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*Tonight is Passover. [ profile] doomsey and I are going to his parents' house for the passover seder this evening. Because they invite so many people over--more than twenty, including kids-- the whole thing is usually very chaotic. Too bad there's not a snowball's chance in hell of them doing this version of the Haggadah. (Link swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio

* Two female bombers blow themselves up in a Moscow subway station -- Thankfully, a former classmate of mine-- who is living in Moscow for a semester-- left a message not long after I read this saying he was okay and that he didn't get caught up in any of the insanity. And if you haven't read it already, you should go read [ profile] ginmar's post on living in Moscow. It's very well written. (Link swiped from [ profile] ginmar)

* Awwwww (Blame [ profile] sheilagh)

* BBC Wildlife Photo Masterclasses -- I'm definitely going to have to download and read some of these guys since I particularly like doing nature photography and wildlife photography. And speaking of photography, I'm thinking about making a zoo trip sometime this week. I haven't been there in a few months...and I need to renew my membership.

* A story told in pictures -- Adorable! (Swiped from [ profile] haikujaguar)

* North Koreans Use Cellphones to Bare Secrets (Link swiped from [ profile] rm)

* And...More clips from the new Doctor Who have been posted! I can't wait to watch the new episodes! (Link swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* I have much coolness to share with you. I'll have to do it tomorrow though because it's getting late, I'm tired, and my eye is pissed off for whatever reason so I can't see so well right now. I also haven't slept well for the past two night and OMG! I need to sleep.
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What kind of hawk is this? Cooper's Hawk? Northern Goshawk? Other?

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* [ profile] doomsey and I went to Sam's house last night. We ate pizza and watched the new Miyazaki movie, Ponyo. Very cute. I highly recommend it.

* Today I looked out the window and saw a hawk sitting on our fence. I went outside and took pictures. I was surprised at how close he let me get to him. Some of the pictures turned out beautifully. I'll have to post them later. (I also got some cool hawk pictures on my walk through the snow on Thursday).

* I've had hard palpitations last night and again today. Seriously not happy. They're PACs (Premature Atrial Contractions) so they're harmless, but it's still uncomfortable. Anybody have any ideas of how to get rid of them? I'm at a point where I'm ready to pour myself a couple of stiff drinks...
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And that's it! I'm done! I might drag out the camera and take pictures every couple of weeks or so and post the better ones to [ profile] naturesbeauty or [ profile] lj_photophile, but I'm not taking a picture every day anymore. I need a break from my camera!
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* [ profile] doomsey and I went to see Avatar this afternoon. I thought it was amazing. It's a very beautiful film.

* Our server crashed last night, so most of the pictures on my picture-a-day posts have disappeared. [ profile] doomsey is going to try to get it back up and running tomorrow. In the mean time, I've decided to start putting some of my pictures on Flickr. The most recent week's pictures are there.

* Cosette's appetite has been down this week. It started out with her being barfy, but she's not throwing up anymore. Now she's just picking at her food. She eats, but she's not hoggie dogging it down like she used to. She won't eat her dry food at all anymore unless I put moist food on top of it. I don't know if she's being a finicky eater because her IBD is acting up or if it's her wonky kidneys are making her feel sick. I'm hoping that she'll be better again next week so I don't have to drag her furry ass back to the vet again.
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Yeah...I got a little carried away with pictures this week. Also, for someone who doesn't like the snow or the cold, I certainly take a lot of pictures out in the snow and cold. What can I say? At least it's pretty.

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Yeah...aside from posting my picture-a-days and books read, I've haven't been saying very much. Lately, not much has been going on that can't be written in 140 characters or less on Twitter. I'm still reading LJ though, just don't have much to say. Having said that, here's an update.

* We have snow! Thankfully, we don't have nearly as much snow as Wisconsin. Our area stayed warm, so we got a good chunk of our precipitation as rain. Thank God. I was able to go out and get nice pictures for picture-of-the-day. Today I went to Graue Mill in Oak Brook, and took pictures in the snow. I got some good ones.

* I am sooo tired from shoveling snow today. I would have used the snow blower, but there was a lot of slush on the ground, and the snow blower wouldn't have done much good.

* I've been having a lot of weird dreams these past few weeks. Last night, I had two dreams. One was a nightmare about being married to this incredibly abusive guy. I mixed some sleeping pills into his drinks and left while he was asleep. When he woke up and discovered that I was gone, he came after me. Apparently, me leaving him besmirched his honor. Okay buddy... (I got the feeling from the dream that he was a very traditional Muslim). My family hid me in this hotel, and the dude managed to figure out where I was. I dreamt he snuck into my hotel room while I was sleeping. In the dream, I startled awake to the sound of his voice. He cornered me and I ended up fighting with him. Many things were thrown. I got away and someone in the hotel lobby called the police. I hid behind the concierge's desk until the cops came and escorted him out of the building. By the time the dream ended, we were talking about me leaving the country for awhile because the guy just wasn't giving up. We were talking about either Spain or Peru. I woke up and then complained to [ profile] doomsey that I had had a bad nightmare. He was annoyed. I was just plain happy that I had a nice, rational, normal hubby and not scary dream hubby.

The second dream was an afterlife of sorts. If I had to describe the feel of it, it was a mixture of Harry Potter and art house film. Some of the images were surreal, but cool. Living people had a double because they were both body and soul. And omg! Creepy nun-like people wearing gray habits! Where do I pull some of these things out of exactly? I swear...this dream would have been perfect fodder for a novel. Anyhow, at some point, I had made some friends and we were traveling together. None of us knew exactly what was going on, but those that had been dead longer had a better idea how things worked than I did. We all got the impression that the place we were at was temporary, and that we would eventually pass on to another one in a hundred years or so. All of us looked like we were in our late teens-early twenties, which led me to believe that all dead souls took that form. I also didn't remember how I died. At the end of the dream, I was pulled into some kind of "support group" for people who had died young. That's where I found out that the jealous hubby from dream nĂºmero uno had found me wherever the hell I had run to and killed me. Murder. Lovely.... (There was more to the dream, but...enh...don't feel like going into it right now).

* So...what's with all the dreams about death and dying lately? Well, I'm approaching the two year anniversary of when I damn near dropped dead. Maybe my subconscious mind is still sorting things out. Also, I think part of that second dream might have been motivated by something I had read in The Hero with a Thousand Faces, which I had been reading right before I went to bed. That's a very cool book, by the way...

* [ profile] cosettemonster is being barfy again. She was horking up her food last Thursday-Friday. She got better after I gave her a Vitamin B12 shot-- which is usually prescribed to animals with IBD-- but she's been puky again today. If she's not better by tomorrow, I'm calling the vet. She does have the funky kidney values, and the vet told me to watch for throwing up and loss of appetite. I'm not playing around with this.

* For those of you into photography, you guys should check out the LJ community, [ profile] lj_photofile. It's a cool group. Lot's of amazing pictures. I think I might post more of my stuff over there...
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I'm three weeks behind! Time to catch up!

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I was out taking my picture of the day, and got really lucky. Behold!

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* Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November. Sorry...just had to do that.

* I now have 8,834 words out of 50,000 for NaNoWriMo. Yay! I'm also discovering that going back over the stuff I'd written the day before and making changes helps me get in gear to write new material. Anybody else doing NaNo feel the same way?

* Today, I'm thinking of taking a short break from writing and doing a short field trip for my picture of the day. It depends upon how much work I get done this morning.

* I guess that last bullet point means I better get cracking, huh?


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