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* This afternoon, I was singing "Defying Gravity" at the top of my lungs while running errands in the car. My lungs said, "Bad [ profile] nekosensei, no biscuit for you." Ow ow ow ow ow. Man, that hurt.

* [ profile] doomsey suspects the RAM he installed in my laptop is bad because it's given me a kernel panic screen twice recently. Today, it out and out crashed. I told him that if he wants to test the memory-- which takes two to three days-- he should start today since I'm caught up with all of my work. So...I borrowed my old iBook from him so that I could surf the web. Retrieving my computer from the pile o'crap on his desk turned out to be a comedy of errors. He has so many damn wires underneath that desk! I managed to unplug both his computer and his monitor...while he was using them. Yeah, he was really happy with me.

* And I am having power supply fail.

[ profile] doomsey: Hand me the power supply.
Me: (starts to hand him the power supply for the iBook)
[ profile] doomsey: No, not that one. For the MacBook.
Me: (manages to unplug the wrong cord yet again)
[ profile] doomsey: No, the other one.
Me: (finds the correct cord and hands it to him)
[ profile] doomsey: Thank you.

* Wow. That was fast. It told [ profile] doomsey there was a problem with the memory within the first ten minutes. He's going to try re-seeding it-- taking it out and putting it back in again-- to see if that fixes whatever issues it's having. If it doesn't work, we're going to have to get the manufacturer to replace it.

* It didn't work. The RAM is officially kaputt. [ profile] doomsey is going to have to send it back to the manufacturer.

* [ profile] doomsey is done checking out my old computer / installing the old memory. Going to hit post and then switch computers.
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The server holding my email is down, so I probably won't be able to read any of my emails until tomorrow morning at the earliest. What a pain in the ass! Let's hope that the computer it's on just needs re-started and that it doesn't need any other work. Otherwise, I will be email-less for a couple of days.

This morning I studied for German class. Then, in the afternoon [ profile] fuzzyscribble and [ profile] samcallahan showed up so that [ profile] doomsey could help [ profile] fuzzyscribble with her computer. It turned out that the poor computer died a horrible death. Fortunately, [ profile] doomsey was able to pull off all the data that she needed. [ profile] fuzzyscribble and [ profile] samcallahan also brought their dog, Re-run, who is a Beagle Coon Hound mix. He's an adorable dog. Anyhow, they put him on a tie-down in the backyard so he wouldn't traumatize my cats too much. Don't worry! He wasn't neglected for too long. [ profile] samcallahan and I sat outside with him for a while while [ profile] doomsey and [ profile] fuzzyscribble worked on the computer.

I also got some time today to do some reading, go for a walk with [ profile] doomsey, and knit. I am four rows from being finished with the hat I'm making for [ profile] doomsey! Aside from the computer server blowing up, it was a pleasant day.
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* Okay...I admit it. I was singing in the shower this morning. And the cats...well...they were fighting outside the shower door. Damn cats.

* Hmmm...They don't have a karaoke version of The Secret Garden's "Fine White Horse" do they?

* Hey...if I try out for Lombard Idol this year, they won't let me get away with singing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" will they? Maybe I can do "All That Jazz?" "White Rabbit" is another possibility. And that's all assuming that they're still going to have a Taste of Lombard this year. The Village of Lombard is short on cash and talking about pulling funding for it.

* It's still really a shame that I can't find "Fine White Horse." I can sing it with the Welsh accent. That would have been kind of impressive.

* And my computer crashed. Thankfully it didn't take my LJ post with it because it autosaved it.

* It's definitely spring. The daffodils are coming up at my in-laws's house. I'm going to have to get pictures when they start blooming.

* Where are my crocuses? They haven't sprouted yet. :(

* (giggles)
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* I don't know why Passive Aggressive Notes is making fun of these people. If I spent three hours shoveling out a space for my car, I'd be pretty pissed too.

* The story about the school spycam is getting weirder and weirder. The kid was busted for eating candy.

* And the internet went down, taking some work that I had done with it. Lovely...

* [ profile] doomsey poked and prodded the wireless router and all that jazz when he came home from work this afternoon. Turns out that the problem isn't coming from out end; Comcast's signal is crappy. [ profile] doomsey thinks that we need to call Comcast and ask them to replace something in the cable box outside the house. He thinks a component got damaged in one of the snow storms.

* Dick Cheney hospitalized with chest pains.

* Whoa...the book I've been reading just got majorly fucked up. Didn't see that one coming in a million years...
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* Our internet is being flaky again. Joy.

* Now this is just ridiculous. A college student was arrested before his flight for carrying Arabic-English flashcards. As a language person, I find this highly insulting...

* There is a new Simon's Cat cartoon on YouTube.

* Today I saw someone wearing a brown overcoat and white Converse All Stars. Nice cosplay costume. I was half tempted to ask him where his Tardis was parked.
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* Sarah Palin Bingo! (Swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio

* Making chocolate bread pudding. So good. Must. Not. Eat. All. The. Batter.

* Chocolate bread pudding is done. I think I'm going to heat it up a bit before I leave for the party tomorrow. It tastes better when warm.

