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Imagine that you are turning right out a parking lot onto a busy road. There's a lot of traffic, but you think you can squeeze in when a nearby light changes red. No worries, right? Wrong! Before the light changes, an old geezer in a big honking SUV-- a Ford Expedition, no less-- pulls up next to you and completely obliterates your view. And since it's a busy road with heavy traffic, it takes him for-fucking-ever to turn left. Yeah...that is a major pet peeve of mine. And even worse, these assholes don't take into consideration that a) they're bigger than you; b) they're obstructing your view; and c) you were there first, thank you very much. They just pull up beside you and then pull up all the way to the road so you can't see a fucking thing.

Seriously dude, take your goddamn gas guzzler and cram it up your ass, why don't you?

Okay...Link time! I've been saving these guys up for a while. Some of them are probably old news. Sorry! Just haven't had the time!

- Why cats will never be able to take over the world (Blame [ profile] popfiend)

- Sci-fi meets high fashion! - This recent fashion school grad from Columbia College also so happens to be a big Star Trek and Doctor Who fan. Can you tell? (Swiped from someone on [ profile] geek_girls_anon I think)

- Some sad news from a day or two ago. Anne Frank tree toppled by high winds and rain

- Ten things I know about the mosque by Roger Ebert. I pretty much agree with everything he says except the iman's choice of location may not have been such a hot idea bit. Muslims as well as Christians, Jews, Atheists, etc. died at Ground Zero. I see no reason why they can't build a mosque near there. And wasn't there an Islamic Center at that location before the World Trade Center fell anyway? Sorry, I don't see what the big deal is about...other than many of my countrymen are as xenophobic as all get out. (Link via [ profile] ladyfox7oaks)

- Some people on Facebook set up a page petitioning that David Tennant carry the 2012 Olympic Torch dressed as Doctor Who. For those of you not familiar with the show, Doctor Who carries the 2012 Olympic Torch in the episode "Fear Her." I think this is an awesome idea and I would be very happy to see this happen. (I forgot who posted this link. Sorry!)
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...but what a way to make an exit. Best "I quit!" story ever! (Blame [ profile] doomsey)
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Except for having a busy day on Saturday, not much has been going on with me. On Saturday evening, I went to a lovely Lammas / New Moon ritual. After that was over, I dropped by a friend's house for the tail end of their Casino Royale party. They only not so good thing that happened to me that evening was that I got bit by mosquitoes at both events. Many many mosquitoes. I must have at the very least ten mosquito bites on me. Not cool, not cool at all.

Oh...I was a bad [ profile] nekosensei yesterday and didn't go for my walk. It was too humid outside and I didn't feel up to being both itchy and sweaty. Yeah...I excuse. No cookies for me. :)

That's it with me. Time for some links:

- A Turkish man accused of beating his wife is now claiming that he was dancing the kolbasti and that a passer-by mistook it for domestic violence. I tried to be open-minded, but after looking a few videos of people dancing the kolbasti on YouTube, I decided that I just had to call bullshit on this one. How can you possibly confuse wife beating with this dance? Yeah...I'm just not seeing it. What do you guys think?

It looks like a cool dance, by the way. Anybody want to teach me? :)

- Anybody still arguing that global warming does not exist either has their head in the sand or is just plain blind.

- How to Be Alone -- Go watch it. It's very poignantly stated. (Via [ profile] muntahz)

- And last, but not least...Heeere's Kitteh! Muhahahahahah!
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Today I had a blood draw for my cholesterol test. This time I didn't ditz out and forget to fast. The ditzing out waited until after the appointment because, at that point, I hadn't eaten for the past sixteen hours. And I still feel like a space case, quite honestly.

In lieu of a real post, have a link dump!

