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Scene 1:

Me: *madly types away on her computer*
Cosette: *jumps on the table*
Me: *flips through German textbook*
Cosette: *still sitting on the table*
Me: *doesn't find the answer and starts scratching her head*
Me: *looks at the cat* You don't know so happen to know what the past participle of laufen is, do you?
Cosette: *blinks*
Me: Yeah...I didn't think so.
Me: *goes back to typing away on her computer*

Scene 2:

Me: *tapping away on the computer*
Cosette: *plunks herself down the German textbook*
Me: *goes to use German textbook and realizes that there is a cat on it*
Me: I need to use my book...
Cosette: *blinks*
German textbook: *still being sat on*
Me: Please?
Cosette: *gives the human a kiss on the nose*
Me: Okay...maybe I don't need it that badly.... <-- Yeah...I am so whipped. :)
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I meant to write this post a few days ago, but time seemed to have gotten away from me again...

Labor Day Weekend was awesome. [ profile] doomsey and I drove out to Quincy, Illinois-- a town on the Mississippi River-- for [ profile] forestdruid's wedding. Since [ profile] doomsey was best man, he left on Thursday to help [ profile] forestdruid and his soon-to-be wife run errands and, in general, get things set up for the ceremony on Sunday. I left late Friday morning with [ profile] doomsey's parents and we pulled into Quincy just in time for dinner. My in-laws got dinner on their own, but [ profile] doomsey and I ate with the bride and groom's relatives. They were an awesome bunch, so I had tons of fun. I also got to practice speaking German with A's father. (Ich kann nicht so gut Deutsch sprechen. Did I say that right?)

[And since this gets kind of long...I'm going to have to put it all behind some cuts. Feel free to jump to the parts that sound interesting...or not read at all].

Caving! )

Hannibal, MO and the Mark Twain House )

Parties! )

A Riverboat Ride )

Weddings )

Busted Ankle Blues )'s getting late. Maybe if I get some time over the next couple of days, I'll post some pictures....
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Hey! Been busy playing catch-up both with work and with the class I'm taking, so I haven't been able to do a lot of reading...or posting for that matter. Have some links:

* Brooklyn Teacher Gets Stolen Car Back, All Souped Up -- Wild! (Via [ profile] doomsey)

* Can a Plant Be Altruistic? -- Interesting article about plants. Also from [ profile] doomsey.

* Somebody knitted this gem. And I thought *I* was being nerdy when I knit my Doctor Who scarf! (Via [ profile] bottledgoose)

* Ugh! Now why is my stomach all pissed off? Oh well...I suppose I should try going to sleep.
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* It's called a turn signal. Use it. If I clip you because you couldn't be arsed to use your turn signal when you change lanes, I will tear it out and shove it up your ass. Really...what's with people not using turn signals today? I had two people do that to me in a thirty second interval.

* Saw a "New Driver" sign on a Lexus. You're really going to let your kid learn how to drive on your nice Lexus? Well okay then....

* Amazing Video Shows Shockwaves Explode From Volcano -- I know it's Faux News, but the video is kind of cool. Go watch it.

* I am greatly amused that the German word for jewelry is der Schmuck.

* The vet called. This time, Cosette's blood work turned out almost completely normal. Thank God! I asked whether the Pepcid AC could cause a weird heart beat, and it turns out that that's very unlikely. In fact, they're finding that people and animals benefit from Pepcid because it controls acid. Still taking her in to get her heart checked on Monday though.

* You know, I usually don't read much fanfic, let alone recommend it, but you've got to read this Buffy / Farmville crossover. Hilarious! It's also not very long... (Via [ profile] sl_podcast)

* Looks like [ profile] doomsey and I will be going to that party tonight...
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* Bacon Bacon Bacon Bacon and Cheddar (Blame [ profile] bottledgoose)

* Stashed the kitty cats in my bedroom because two couples with kids in tow are coming over for dinner. I figured they'd be happier up there because they tend to freak out around children.

