Sep. 24th, 2010 08:53 pm
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Overheard at dinner: "So...what time is my surprise birthday party at tomorrow?"

Yeah...somebody ruined the surprise. Whoopsies!

P.S. And no, it wasn't me. One of the birthdays being celebrated is mine.

And on a completely different topic, for those of you who don't follow my twitter updates, I managed to procure two tickets for the Lady Gaga concert in February. I'm taking my sister, who is looking forward to it just as much as I am.
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And in that last LJ post I made, I meant to say that I saw three young raccoons blinking down at me, not three squirrels. That's what I get for posting late at night. :P
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My dearest cilantro plant,

I fed you. I watered you. I put you in the warm sunlight. I spoke to you lovingly while caressing your tender green leaves. What have I done wrong? Why do you despise me so?

I guess this is the end of our beautiful relationship. I shall miss you terribly. Too-da-loo! *waves handkerchief*

[ profile] nekosensei

P.S. ¡¿Por qué?!


I don't know. You think maybe I came on too strong?


Dang! I just suck at growing cilantro in the house, don't I? This is the second plant I've managed to kill. I think my mistake this time was clipping off all the flowers. I thought that, if you let it flower, it would turn into coriander and that would change the flavor of it.

So sad. I love the smell of cilantro....

Also, I'm half tempted to start an LJ community for gardening fails...the fail blog of gardening if you will. Maybe we'll all learn from each other's mistakes. I think "oops_i_killed_it" is a good name.

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* It's called a turn signal. Use it. If I clip you because you couldn't be arsed to use your turn signal when you change lanes, I will tear it out and shove it up your ass. Really...what's with people not using turn signals today? I had two people do that to me in a thirty second interval.

* Saw a "New Driver" sign on a Lexus. You're really going to let your kid learn how to drive on your nice Lexus? Well okay then....

* Amazing Video Shows Shockwaves Explode From Volcano -- I know it's Faux News, but the video is kind of cool. Go watch it.

* I am greatly amused that the German word for jewelry is der Schmuck.

* The vet called. This time, Cosette's blood work turned out almost completely normal. Thank God! I asked whether the Pepcid AC could cause a weird heart beat, and it turns out that that's very unlikely. In fact, they're finding that people and animals benefit from Pepcid because it controls acid. Still taking her in to get her heart checked on Monday though.

* You know, I usually don't read much fanfic, let alone recommend it, but you've got to read this Buffy / Farmville crossover. Hilarious! It's also not very long... (Via [ profile] sl_podcast)

* Looks like [ profile] doomsey and I will be going to that party tonight...
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* This had better been a joke. I read this article and was speechless...absolutely speechless. I have a better suggestion. How about we take all the tea baggers, neo-conservatives, and bigots and just deport them already.... (Link swiped from [ profile] genet ) [Just found out that it was a hoax. NOT FUNNY!]

* Just got a letter in the mail saying that we're going to get a letter from the Census Bureau. Well...okay then. I guess that's where my tax money is going, huh.

* Ooops. Never did post this last night before going to bed. Going to do it now.

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* Never say, "hopefully tomorrow will be a better day," in a daily post because you will only end up jinxing yourself.

* Woke up with more stomach trouble. I thought I was getting over this, but I guess not. Also have the stupids from not eating much for the past three days. I damn near backed into someone this morning and got a dirty look for it. I guess maybe I should have stayed home...

* Had a weird dream last night that I was climbing up and over a tall cathedral. And this thing was huge, I remember being up at the top and looking down at the tops of some high-rises. I'd made it over and then a good portion of the way down, but then I got stuck in the very last section because there weren't very many handholds. One of my friends from high school, who recently friended me on Facebook, was also climbing it and he showed me the way to get down. You had to do sort of this controlled slide. There was a ridge that you could hold on to with your hands and thighs that would slow your slide. He did it, and I was about to try it when I woke up. Oh...I also remember dreaming about this medal that you could get for making it all the way up and back down.

* Between the book I was reading-- which was kind of dark-- and the nausea at night, I've been having a lot of weird, almost tortured, dreams lately...

* Wow...I really do have the stupids. I read over the last paragraph and found tons of grammar and spelling errors in it. *sighs*

* (snerk) I thought today's xkcd was kind of amusing...

* I give up. Time to go to bed...
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* There was another shooting at Northern Illinois University. Sheesh!