* Super Speed Carousel with motorcycle -- Hilarious video! Go watch it now. The fail is epic. (Blame [ profile] doomsey)

* There is an abandoned theme park in Nara that bears a striking resemblance to the theme park in Spirited Away. Nice pictures! (Someone linked to this article earlier in the week, but I have no idea who it was so I can't credit them). :(

* A somewhat inappropriate children's book. I take that back. It's a very inappropriate children's book, but funny nonetheless. (Blame [ profile] popfiend)

* Ancient 'cat-like' crocodile had bite like a mammal

* Parents who named their son Adolf Hitler are denied custody by the US court -- D: ... I have no words. What were these parents thinking?
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* Hey everybody! Happy Lammas to those who celebrate it.

* This morning, I slept in until noon, then sat around for most the afternoon reading. I'm 70 pages from the end of the book I'm reading now. I'm reading a 900 page book, and with all the work I had this summer, it's taken me for-freaking-ever to read it. At least the library let my husband check it out for me after I used up all my renewals. Tee hee!

* Today, I discovered that what we thought was a melon plant growing in our backyard is actually a Hmong cucumber plant. I think somebody at the seed factory may have made a little mistake. Oh well, [ profile] doomsey and I eat a lot of salad, so this shouldn't be too big of a deal. But dang...I was really curious about how that melon plant would have turned out.

Yay! Link Dump!

* Why mini cows could save the planet -- The short answer? They require less food and produce more beef. (Via [ profile] ginmar)

* Lastly, These macros on the icanhascheezburger site amuse me greatly.
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Hey! I meant to write this post several days ago, but time kind of got away from me. Thanks to everybody who commented on this post earlier in the week and helped me figure out which picture of Cosette to use for the paper. I ended up using Picture #1. The photograph came out in today's local paper. I may have snagged a few copies. :)

One of these days I'm going to have to scan the picture and post it here.

Also, thanks you to the many people who congratulated Cosette on her winning the pet of the month and commented on how pretty she is. I meant to thank you individually, but yeah, this week has been INSANE.

And now it's time for a random link dump.

Scientists speculate that they may have found rock formations on Mars that contain fossilized early life. The rocks themselves contain carbonate that, according to the article, is what life eventually turns into once it's buried. Fascinating stuff. It's unfortunate that they're not going to be able to land any vehicles there for several decades because of a combination of uneven terrain and budget cuts at NASA.

Guillermo del Toro announced that he is going to do a screen adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At the Mountains of Madness. James Cameron is going to produce it and supposedly this movie is going to be in 3D. Muwahahahaha! (Via [ profile] popfiend)

Lastly, this cat macro from icanhascheezburger amuses me. The expressions on the two cats' faces are priceless!
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* Yesterday afternoon, [ profile] doomsey and I went to see the play, "The Sins of Sor Juana," at the Goodman Theater. My in-laws really liked the play and told me that I was going to enjoy it, but neither [ profile] doomsey nor I were very impressed. I think part of the problem is that I'm familiar with her history and her writings and I didn't feel as if the play really did her any justice.

* After the play, [ profile] doomsey and I went down to 79th Street to get dinner at Yassa, a Sengalese restaurant. I ordered what I always get when I go there: Maffe. is that good that I only order that and nothing else when I go there. *drools at the thought of eating her leftovers Wednesday night*

* My crappy neck muscles have been triggering more headaches / migraines. I had another one last night and wasn't able to go out on my walk.

* This evening I went for my usual walk and saw what I thought were three squirrels climbing a tree. The thing is, they were a little bit too big to be squirrels. I turned on my little flashlight-- great for avoiding skunks and getting hit by cars in general-- and saw three young raccoons blinking down at me. So cute! Too bad I didn't have a decent camera.

* Speaking of walks, I'm down between 15 and 20 pounds thanks to all the exercise I've been getting. Whee!

Reposting this here because Twitpic is being flaky:

Cosette likes to sit with her paws crossed, just like a little lady...

Cut for image )

Here's an article on how the Cajuns living near the Gulf have been affected by the oil spill. Very sad. (Link via [ profile] rm)

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The crazies at Westboro Baptist Church are planning to picket Comic Con in San Diego because omg those gamer-geeks are idolizing comic book characters and they are totes going to drag this country to hell.

