. I think it would be nice if I could get out and start biking again.

* Looks like, if things go well, I'm going to do a LARP that meets once a week. It should be a lot of fun.
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* Woke up this morning to snow. And it's still snowing. Well, today's commute is going to be fun.

* The air raid sirens are going off. Looks outside. Oh no! It's a snowpocalyspse!

Wait. You mean the sirens always go off on the first Tuesday of the month? Okay...never mind then...

* We're only supposed to get one to two inches of snow today, so today won't be so bad, thankfully.

* Just got back from voting in the primaries. I decided to vote for the local guy for Lieutenant Governor even though he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. If he doesn't win any of the seats he's running for-- he's also on the ballot for precinct committeeman too-- I'm half inclined to write him and suggest that he run for mayor when those elections come up. The guy we currently have in there apparently thinks the economy so bad that he's decided to say fuck it and ask for divine intervention.

* It's late. Time for bed. I took Ambien, and then went downstairs to take care of the things that had to be harvested in Farmville. I figured that I'd be ready to go to bed by the time I was finished, but no, the sillies hit sooner. By the time I was finished, I didn't know whether I was going or coming. Accidentally planted some strawberries. They take four hours to grow so they're probably going to be all rotted by the time I wake tomorrow. Yeah...I'm not with it. Okay...time to get up stairs and go to bed before I start doing something silly like wandering down the street looking at all the pretty lights.
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Note to self: do not take Ambien and read a Sookie Stackhouse novel right before bed. It makes for a night of *ahem* colorful dreams. Let's see. Last night's dream consisted of an entire cast of ghosts, a couple of zombies, a witch, oh...and whatever that thing with furry hands was that grabbed me from behind. Bigfoot maybe?

Anybody else out there get weird dreams after taking Ambien?

And one more thing. You'd think dreams like that would scare me (they used to scare the shit out of me when I was a kid), but that's not the case anymore. My reaction is more like: "Oh cool! Ghosts!" When I wake up in the morning, I feel more like I'd spent the night being entertained. I must be one very strange [ profile] nekosensei.
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Friday evening, [ profile] doomsey and I went with his folks to Amada's Cafe for Mexican/Cuban food. I ordered chicken enchiladas in mole sauce. I also had a mojito. Mmm...mojitos. By the way, I really hope that my blood tests in March come back negative for genetic clotting disorders. I'm going to be very unhappy if I have to go back on the rat poison Coumadin again.

Saturday, [ profile] doomsey and I went to not one, not two, but three parties. Party Número Uno was at my sister's house where we were celebrating my niece's second birthday. As I commented in Twitter, I had also made Peach Kuchen, which my dad said tasted like the stuff his grandmother used to make. Hey! Looks like I did it right after all!

Party Número Dos was at my best friend's house. We caught the tail-end of her birthday party, arriving just in time for cake and ice cream. [ profile] doomsey and I hadn't seen her new condo since she moved so she gave us the tour. L. also told me that she was learning how to knit, and we talked about what stitches she already knew how to do. Later, on the phone, we discussed setting up a Stitch and Bitch (or a knitting group) for those people who are interested in knitting and crochet. I think this would be very cool because I know a bunch of people now who are knitters and crocheters. L. also offered to give me singing lessons in exchange for teaching her how to knit better. I could really use this because my voice just hasn't been the same since the embolism.

Party Número Tres was the No Bush party at [ profile] voidness' house. This was the first time since I've been off the rat poison that I've managed to get myself good and plastered. I think the rum shot at the end was a mistake though. I seem to remember two people saying that it might make me sick. Well, I wasn't worshiping the porcelain goddess, but I was feeling very headache-y and stomach ache-y after that. A little after one o'clock, I went home and slept it off. I had one hell of a headache the next morning though.

Oh...I also brought left-over Peach Kuchen and chocolate Amish friendship bread. Both were polished off before the night ended. Hee!

Sunday was boring as I spent that doing laundry and other work.

Let's see. What else? On Sunday night I joined a bunch of new LJ communities. One of them was [ profile] rahmbamarama because the name amused me and because they seem to get metaquoted a lot. I decided to pop on over there and see exactly what kind of shenanigans they were up to. (Also, the chibis on the user info page were kind of cute). I also joined two writing communities-- [ profile] staringout and [ profile] the_dead_muse-- because I wanted to slowly get back into writing again and because I was feeling very out of practice. I even wrote a little story. By the way, this challenge was entertaining. Seriously, go do it.

And hey, look! New eggs!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Click here )

Yesterday evening, [ profile] doomsey, [ profile] emygination, [ profile] judygs, [ profile] bmtstandard, and I went to Ruby Tuesday's to celebrate the fact that I am now off my blood thinners. They have a salad bar with a lot to choose from and awesome mojitos. I ordered the shrimp trio for dinner. The following was the conversation I had with the waitress.

Me: I'd like the shrimp trio and something from the salad bar.
Waitress: The shrimp trio comes with broccoli. Is that okay?
Everyone at the table: (laughter)
Waitress: (makes confused faces)

Eventually, we explained to the waitress why we thought her question was so funny.

[ profile] nekosensei <-- finally feels normal again...

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Oct. 11th, 2008 05:55 am
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I caught up with LJ yesterday, and then ignored it for the rest of the day. I hadn't gotten a lot of sleep and I was just too tired to read. I ended up running some errands instead. When I got home, I watched tv and knitted. Then, I took some Ambien and went to bed early because I had to be up early today. I'm going to Wisconsin again this weekend and I had to get up early. They want people up in Racine by nine o'clock because they're trying to get people to vote early.