* [ profile] doomsey told me that I should bring down Cosette so that B. and D.'s two year old daughter could meet her. Yeah...that went over well. The girl poked the cat a bit too much, and Cosette freaked out and took a swipe at her. Thank God Cosette's declawed and thank God she didn't bite her (she has a tendency to nip when she doesn't like someone)! No harm done to the kiddo. She just got a little scared. Actually B and D. told me this is a good thing as their daughter has a tendency to chase cats. Now she knows that cats have pointy edges.

* [ profile] almeda was also over and we added in more information to my family tree. We managed to trace someone on my mother's side all the way back to Ireland. Even better, we found out the year they emigrated, so in theory we *might* be able to find ship records. *keeps fingers crossed* Oh...and my friend B. said that the next time we visit Europe, we should go to Luxembourg. If we can find what church my ancestors went to, we can trace them back for generations.

* Posted by [ profile] bottledgoose: in further WTF driving news today's asshole of the day award goes to the jackass in the gold Mercedes and the diplomat plates. DIES IST NICHT DER AUTOBAHN, DU SCHEISSEKOPF. Jay-zus. -- Bwahahahaha! Scheissekopf. Now I have a new word. should have been obvious.
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* Two nights of bad sleep + One night of almost no sleep thanks to my dear friend, insomnia + A phone call from my mom this morning saying that one of my nieces is in the hospital with pneumonia = a very unhappy [ profile] nekosensei. Tomorrow, I might have to baby-sit my other niece. I made sure my mom understood that I have a midterm in one of my classes and that I absolutely can not miss it because the instructor is very strict about make-ups. I did tell my parents that I would be more than happy to baby-sit after the class though.

* While I love the good weather in the spring, one thing I've been noticing over the years is that I struggle a lot with insomnia once the weather starts turning nicer. I'm thinking that that has something to do with the length of the days: the more light we get, the less I sleep. On the other hand, I have absolutely no trouble with insomnia in the winter when the days are shorter. And I don't think it's seasonal affective disorder per se because I don't get depressed; I just sleep more. I'd like the winter better, but the problem is that it's fucking cold here in the winter. I hate it. Hate hate hate hate hate.

* I hope my niece is okay. :( I think I'm going to call my parents for an update before I leave for work.

* And now, onto the good news I was going to share last night, but didn't get around to because it was past my bedtime. My friend [ profile] almeda got me hooked on I managed to trace three branches of my family tree back to Germany and Luxembourg. Of course, it certainly didn't hurt that some distant and some not so distant relatives of mine must also be into genealogy because my family tree bumped into two other family trees: one on my mother's side and one on my father's. I know the people on my mother's side, but I have no idea who we ran into on my father's side. And I'm having a hard time remembering their last name now. I'll have to ask [ profile] almeda if she remembers or if there's a way we can look it up. (And she found it! I asked my dad if he recognized the name, and he said that he didn't). Last night, I did some more digging and found what I think are more relatives on my paternal grandfather's side. Then, before I went to bed, I printed up what I had so I can show it to my parents the next time I see them. They can tell me whether what I have is right or not and fill in some information that I don't know. (Already asked about the research I did last night. I was right!)

Oh...another cool thing is that I found an application for a passport from someone on my mother's side. Looks like both he and his wife were planning a trip to Belgium to visit his mother. I have no idea if she moved from Luxembourg to Belgium, if that side of the family is actually Belgian, or if the borders of the country changed and the town they lived in went from being on the Luxembourg side to the Belgian side. I also found a picture (!!!) and I found out that he came to the US by way of Antwerp in the 1880s or 1890s (!!!). How cool is that!

I think, after all is said and done, I'm going to end up asking [ profile] doomsey if I can purchase a world account so that I can track down other descendants that lived in Germany and Luxembourg. I think I might have a lot of the luck with the German side because a) I suspect I know enough German to read census forms and b) I know where to start looking because I know that one branch comes from Berlin and the other comes from Munich.