Damn...too bad I'm not going. I would *love* the opportunity to fuck with the fundies. (Link courtesy of [ profile] popfiend)
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* A Jedi Church leader gets his own reality tv show (Swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* A company in Hong Kong gets a cease and desist letter from Lucas Films because a laser they produced looks too much like a light saber -- This last one is really stupid. How many useful devices have come about because they were dreamed up by a fantasy or science fiction writer? Cell phones look a lot like Star Trek communicators. What would the world be like if Gene Roddenberry et al sued whoever was developing them? Here's a hint. Bye bye iPhone! (Via [ profile] doomsey


Jun. 25th, 2010 04:25 pm
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For the past several weeks, the city has been installing a new water main on our block. Last night, I was bitching on Facebook and on Twitter about how the city managed to block my driveway and turn off my water just hours after we got our power back from the storm. And worse, they didn't let anybody know ahead of time what they were going to be doing. The only reason I figured out that I had to move my car and move it soon was because I looked out my window and saw that workers were digging one huge ass hold in the middle of my front yard ....and they were putting all the dirt in front of my house. Fortunately, I was able to get the car out, but I had to have one of the workers help direct me out. If I had waited until twenty minutes later, I wouldn't have gotten out at all. Nice. You know, a knock on the door before you decided to do all this would have been much appreciated. And, if I remember correctly, a flier that we got from the city said that they were going to tell us way ahead of time if they were going to block our driveway or turn off our water. Communication skills? Yeah, not so much.

Later, while I was at work, I got a series of texts from [ profile] doomsey. One said that the water wasn't working at all. Another one said that it was sort of working, but not very well. [ profile] doomsey called up the city and scheduled someone to come out and look at it first thing in the morning. He told me that he was afraid that the city workers had managed to fuck up while installing the new service line from the water main to our house. He explained that, if that was the case, it could potentially be very very bad. We might not get water back until next week at the earliest AND they might have to kill our trees while in the process of fixing it. One of our trees is an old silver maple that pre-dates the house. It also towers over everything on our block. Taking that tree down could potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars because you can't just attack it with an axe; it'll fall on someone's house that way. One would have to take it down piece by piece starting from the top and working down. *commence me starting to panic*

This morning, a city worker came by and fixed the problem in less than an hour. What was causing our water issues? The meter was plugged with dirt that got into the new service line. BIG RELIEF!!! Last night, I was planning on going over to my in-laws' house to take a shower and do laundry, but now it looks like I can take care of all of that at home. YAAYYYY!!!!!

* I mentioned this on Twitter, but I think this deserves a mention on LJ as well: To the Straight Guy at the Party Last Night. Hilarious! (Via [ profile] davidbrider)

* Bionic Kitty! (Via [ profile] doomsey)
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* Last night, I dreamed that I was at a party at a friend's house and someone slipped three NoDoz pills into my drink. This ended up going very very badly. I don't drink caffeinated coffee or sodas anymore because I can't handle stimulants: they give me heart palpitations. In the dream, my heart raced and I had bizarre heart palpitations where I'd have three quick beat in a row instead of two. Eventually, I blacked out-- most likely from panic-- and [ profile] doomsey and a few friends had to cart my sorry ass to the hospital for tests.

* Did LJ change their format so that they show only ten entries per page instead of twenty? Not that I'm complaining! My pages are loading faster. My friends list has been very picture heavy ever since I joined [ profile] lj_photophile and [ profile] naturesbeauty.

* Here, have a bit of satire: The Front Fell Off

* BP announced this evening that top kill has failed to stop the oil spill. This is some seriously bad news. :(


May. 27th, 2010 12:49 am
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* First human 'infected with computer virus' -- Wild! (Swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* This last one is epic. The Republicans have made themselves a little website asking internet denizens for help creating an agenda. As you can see from the article, it's not working out for them so well. Here's my contribution:

"Institute prayer in public schools. Make students bow down to Cthulu, the All Powerful, at the beginning of each school day."