* You know how at Babies 'R Us and Toys 'R Us they have a sign on the cash registers saying that you get a free soda if they forget to ask you if you'd like batteries with that? Well, they should extend the same deal when they forget to give you the gift receipt you asked for. I was hungry and, sorry for the tmi, had to pee like a racehorse, and I was having a bad day in general, but no...I had to go up to the service desk to get my damn gift receipts. And they way they have their system set up, it took another five goddamn minutes for the lady to get the receipts printed up. It would have taken only thirty seconds if they cashier had been paying attention to what he was doing...

* A story about people living in the storm drains under Las Vegas. Some of the residents have trouble with gambling, alcohol, and drugs, others are folk down on their luck because of the recession. (Swiped from [ profile] ginmar)

* An article about Robert Ebert living with cancer (Swiped from [ profile] hellziggy)

* And the Feds are now investigating the school district that spied on kids at home using webcams. Good (Swiped from [ profile] hakeber

* A very poignant article from Salon on the Kevin Smith / Southwest Air debacle (Swiped from [ profile] naamah_darling)

* So late. Hitting post and going to bed...
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* It started snowing ten minutes after I got home. Nice timing.

* Just had someone from USPS come to the door to deliver a package. She didn't ring the doorbell to let me know it was here. No...she just tossed it on the top stoop...from the walk. I heard it go THUD. And there's a new wireless router in there! If it doesn't work, we know who to blame...

* [ profile] doomsey claims I told him to shut up in German when he interrupted me while I was doing my homework. I assure you that anything I told him was in English. I don't even know how to say shut up in German yet! *goes to look it up now that he mentioned it*

* How to say, "Shut up," in German in order of increasing rudeness: in order of increasing rudeness: 1) Halt den Mund!; 2) Halt die Klappe!; 3) Halt's Maul!; 4) Maul halten!; 5) Halt die Schnauze!; 6) Schnauze! (Swiped from Yahoo Answers)

* Yesterday I found out that Fishermen's Inn was closed. Today I found out that Trader Vic's was re-opened. Whoo-hoo! I'm half tempted to ask [ profile] doomsey if we can go there to celebrate my birthday in September.

* I'd never try this, but amusing nonetheless. (Swiped from [ profile] sphix)

* Two-hundred food-related t-shirts. This one is kind of cute. I also think this is kind of funny. Bwahahaha! Look closely at this shirt. Do you see it? (Link swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio)

* Speaking of t-shirts. I still want this shirt!


Can it be spring now?
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Reposted from my Twitter:

- Wrapping Hanukkah presents. Too bad I can't wrap so well. Whose idea was [it] to put me in charge of this?

- Oh dear...

- Lack of spacial reasoning skills for the win! [Or maybe not...]

- Awww...Cosette tried to help. Isn't she cute? [Cosette had jumped on the table and was batting at the wrapping paper and tape].

What can I say? I'm just hopeless. Fortunately, none of the gifts I wrapped have obvious "wings" on them...unlike past years.
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Hey! The picture of my niece's book (the one with the wrong number of bananas) made it to the Failblog voting page. Please go vote for it. And please please please pass it on!

more fail, owned and pwned pics and videos

The link to the voting page is here.
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This is my last one! Honest!

Okay. Bedtime! See you all in the morning!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Got tired and therefore punchy. Stupid cat pictures ensued...

Much stupidity this way )

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Swiped from [ profile] ginmar.

"If I were a dictator, which I always aspire to be..."

Seriously. Go watch it. It's about 35 seconds into the video.

Is it me, or is that an incredibly stupid thing to say when you're in the middle of a campaign?
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Remember that car accident I had in February when some guy thought it would be cute to rear-end me? Well, we just got a letter from our insurance company today saying that the other guy's insurance still has not paid and that they're trying to collect both the claim and our deductible. That's just what I expected because the other guy's insurance company, Apollo out of Des Plaines, was rumored to be pretty crappy. I'm guessing that our insurance company is going to have to sue them to get our deductible back.
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Somebody on freecycle is trying to give away their family's doggie bag left-overs from Olive Garden. The reason? They're going on vacation this weekend, and they don't want the food to go to waste. While that's a nice sentiment, I think taking half-eaten food like that from a complete stranger is disgusting.