* And of course, the wireless had to start acting up when I'm trying to get work done.

* Grrrr...Internet is being flaky. Have to get my fucking work done, godammit!

* Ich habe Hausaufgabe in mein Deutschkurs. Ich studiere Worschatz.

* Thought I had more to post today, but apparently I didn't. Too busy getting work done and studying German.
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* I spent some time reading ahead in my German book yesterday. So...I get the impression that the rules for making masculine and neuter nouns plural are arbitrary. Oy vey!

* Why didn't I have any math teacher like these when I was growing up? I the only one who thought that was funny? Then again, my sense of humor has always been skewed to the slightly sinister...

* [ profile] doomsey bought a new wireless for the house because the one we currently have was being flaky. Then, it started working again, and it was working long enough that [ profile] doomsey considered returning it to Amazon when it came. And...I was using my computer last night when it flaked out again. Nope...we're not returning it to Amazon, dooms. Sorry to disappoint.

* Teaser for an animated zombie movie. Oooh...I like! (Swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* I have to stop playing on the computer. It's not very productive. Sheesh!

* Just found out that they closed the restaurant where [ profile] doomsey and I got married. So sad. It was a beautiful place-- the grounds were gorgeous and just perfect for an outdoor wedding-- and the food was out of this world. They had a trout farm on the grounds and served fresh trout at dinner.

* Both Flash and my email client crashed. Guess it's time to hit post and reboot...
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* Groceries and some much needed odds and ends purchased. Also bought the fixings for bread pudding and fudge for a Superbowl party at a friend's house.

* I love it when people on my friends list are creative. That shouldn't be much of a surprise that I have a lot of artists friended on here. Oh...and let's not forget the two photography communities. Which reminds me that I should start taking the camera out again...

* Oh hey! The email is back up. Slowly getting my email from the past two days or so.

* Still haven't caught up on sleep apparently. Took my three mile walk, came home, put away laundry, and then passed out. Didn't even hear [ profile] doomsey come home from work.

* Swiped from [ profile] hakeber. Many Haitians want US to take over. So sad. Unfortunately, there's no way that's going to happen. With the economy the way it is, the US government has enough problems providing for its own people. There's just no way they can take on a devastated territory and rebuild it.

* cute. Unfortunately, [ profile] cuteoverload and the Daily Mail got their story wrong. The impala wasn't spared; it was eventually killed and eaten. thinks not so cute after all.

* Icons! Since we're on the topic of computer woes, I'm looking for a new computer trouble icon. Is there anyway someone out there can make this into an animated icon? I saw something similar floating around LJ many moons ago. I'm also in the market for a sleep themed icon. Bonus points if it's from one of my favorite tv shows: Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who, Dollhouse, Torchwood, Firefly, Star Trek, Heroes, Supernatural, or True Blood.
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* The computer that hosts our email is down. That means no email for me until tomorrow. Bummer. Also, our wireless hasn't been working for a couple of days now. What's with random computer stuff going kaput lately?

* I invented a new term this afternoon. When [ profile] doomsey and I were on our way home from Trader Joe's shopping, we got stuck behind someone very slow. I told [ profile] doomsey that he was "pud-ing it up."

* Between staying out late last night and getting up early-ish this morning, I am feel very sleepy. Me thinks it's going to be an early bedtime tonight.

* Hmmm...thinking I might make Chocolate Bread Pudding and Kahula Fudge for the Superbowl Party next Sunday.

* [ profile] doomsey and I just finished watching the Dollhouse finale. Echo??? Paul??? WTF??? That's all I'm going to say in the post itself because I don't want to spoil anyone.

* Okay...sleepy time...
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Let's see. What did we do this weekend?

Friday evening, we went out to dinner with [ profile] doomsey's family.

On Saturday, we went to the barbecue for [ profile] doomsey's work. His boss has an in-ground pool so, towards the end of our stay there, we played pool volleyball. During one of the games we played, I was directly in front of the person serving getting ready to volley. Her serve ended up bouncing off my head and over the net. Everyone practically died laughing. It was hysterical. Unfortunately, it didn't count as a point. I think it should have. :)

After the barbecue, [ profile] doomsey and I went to my parents' house to fix their computer. They picked up a computer virus that turned their machine into a spambot. They didn't notice until someone at AT&T cut off their modem. [ profile] doomsey made sure that their computer was free of viruses and that the modem was back up and working.

Sunday morning, we went met up with some friends who came in from out of town and had breakfast at Egg Harbor Cafe. In the afternoon, [ profile] doomsey, his family, and I headed over to the Kane County Cougar's game. The game itself was boring because I loathe watching sports, but I enjoyed some of the antics from the crowd and on the field in between innings. I spent most of the game poking fun at the event on Twitter or knitting. I got a lot of work done on my baby blanket. Oh...I also had an opportunity to compete on a Karoake contest, but ended up blowing it because of indecisiveness. (I didn't think any of the songs suited my voice well. My voice has changed since the PE, and I have a hard time singing rock songs. I'm much better at musicals). By the time I had made up my mind, the slot had been filled. And I definitely would have beat the guy who signed up before I would have. His singing was atrocious, probably because he had a bit too much to drink.