[ profile] nekosensei <-- thinks we need lesson plans saying something to the effect that God may have put you into this world, but by golly, Cthulu is going to take you out of it! (Edited to add that the link was swiped from [ profile] rm and [ profile] stardragonca)

[Edit: And after remembering that I had this LJ icon, I went back in and added "Harold Saxon for President!" under the heading "National Security"].
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* Nun Excommunicated For Allowing Abortion -- So...let me get this straight. The Catholic Church doesn't excommunicate pedophile priests and often takes years to defrock them, but when a nun allows an abortion to save the life of a woman who would have died if she had continued with the pregnancy, they excommunicate her? Really???

* And in other news, it's been confirmed that North Korea sunk one of South Korea's warships. This could end really poorly.... (Link ganked from [ profile] hakeber)
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* Last night, I dreamed that a friend of mine told me that she was a conservative. Then, she told me that she was going to a Sarah Palin rally and asked me if I wanted to come with. Bwuh?

* The night before that, I woke up from a dream, and I remembered thinking, "hey...this dream would make for a nice story idea." Did I write the dream down in the notebook I tucked under my bed for precisely that purpose as soon as I got up? No. Do I remember what I dreamed about? No. I guess that'll show me....

* It's going up to 85 degrees on Sunday! *squee* I love warm, summer weather!

* Somebody thought it would be cute to declare May 20th "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day" to protest Comedy Central's decision to censor the South Park episode that showed the prophet Mohammed in a teddy bear suit. It had so much potential for fail, and that's exactly what happened. I wandered over to the Facebook page this morning and looked at some of the photos posted there. I would say that a good 99.9% of the material is as bigoted as all get up. Yeah...being a bigot makes you guys look so "edgy."

I'm all for freedom of speech, but can we use some common sense here? (Link courtesy of [ profile] idiomagic)

* This meme is funny. Post a comment with your user handle, and a fictional character will write you a little love note.


* Other than that, not much has been going on with me. I've been busy with work, school work, exercise, and other outside stuff. I've been reading LJ sporadically, so if you think there's something I missed, sorry! Let me know in a comment.
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* In New York City, people walk past a man dying from a stab wound. One person even stops to take a picture with his cell phone before moving on. No one comes to his aid until it's too late. Seriously? What's the matter with people? (Via [ profile] rm)

* And driving while Hispanic becomes a new crime in Arizona. In this case, an Hispanic man born in the United States was detained by police until his wife shows up with his birth certificate. According to the guy's wife, he supposedly answered their questions wrong. I guess saying that your mom lives in Mexico is a big no-no in the state of Arizona now.

Um...Ihre Papiere, bitte? Now really, guys, how many of you keep your birth certificate on you at all times? And how many of you even know where it is? My answers to those questions: I don't keep a copy of my birth certificate on me and I don't know where I've put it. This new law in Arizona is a very bad idea. Once it goes in effect, we're going to see a lot more racial profiling and harassment of people who are in this country legally. (Via [ profile] doomsey)

* Armed man spotted at North Carolina airport just as President Obama, Air Force One took off -- Are you kidding me? They only charged him with a misdemeanor? The guy just threatened the president. And he had a gun on him. Slap him with a felony and make an example of him!

Oh...and blame Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin for getting the crazies all worked up. If someone gets killed, it's going to be all their fault. (Story via [ profile] ginmar)

* And related news: Facebook page prays for Obama's death -- Trying really hard to not make any nasty remarks about "Christians" or about beating some of them over the head with their good book. (Link via [ profile] petzipellepingo)

* When I stepped out of my house for a nice, relaxing hour long-walk this afternoon, I saw my bird feeder lying on the ground. Next to it was a little yellow bat. I suspect my next-door neighbor's kids might have been involved in this. What did they think it was, a piƱata? Talk about the dumbing down of American education! Maybe I should have a little conversation with them that goes something like this, um...hello, kids...this is for, you know, um...feeding birds?"

Thankfully, it wasn't broken. I picked it up, tied back on the post, and re-filled it with bird-seed. No harm done. Maybe, the next time I see them, I should tell them to be more careful next time because I don't want to have to replace it.