Oh...and I had a pretty weird dream last night, probably because of the Ambien. I dreamt my sister and I were young and living at my parents' house again. We were in our basement and we saw this snake slither past us. We stayed out of its way and just watched it go on its merry way (as if a snake in our basement were completely normal). Afterwards, we got up and walked around. The snake started to follow us. As it slithered, it oozed this green colored water behind it. Weird. Then, we looked across the room to the other side of the basement, and saw this green colored water on the floor. It was seeping out from behind one of the walls. We figured that there was a nest of snakes behind the wall or something. We called our parents downstairs. There was a puddle of water there, and it managed to short out the computer that was sitting on the floor by it. The computer started smoking and we were afraid to touch it, but we managed to turn it off and get it unplugged. My parents came downstairs and asked what was going on. Up until that point, we thought that the green water resulted from natural causes, but as soon as my parents showed up a white vase came sailing across the room crashed into the wall next to me, shattering into pieces. That's when I thought, hmm...I think this is a pissed off spirit or a poltergeist. My family was all for egging it on to see if they could get it to react like that again in order to prove what it was, but I discouraged them from doing it. I figured that we had enough proof already. Why piss it off some more? My reaction to it wasn't so much fear as it was, "Oh bother. Let's just go upstairs and ignore it. Maybe it will get bored and go away."

Before I went upstairs, I saw my cat, [ profile] cosettemonster, walk across the basement in the green puddles. I picked her up, took her upstairs, and washed her paws off in the case that the water had something toxic in it if she licked her paws. I also saw Mittens and Baby (mine and my sister's old cats) as well as [ profile] arwenmonster up there.

Later, I woke up and decided to write it down. It was a very off the wall dream.
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PAC. I has it.

In other words, it's a heart palpitation of some sort. More specifically, an extra or premature heartbeat. I had walked three-and-a-half miles and had caffeine in the morning so it showed up during my exam/blood draw. The doctor wasn't worried about it. She told me it's completely benign.
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I happened upon two garage sales during my walk today, and I found Chess: The Drinking Game at one of them. I was highly amused by this so I went back and liberated it. Me thinks it will be making an appearance at one of [ profile] voidness' parties sometime in the near future. *evil grin*

I can't drink this year because of the meds I'm on, but I'm sure you guys can raise a couple of glasses a glass for me.


Jan. 6th, 2008 01:57 pm
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Long story short, I went to the doctor on Wednesday, and she seems to think that I messed up the tendons in my foot. It's going to take 4-6 weeks to heal. I'm also back on anti-depressants because I broke down in tears in the doctor's office. Whatever.

Today is not a good day. It must be pretty damp outside because my foot hurts like a motherfucker. Since the ibruprofen-like drugs that the doctor prescribed don't seem to be doing shit today, I poured myself an apple cider mixed with rum. It tastes a little weird, but oh well. I'm also hoping it will help loosen the muscles in my neck since they're a little bit sore and stiff too...or maybe make it so I just don't care.

*yawns* I think I'm going to watch more episodes of Lost and/or Supernatural. I think reading is out today since my neck is kind of sore and I don't want to end up with a headache...


Dec. 25th, 2007 08:53 pm
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This year, I got some really cool stuff for Christmas.

I got two good books this year, one titled 30,000 years of art. It's 14 pounds! I also got two copies of Getting Started: Knitting Socks. One came from [ profile] emygination and the other from my sister. What a coincidence! I think I'm going to get myself a book that I saw in [ profile] emygination's collection about knitting lace patterns.

I also got Emergency Chocolate. Yum!

The cats also got a bunch of gifts last night. They got some toys and they got to eat Tuna for Cats from Trader Joes. They are very spoiled. Lastly, [ profile] cosettemonster got some catnip. As you can tell from my last post, she immediately proceeded to get high.
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So far, this weekend has been a lot of fun. On Friday night, I went to Sidekicks for a birthday party and got to sing karaoke. In fact, I had so much fun that I didn't come home until almost 3:00 in the morning. [ profile] doomsey must have been wondering where I disappeared to. At the very end, I sang "The Sound of Music" and discovered to my chagrin that the song must be a turn-on for drunks or something. I had one drunk try to get on stage and sing with me. Fortunately, the MC chased him off the stage. I had another one try to come up and "chat" afterwards. Thankfully, he wasn't obnoxious and politely left after we told him that we weren't interested.

I spent part of today at my in-laws' house. I learned how to play Yahtzee and won! We also watched Transformers. I'll admit, I wanted to see the movie because I loved the cartoon when I was a kid. I thought the movie was campy and had a lot of cheesy jokes, but it was still entertaining nonetheless.

*yawn* I think it might be time for bed soon. I ended up having a hard time getting to sleep last night and [ profile] doomsey woke me up in the morning so that we could go shopping for Hannukah and Christmas presents for our nieces and nephews. We managed to get their presents, but we still don't have anything for the adults yet.
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Yesterday, [ profile] doomsey, his family, and I all went to Amada's Cafe for Cuba food. I had a mojito of course. Mmm...mojitos! Then, [ profile] doomsey, [ profile] judygs, and I all went back to my place to see Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Okay...the movie has a dumb name, but it was funny nonetheless...


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