For dinner, we went to a new tapas restaurant that opened up in Wheaton about three weeks ago. It's called Cafe Galicia. The service was good and the food was excellent. I'm glad we stopped there because it turns out that [ profile] judygs had never had tapas before.
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The title says it all. I've been using ethernet cable to hook up to the internet because it's been faster lately. Today, I went to use the wireless and noticed that it wasn't working. I got an error message saying that no airport card was found. I turned off the computer, took out the battery, and rebooted it. Then, I pulled up the wireless. I thought I had it working and was about to send an IM to [ profile] doomsey saying that the problem was fixed when the entire computer crashed. In fact, every time I tried to pull up the wireless, the computer would crash. Nice! I called [ profile] doomsey again and he said that it sounded like a hardware problem. know what this means. I get to send my computer back in to Apple again. I'll be without it for another week.

GRRRRRR!!! Seriously, I told the people over at Apple that the wireless was being flaky. Why couldn't they fix it the first time around?

*stomps off to go break things*


Jun. 27th, 2008 07:59 pm
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I got my laptop back this afternoon!

Last weekend, I ended up sending it in to Apple because it was over-heating and shutting down. I noticed that the fan wasn't turning on, and I figured that it was broken. The wireless was also being kind of flaky. They took it apart and said that it wasn't just the fan that was broken, it was the logic board. They replaced a part and it seems to be working fine now.
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My doctor called this afternoon to tell me what the results of my blood test were. She heard my voice...well...more like lack thereof, and pretty much said, "that's're getting an antibiotic." I guess it makes sense. I started coming down with it on Sunday night and it's still not gone yet. I've also had practically no voice for three days now. I think she was kind of leery about prescribing antibiotics in the first place because Warfarin and some antibiotics don't go well together.

Later, I went to pick up a repair kit for the water faucet outside. It took them several weeks to order the part from some factory on the east coast. They called me up yesterday to let me know it was in. I told him my name and it didn't register with the guy who was behind the desk. Finally, the guy who talked to me on the phone yesterday came out and said, "Hey...that's the lady who was losing her voice. Yeah...I have your part." So...that's how I got the repair kit that I needed.

The pipe company I went to was in a very Mexican neighborhood that was lined with a bunch of taquería restaurants. Everybody in the pipe place seemed to be eating food from the same restaurant so I asked where they got it from. The food looked good, and I figured that I could have a late lunch there (I hadn't eaten yet anyway). I swear...the past few months I've had a lot of cravings for Mexican food. It turns out the restaurant they pointed me to specialized in barbecued food. I ordered Huarache since I'd never heard of it before. I figured it was regional dish. And yes, looking at google, I see that it is a dish from Mexico City. I failed to communicate to the lady taking my order that I didn't want lettuce on it, but she probably didn't understand me. Oh well. It's no big deal. My INR was a bit on the high side anyway so it won't kill me. Also, the barbecued chicken they put on it was delicious. Okay...I can go back there again.

I opted not to go to Random Movie Night or out to dinner with [ profile] doomsey's family because talking is very uncomfortable and I need to rest my voice so it comes back and I don't screw it up more (I kind of need it back by next week). I wouldn't be able to socialize very much anyway. For one, [ profile] doomsey's family is loud and I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of shouting over them to get a word in edgewise. It does seem to be getting better this evening...probably because I had most of the day to shut the hell up. I'm hoping that it will be much better by tomorrow.

After [ profile] doomsey came home, we took my ibook over to the Apple Store because the fan broke, causing it to overheat. They're going to have to replace the part. (I hope I get it back soon!) Then, we went to CVS to pick up my antibiotics only to find out that my doctor hadn't faxed it in. I think she's been distracted lately ever since her husband had his accident. Since it was after hours, we ended up having to page her. [ profile] doomsey's family didn't think it would be a problem because it was something she wanted me to have sooner rather than later. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to pick it up until Monday.

So...yeah...that's what's been up with me.
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Remember how I said that recently, a camera, computer, and two cars broke this past month and had to be fixed? you can add "human being" to the list too. I am broken. And of course I have to find new and more exciting ways to break, huh? Between the co-pay and the medications, I must have spent eighty or ninety dollars. To top it all off, one of my medications was not covered by insurance and I had to pay cash for it. Oh...and I also have to go back and see the doctor again in another ten days so that's another co-pay...

Well...I guess eighty or ninety dollars isn't that much when it comes to health care. Many people have to pay a lot more than that I suppose. It's really annoying after having to shell out a ton of money for other stuff though.
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...everything is breaking! A week ago, [ profile] doomsey had to take his camera in to get the shutter replaced since it hasn't been working right. Yesterday, one of the drives on [ profile] doomsey's desktop computers broke. This afternoon, we ended up taking the prius to Carstar because there is a dent on the metal under the doors, which was most likely caused by a shopping cart. When I was driving back from Carstar with [ profile] doomsey in the car, he noticed that it was making a noise as if exhaust wasn't going through it. Yep. We had just taken our one car in, and noticed that we were having a problem with the other one. Great. The service garage told us that it should probably be okay, but we should drive with the windows down and be careful. Fun!


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