* I'm beat. Time for bed methinks. Night all!
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* Comedy Central's South Park is made to censor image of the Prophet Muhammed in a bear suit. -- *rolls eyes* Oh please. (From [ profile] val_royeaux)

* Toxic Airborne Fungus From Oregon Spreading Across West Coast -- There is a fungus among us. (Via [ profile] rm)

* It's been a quite day. I spent most of it catching up on LJ, studying, or reading. In the evening, [ profile] doomsey and I watched the movie "Up in the Air." I remember that NPR did a story on the filming of this movie quite a few months ago. This is the first movie where they were able to film at an honest to goodness airport security checkpoint. I heard they were allowed to use the space in the wee hours of the morning, and that it was a rush to get everything filmed in time before they had to surrender the space back to airport security. They also charter a plane, hooked a camera up to it, and shot film while flying over the countryside and the different cities mentioned in the film. It was supposedly quite challenging (and somewhat expensive!) to get the shots they were looking for.

(Meant to post this last night, but enh. I was being a slacker).
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* It's called a turn signal. Use it. If I clip you because you couldn't be arsed to use your turn signal when you change lanes, I will tear it out and shove it up your ass. Really...what's with people not using turn signals today? I had two people do that to me in a thirty second interval.

* Saw a "New Driver" sign on a Lexus. You're really going to let your kid learn how to drive on your nice Lexus? Well okay then....

* Amazing Video Shows Shockwaves Explode From Volcano -- I know it's Faux News, but the video is kind of cool. Go watch it.

* I am greatly amused that the German word for jewelry is der Schmuck.

* The vet called. This time, Cosette's blood work turned out almost completely normal. Thank God! I asked whether the Pepcid AC could cause a weird heart beat, and it turns out that that's very unlikely. In fact, they're finding that people and animals benefit from Pepcid because it controls acid. Still taking her in to get her heart checked on Monday though.

* You know, I usually don't read much fanfic, let alone recommend it, but you've got to read this Buffy / Farmville crossover. Hilarious! It's also not very long... (Via [ profile] sl_podcast)

* Looks like [ profile] doomsey and I will be going to that party tonight...
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* Victoria Secret commercials are okay for public television, but Lane Byrant commercials are not because heavier women in the their underwear is too obscene. Okay...gotcha. (Via [ profile] popfiend) [Edit: Also may be NSFW]

* A MAGIC the gathering card inspired by the Icelandic volcano. (Swiped from someone on Twitter)

* Really? Really? The cat jumped up onto the coffee table about two hours ago. Then, she started favoring her leg and shaking it like it was bothering her. I hope whatever it is works itself out because I don't think I can handle something *else* being wrong with her. :P

* Tonight during dinner, [ profile] doomsey was rambling on about zucchinni and heckling me about not feeling up to cooking. It ended with me breaking down into tears.
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* Today, I did my grocery shopping. When I got back home, I looked at the package of pitas I had gotten and noticed that it had a few little specks of mold growing on it. A sticker on it also said that the expiration date was 3/30. How I managed to not notice that in the store, I don't know. (Well, actually, I do know. The lighting in the section by the bread is kind of dark and I was in a hurry). So...back to the grocery store I went to return it and get another one. Yep, the pitas were being a PITA. In the end, it wasn't that bad because I had to head in that general direction anyway to pick up a library book I had requested and to fill up my tank with gas.

* Bwhahahaha! I love this Doctor Who macro. By the way, don't click on the link if you haven't seen "Victory of the Daleks" yet. This is also amusing.

* And here's an amusing Doctor Who video called "Doctor Who: The Musical." Madonna's "Vogue" at the end was a nice touch! (Snagged from [ profile] txvoodoo)

* This is a very sad story about an elderly gay couple in California. When one of the men is put in a nursing home after a fall, the police labeled his partner of twenty years as his room-mate and then proceeded to sell off all their possessions. Despicable. (Via [ profile] ginmar)

* Forgot to hit post on this one last night. Whoopsie! Going to do that now.


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