So yeah...genealogy is fascinating stuff, isn't it? And I didn't realize until yesterday how easy the website makes it.

* Now I think the migraines might be triggered by both my lack of sleep and problems with my neck muscles. I was trying to lay down earlier, and felt tingling in my right hand. The last time that happened was around the time I was diagnosed with a neck sprain. Great. Just great.

* Called my dad. My niece has improved slightly. They're still going to hang onto her for a few days so they can keep an eye on her. Poor kiddo!
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* People who like both Doctor Who and cats might enjoy this picture on Deviant Art. (Blame [ profile] ferenpanther)

* The high school that suspended prom because a lesbian couple wanted to attend also suspended a transgender student earlier in the year. (Link swiped from [ profile] rm)

* I've liked Amanda's Palmer's work and I was willing to give her a little bit of slack after the whole Evelyn Evelyn kerfluffle, but I have to say that I'm more than a little disappointed in her after reading about her latest comments. (Link swiped from [ profile] rm)

* Just got back from a three-mile walk. I am beat!

* Did some more studying for German. I am so confused. When do you use auf, zur, in, im and ins? Our teacher never went over it. To go a party is auf eine Party gehen, to go to work is zur Arbeit gehen, and to go to the mountains is in die Berge gehen. *scratches head* comprendo???

* Went to dinner at the in-laws' house last night. [ profile] almeda managed to get them hooked on I'm tempted to get a fourteen day trial, but I'd have to sit down with my parents first and get information about when my grandparents and great-grandparents were born and such. I'm not sure I want to buy membership though. It's too fricking expensive. A minimum of twelve bucks a month? I'll pass.

* This Clip Is Proof That Birds Are Secretly Composers -- That is really neat! (Swiped from [ profile] bottledgoose)
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* This morning I went back and read some of the comments on this blog. Some of the commenters are seriously suggesting flinging poo. I shit you not.

Oh...the IRONY!

I need to come up with a macro for this. Too bad I'm not going to have much time...

* And they might be able to squeeze the public option back into the health care bill after all. Well played, Democrats, well played.

* Did tons of studying for my German midterm today. I've stopped for today, but I plan to do some more tomorrow. Oh...and I may have mentioned before that the flashcards I made to help me study vocabulary are sometimes on crack.

* Bwahahahahahaha!

* Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were visiting Haiti a few days ago. Well, here's a video of Dubya shaking hands with a Haitian and then wiping that same hand on Bill Clinton's shirt. Seriously? What the FUCK? Is it me or is he treating the Haitians like they have cooties or something? (Link from [ profile] ginmar)

* Trying to answer essay questions on a player questionnaire for the LARP I'm going to be doing in a couple of months. I have a hard time answering some of these questions because I've done mostly tabletop roleplaying and not that many LARPS. I did only one Vampire LARP many years ago when I was in college. I remember my friend and I spending most of the time being confused because we were sort of thrown into it without much preparation and didn't have much of an idea of what to expect. Fortunately, this game has a lot more documentation and we get to create our own characters, which is kind of fun. For the Vampire LARP, we were just assigned characters.

* I'm just staring at a blank screen trying to answer these questions. Maybe I should sleep on it overnight and come back to it tomorrow.

* And never mind. I've managed to answer those two niggling questions. That leaves one more question I'm going to have to answer, which is, "During Elizabethan England, the politics were cutthroat, the aristocracy barely noble, and everyone tried to get a leg up on the other. If you were playing in that time, who or what type of character would you be?" I don't know. Court jester? Can I be that? But seriously, I read the rules and I've already figured out what kind of character I want to play: the snooty magician. That's kind of a cross between an aristocrat and the court jester, right?