Also, the powers that be at [ profile] cuteoverload thought it would be a good idea to post this to their website because, obviously, nothing screams cute quite like misogyny. *gag*
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Remember these clowns? Remember how I said they were going to find some way to fuck it up again back in June? I quote: "Just watch...they're going to fuck it up again."

Guess what? They fucked up again. [ profile] doomsey looked up our account information on Aetna's website and found out that Chicago Rehabilitation Services' claims were rejected by our insurance company because they waited too long. *pounds head against wall*

Fortunately, the paper work says that they're not allowed to charge us and that they have to write the amount off. If they do try to collect from us, they're violating their agreement with the insurance company. They already have one complaint lodged against them back in June. [ profile] doomsey assures me that them trying to collect from us would be really stupid. All we would have to do is complain again and they'll get dropped.

So...I wonder if they're stoopid enough to send us another bill. I hope not because I'm sick of drama.
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Remember how I got a bill from the physical therapist in March saying that I owed $1100 dollars? Well, they were at it again. This time, they were in rare form.

Back in March, I called them up and told them that the services I received were covered by insurance. I explained to them that the reason that my insurance company kept rejecting my claims was because they billed them under the wrong name. The ones that were billed correctly had been paid. The office manager told me that she would resubmit the claims that hadn't been paid, that I was supposed to disregard any further bills from them, and that the problem would be taken care of. Well, yesterday I got a letter saying that they closed my account and were going to send me to collections in ten days because I wasn't being "responsive." They also told me that I owed $1000 instead of $1100. Seriously. WTF?

[ profile] doomsey looked up my account information online and discovered that the claims hadn't even been resubmitted! He also didn't understand where they were pulling the $1000 from when originally it was $1100. I called her up yesterday evening and complained because I was under the understanding that this had been taken care of a long time ago. She tried to tell me that she resubmitted them to the insurance company, but they hadn't been paid. Huh?

I got really pissed off. I told her that I didn't understand what they were trying to pull. They told me repeatedly that they were in-network and all I was responsible for was the copay. And by repeatedly, I mean at least three separate times. After we started seeing that the insurance was rejecting the claims, they told me on two separate occasions that they were in-network and that they had billed the insurance wrong. On both occasions, they assured me that they would fix the problem and that I wasn't responsible for any of the charges. This was my third ride on their little merry-go-round of fuck-ups. Today, I told the office manager that I wasn't going to pay and that she could send me to collections for all I cared. I had had enough. Essentially, what they were trying to do was bill me for the money they couldn't collect because they were too lazy or too stupid to bill the insurance properly. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to shell out a thousand dollars because someone there couldn't do their fucking job right. The lady at the other end said something to the effect that maybe they weren't in-network after all and that someone had given me the wrong information. The claims that were billed to the insurance company correctly had been paid. The ones they submitted in October under the wrong name were not. They were definitely in-network. She then told me that she was going to talk to her boss and that she would call me back the next day. Okaaaaay.

Today, she called me back and said that she had talked with someone at my insurance company. They had resubmitted the claims back in March, but the insurance company didn't do anything with them because they thought they were duplicate claims. She assured me that the problem with the insurance was straightened out and that I didn't owe them anything. This time, I learned my lesson that you can't trust these bozos to get it right. I'm going to call them up in about two weeks to make sure that the claims are paid and that they're not sending me to collections. Sheesh. (I'm also going to tell my doctor not to recommend them anymore the next time I see her).

Just watch...they're going to fuck it up again.

Oh...before the office manager called me this afternoon, I phoned my insurance company and had a little chat about the ride Chicago Rehabilitation Service has been taking me on. They now have a complaint lodged against them for abuse of name / network. There's a slight chance that they might be dropped from the network because of this. They thought it would be cute to not do their job and dick me around. the shoe's on the other foot. Let's see how they like them apples.

By the way, if you live in the Chicago area, do not go to Chicago Rehabilitation Services. They have four locations: two in Chicago, one in Oakbrook, and another in Cicero. Their billing is absolutely atrocious.
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Today was made of EPIC FAIL. I tried to order a repair kit for the spigot that [ profile] doomsey was fixing in back only to find out that they're going to have to get it from a factory in New Hampshire and it's going to take 90 days. I ordered it anyway because, while the spigot out back is very drippy, at least it still works in the meantime.

Then, I called Terminix back again and told them that we figured out that the rodent in our attic was a squirrel and that it was getting in through a vent. I also reminded them that the person they send out needs to have a tall ladder because our attic was hard to access. (We had someone come out last year for a wasps' nest and they didn't bother to bring one). And then, the person on the other end of the line informed me that, while the plan says they cover rodents, they only do mice and rats. They don't cover squirrels. FUCK! When I originally called them to set up an appointment for Tuesday morning, I told them that it might be a squirrel (I wasn't sure at the time), and the person on the other end of the line said not one goddamn thing about Terminix not handling squirrels.

Then, as I was pulling out of my garage to go grocery shopping, a Terminix truck pulled into the driveway and blocked me in. The driver had been told to come over and investigate my critter in the attic problem today while the person on the other end of the phone had told me that they weren't able to come out until Tuesday morning. Seriously. These people don't communicate with one another at all! This isn't the first time they pulled shit like this. The last time I had to make an appointment, I was told that they would come out on a particular day at a particular time. I waited...and waited...and waited some more. Finally, I called them to try to find out what was going on, and the person who answered the phone said that the national office had scheduled the appointment and hadn't bothered to tell the local branch about it. They didn't have anyone scheduled to come out and look at the wasps' nest that day. And she didn't even apologize! She made it sound like it was somehow my fault for calling the national office and not the local one because national doesn't communicate well! Hello! How was I supposed to know this?? I called the number that you printed on my goddamn receipt! Sheesh. So...I ended up pitching a fit and getting someone out there that day to take care of the wasp problem. Only...they showed up without a ladder as I mentioned above and had to make an appointment for another day. So...that was two days wasted because of their fuck-up.

After finding out that Tereminix wasn't going to get rid of my squirrel problem, I called the county animal control. Their recording said that they did not trap wildlife. Then, I called the number for the Wildlife Foundation that Terminix had given me. They, in turn, gave me the phone number for the wrong pest control company who, fortunately, was able to get me the phone number to the right one (they both shared the same name) that serviced my area. They told me that the person who trapped squirrels was booked solid, and they wouldn't be able to come out until some time next week. In the meantime, the fucking varmint upstairs is chewing on our wood and insulation!

[ profile] judygs gave me the number of another pest control company, and I'm going to call it tomorrow. These guys will not only trap the critters, but they'll also clean up the mess they leave behind and seal off the attic so they don't come back again. They also have a guarantee where, if they do come back, they'll come out again free of charge. [ profile] doomsey seems to think that this might be a good idea because, once squirrels find their way into a place, they or another squirrel usually come back. It sounds like they could be expensive though. [ profile] doomsey seems to think that this could run anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a thousand. Yep...between my hospital bills, [ profile] doomsey's test, and $250 I had to shell out for my deductible because some jackass rear-ended me, this is turning out to be a very expensive year for us. And it's not anywhere near over yet!

If the company I'm calling tomorrow is not able to come out anytime soon, I might end up giving up and trapping the goddamn varmint myself. I borrowed a better step ladder from [ profile] judygs and [ profile] doomsey said that someone at his office is going to loan us a Havahart trap. If this is what I decide to do, I'm going to buy a pair of welder's gloves because I'm afraid of being bitten. I have reason to believe that my INR is on the high side (I moved up the appointment for my blood draw to Wednesday), and I really really really do not need to get bit by a frightened critter. So...does anybody out there want to help me trap a critter this week?

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[Error: unknown template video]
In honor of today's LJ strike, I bring you...SPAM!

[Edit: And why this showed up three freaking days after I tried to post it from YouTube, I have no idea why].


Jan. 6th, 2008 01:57 pm
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Long story short, I went to the doctor on Wednesday, and she seems to think that I messed up the tendons in my foot. It's going to take 4-6 weeks to heal. I'm also back on anti-depressants because I broke down in tears in the doctor's office. Whatever.

Today is not a good day. It must be pretty damp outside because my foot hurts like a motherfucker. Since the ibruprofen-like drugs that the doctor prescribed don't seem to be doing shit today, I poured myself an apple cider mixed with rum. It tastes a little weird, but oh well. I'm also hoping it will help loosen the muscles in my neck since they're a little bit sore and stiff too...or maybe make it so I just don't care.

*yawns* I think I'm going to watch more episodes of Lost and/or Supernatural. I think reading is out today since my neck is kind of sore and I don't want to end up with a headache...


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