* And it occurred to me that I never posted to link to "Epilepsy Is Dancing" yesterday. Here it is.
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* This video, called "Epilepsy Dancing," is based on temporal lobe epilepsy in which suffers have a kind of daydream during the episode. I think it's visually stunning. Unfortunately, you have to have a YouTube account to see it; some idiots flagged it because it has OMG BOOBIES! (Link swiped from [ profile] willowing)

* Someone on my friend's list is in the middle of a study abroad program in Spain and for one of her Spanish classes, she had to watch a movie based on the novel, La familia de Pascual Duarte by Camilo José Cela. In the movie, the protagonist snaps, killing a dog and horse during his break with reality. And it's not a special effect either. The director had the actor shoot a dog and stab a horse to death on screen. Let me repeat that. They killed a dog and a horse to make this movie. Now, I'm okay with people going hunting to feed themselves and their family, as long as they're using that animal's life to sustain their own, but I don't at all approve of killing animals merely to make an artistic statement. If I had been in this person's place, I would have told the professor that there was no way I could watch the movie without getting upset and, therefore, I wouldn't be coming to class that day. This is one of the rare cases where I would have taken a hit on my grade. I'm just too much of an animal lover to watch something like that. Which brings me to a poll...

[Poll #1542764]

* Raked up some of the snow mold...thatch...whatever you want to call it. And now I've got a nasty blister on one of my hands from all that raking.

* And it looks like my crocuses that I thought were M.I.A this year have finally re-appeared. Going to have to get pictures of them before the flowers fade.

* I wanted to work on turning over my garden this week, but that might get put off so I can start studying for my German midterm.

* Wow...the right-wing in this country has gone completely and utterly bat-shit insane: Sarah Palin posts about not retreating but reloading on her Facebook page and Democratic congressmen who voted for the bill are receiving more threats. I know many of us liberals were ticked off when George W. Bush was president, but were we ever this bad? *shakes head* After this, there is no way in hell you can convince me to vote a Republican for office. If I don't like the Democratic candidate, I'd rather vote Green. (Links swiped from [ profile] ginmar and [ profile] gehayi)

* And look what we have here. One of the douchebags who is advocating stone throwing. (Link snagged from [ profile] ambitious_wench)

* California voters to decide in November whether to legalize pot -- I wonder what the chances are of this actually passing... (Many thanks to [ profile] ladyfox7oaks for originally posting this)

* In Stephenville, college play featuring gay Jesus stirring emotions -- More douchebaggery. At least one of the actors in this play was disowned by his family after refusing to quit the production. So sad. (Link swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio)

* I'm honked off by all the crap that's going down in the news. Time to call it quits and go to bed.
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* This is pretty much what my day looked like yesterday: work, work, and more work, mad dentist appointment dash, clean up the house because my family is coming over for dinner next week, work, go to dinner at my in-laws' house, play with the Karaoke machine and surf the web until I fall over.

* I was due to have X-rays taken during this latest dentist app-- which they did-- and no cavities or any other problems turned up. Yay! Clean bill of health. On the other hand, the oral hygienist did point out that teeth with crowns on them are more prone to problems with the roots and surrounding tissues; some of the sensitivity I've been having could be the beginning stages of that. If that's the case, then I *might* need a root canal somewhere down the line. Anybody ever have a root canal? How expensive are they? Are they painful? (Yep...I'm a wuss when it comes to pain).

* My cats act strangely every time I pull out the Karaoke machine. They start out by hovering. Then, Cosette trills, pokes at me, and in general, tries to get my attention. Arwen bites my leg before harassing Cosette, who has been busy harassing me. They never used to do this before my pulmonary embolism when I had to give up singing for awhile. So why are they doing this now? Do they think I'm sick or in pain?

* Today, I have to work, set up a character for a LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game), and study for German class.

* Wow...somebody really wants that poor Swedish cartoonist dead. Isn't that the second woman that's been arrested?

I guess it's not really appropriate to tell Kill Bill jokes here, is it?

* Yay! [ profile] doomsey is home from downstate!

* Just finished an outline for my character for the LARP. Reading through the documentation and coming up with a rough sketch took me much longer than what I expected. And I'm still going to have to go to the character building session to get some help with choosing useful skills, advantages, and disadvantages. So far, my character is a snooty half-elf with a penchant for fire sorcery. And some of the backstory I came up with should be amusing. This is going to be so much fun...I can't wait until we start playing.

* Never did get to studying some more for German. Oh well...there's always tomorrow.

* Cute car. Now, my question is, what happened to the Volt? Is GM still going to be able to make it?
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* Studying German. Here's an amusing thing I learned how to say: Meine Katzen liegen gern in der Sonne. Es ist sehr warm. [Translation: My cats like to lie in the sun. It is very warm]. And yes, I like to make up sentences about my kitty cats in German.

* Sea Monkeys! [Yeah...blame [ profile] popfiend for that outburst].

* Wow...didn't get much time to catch up on LJ or post much-- even though there is one tiny thing that I wanted to talk about. Oh well...maybe tomorrow.
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* Sick + Insomnia + Snow = Miserable. My throat and my head are killing me, plus I have the chills. The thermometer doesn't say I have a fever though, so in I go. I hate missing class. I've already missed one because of the problems I've been having with my tooth and I'm loathe to miss another one so soon after.

* Conveniently, I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to get prescriptions refilled. Only I would make an appointment for a yearly check up only to come down with something the day of the appointment...

* A temple complex that pre-dates the Egyptian pyramids was discovered in Turkey. Really cool article describing a monument that was built seven thousand years before the Egyptian pyramids . Seriously, go read it. One of the conclusions they come to is that organized religion came first, then human civilization. Damn...I could write some good stories about this... (Link swiped from [ profile] ladyfox7oaks)

* Went to the doctor today and got my prescriptions refilled. As for the cold, she told me to take Advil Cold and Sinus. She's afraid that the problems I have with congestion now could aggravate my asthma. The only other alternative is for me to take antibiotics, which cause other problems. Today, I also found out that my insurance company didn't pay for some procedures done in 2008 because they were "experimental." Excuse me, but what's so "experimental" about-- sorry for the tmi-- a pap smear and a test telling me how well controlled my asthma is? So pap smear was "experimental." Maybe I should teach them another word: "sexist".

* I'm not too happy about taking the Advil Cold and Sinus because it has Sudafed in it, which is a stimulant that has given my heart palpitations in the past. The palpitations are benign though, so I think I'm going to suck it up and just take it. If I'm a little jumpy these next few days, well, you'll know why.

* Today, my doctor also mentioned at the end of our visit that she could very well close up her practice within the next six months. All throughout my visit, she complained about how expensive the cost of operating has gotten. She's complained regularly about the expenses and all the hoops both the insurance companies and the state make her jump through on a regular basis (not to mention that the state isn't paying her because they're bankrupt), but now she's feeling like it isn't worth it anymore. I'll be very sad if she does decide to close her practice because she's one of the best doctors I've ever had. She's quite an intelligent lady and she's amazing at diagnosing problems, which quite a few doctors suck at. When my face started doing weird things because of what turned out to be Bell's Palsy, she diagnosed me and started me on treatment right away. The doctor I had been seeing before would have merely sent me to the emergency room, which would have taken *hours*. By the way, did I mention how unpleasant Bell's Palsy is? All the muscles in my face pretty much seized hurt like a bitch.

* I'm really going to be very unhappy if I have to find another doctor... :P

* Anyhow, since I'm sick and I didn't get much sleep the night before, I think I'm going to pack it in early tonight. Night night!
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* Nice. I'm already in a bad mood this morning because people were being obnoxious in my dream last night. I was in the store, and my sister was being a little shit, just like she could sometimes be when we were kids. Then, the sales lady gave me attitude because my sister was being a shit, which I had no control over. So...I put the item I was going to buy down, took my money, and went elsewhere. I also left my sister there, telling her that, just for that, she could find her own way home. See? You make trouble for me, I can make trouble for you. about waking up on the wrong side of the bed...

* Went to the dentist this morning. He didn't see anything major on the X-ray. He also thinks the nerves in my tooth are working properly. He thinks that problem with my tooth was caused by me grinding my teeth while I was sleeping, especially considering the fact that it was bad on Saturday morning, but got a bit better as the weekend went on. It should be back to normal in a couple of days. In the meantime, I bought myself some Sensodyne and I'm going to see if that helps. I might also lay off the mechanical toothbrush for awhile.

Anyhow, that's good news. Whatever's pissing it off will go away in a few days and, better yet, no drilling involved! You have no idea how happy I am about that.

* Had a bad headache this morning. Ended up doing my grocery shopping after I was finished at the dentist's office, popping some ibruprofen, and taking a nap. My head is still sore, but not as bad as what it was earlier. Still feeling grumpy too...

* This looks interesting. And if I were to find out that my mom's side of the family does have Jewish ancestry after all, I would *so* throw it in my parents' face for giving me a hard time for marrying a Jewish man. (Swiped from [ profile] rm)

* This comment was the first one I read on this article about the Kevin Smith / Southwest Airlines debacle:

"I don't normally fly southwest, but if they are the ones taking a stand against obese air travelers I think they needed to be supported. Not only will there be less obese people on the flight bothering us, the average intelligence of Southwest passengers will go up!"

What the fuck? So...all fat people are dumb now? My brain hurts. I'm going to go report this as abuse just to be obnoxious.

* The author of the book I'm reading is a Doctor Who fan, apparently...

* I spent this evening studying for German. And no...I did NOT just make a flashcard with a guy sitting next to a bottle of Ritalin to help me remember the word for quiet/calm in German. And for crazy, I did not draw a grinning guy holding a meat cleaver. :)

* Okay...time to hit post now...
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* Would anybody be even remotely surprised if this were true? And the answer to this question posed by some small businesses in Minneapolis. NO!

* Palestinians dress as Na'vi to protest Israeli barrier.


(opens mouth to say something)


Sorry, I got nothin'

* It's been one month since the earthquake in Haiti. The rainy season is fast approaching, and now Haitians are being told that they're no longer getting the tents they were originally promised. Now, they're being given one piece of plastic per family until they can get them more permanent building materials starting May 1st. That's right. ONE PIECE OF PLASTIC. IN THE RAINY SEASON.

* Since I've been so talented at screwing up my knee in the past, I am now the expert on knee injuries. My father-in-law called me up and asked about where he can find a knee brace. I'm also taking him to a doctor's appointment later this afternoon.

* There's nothing like petting a cat that's been sitting in the warm sun. Cosette was basking in a patch of sunlight, so I joined her. The sun felt good and the kitty's fur was nice and warm. Kitty snuggles!

* I took [ profile] doomsey's dad to the doctor's office. I brought my German textbook with me to start learning some more vocabulary. Said doctor is friends with my family; she went to [ profile] doomsey and my wedding. Anyhow, when she came out to the reception area to talk, I mentioned that I was studying another language. She boggled at how many languages I know, then she told me that I should consider working for the government. Then, after the doctor's office, I took my father-in-law to the drug store to find a knee brace. The one that I had brought over turned out to be too small.

* Tonight, we had John and [ profile] emygination over for dinner. We were talking about recipes over the chocolate bread pudding I had made last week, and at some point, I decided to show them my great-grandmother's recipe book. Everybody thought it was amazing. They were particularly amused by some of the recipes and ads dating back to the 1920s and 1930s, which had been clipped out of the newspaper. One of these days, I should scan everything before the pages start deteriorating. I'm also considering posting links to some of the recipes.

* Now this is just plain ridiculous. (Swiped from [ profile] doomsey)

* Ouch! (Also swiped from [ profile] doomsey)
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*headdesk headdesk headdesk*

* I heard rumors that Neil Gaiman was going to write a Doctor Who episode, but after not hearing about it for awhile, I thought it was only that, rumors. Then, today, I read this story". YES!!!! This is going to be AWESOME!!!

* Since I'm going to go to a Superbowl Party today, I have to come up with a team to root for. I'm kind of partial to New Orleans-- been meaning to go there for years-- so I'm going to go with the Saints.

* Got tons of stuff accomplished today. Should probably work on studying a bit more for German class before heading out to watch the game.

* I have one more color to add to my afghan and it's D-O-N-E...done!
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* Sarah Palin Bingo! (Swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio

* Making chocolate bread pudding. So good. Must. Not. Eat. All. The. Batter.

* Chocolate bread pudding is done. I think I'm going to heat it up a bit before I leave for the party tomorrow. It tastes better when warm.

* And of course, the wireless had to start acting up when I'm trying to get work done.

* Grrrr...Internet is being flaky. Have to get my fucking work done, godammit!

* Ich habe Hausaufgabe in mein Deutschkurs. Ich studiere Worschatz.

* Thought I had more to post today, but apparently I didn't. Too busy getting work done and studying German.
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* It started snowing ten minutes after I got home. Nice timing.

* Just had someone from USPS come to the door to deliver a package. She didn't ring the doorbell to let me know it was here. No...she just tossed it on the top stoop...from the walk. I heard it go THUD. And there's a new wireless router in there! If it doesn't work, we know who to blame...

* [ profile] doomsey claims I told him to shut up in German when he interrupted me while I was doing my homework. I assure you that anything I told him was in English. I don't even know how to say shut up in German yet! *goes to look it up now that he mentioned it*

* How to say, "Shut up," in German in order of increasing rudeness: in order of increasing rudeness: 1) Halt den Mund!; 2) Halt die Klappe!; 3) Halt's Maul!; 4) Maul halten!; 5) Halt die Schnauze!; 6) Schnauze! (Swiped from Yahoo Answers)

* Yesterday I found out that Fishermen's Inn was closed. Today I found out that Trader Vic's was re-opened. Whoo-hoo! I'm half tempted to ask [ profile] doomsey if we can go there to celebrate my birthday in September.

* I'd never try this, but amusing nonetheless. (Swiped from [ profile] sphix)

* Two-hundred food-related t-shirts. This one is kind of cute. I also think this is kind of funny. Bwahahaha! Look closely at this shirt. Do you see it? (Link swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio)

* Speaking of t-shirts. I still want this shirt!


Can it be spring now?
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* I spent some time reading ahead in my German book yesterday. So...I get the impression that the rules for making masculine and neuter nouns plural are arbitrary. Oy vey!

* Why didn't I have any math teacher like these when I was growing up? I the only one who thought that was funny? Then again, my sense of humor has always been skewed to the slightly sinister...

* [ profile] doomsey bought a new wireless for the house because the one we currently have was being flaky. Then, it started working again, and it was working long enough that [ profile] doomsey considered returning it to Amazon when it came. And...I was using my computer last night when it flaked out again. Nope...we're not returning it to Amazon, dooms. Sorry to disappoint.

* Teaser for an animated zombie movie. Oooh...I like! (Swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* I have to stop playing on the computer. It's not very productive. Sheesh!

* Just found out that they closed the restaurant where [ profile] doomsey and I got married. So sad. It was a beautiful place-- the grounds were gorgeous and just perfect for an outdoor wedding-- and the food was out of this world. They had a trout farm on the grounds and served fresh trout at dinner.

* Both Flash and my email client crashed. Guess it's time to hit post and reboot...
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* Well this sucks. No more July 3rd fireworks in Chicago. Oh well...

* snerk*

* Wo ist meine Hose?
Oh wait...never mind. I found them.'s been that kind of morning.

* [ profile] emygination just sent me a link to this. I'm going to have to make it.

* I tried calling my friend who had her baby on Saturday. Still haven't heard anything from her. I hope things are still going okay...

* Finally got around to watching the State of the Union address. One would hope that that speech would light a fire under Congress' butt so that they pass health care reform already.

* What? No more questions?

* This one is swiped from [ profile] popfiend. Everyone needs one of these for that moment of sheer frustration.


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