May. 27th, 2010 12:49 am
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* First human 'infected with computer virus' -- Wild! (Swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* This last one is epic. The Republicans have made themselves a little website asking internet denizens for help creating an agenda. As you can see from the article, it's not working out for them so well. Here's my contribution:

"Institute prayer in public schools. Make students bow down to Cthulu, the All Powerful, at the beginning of each school day."

[ profile] nekosensei <-- thinks we need lesson plans saying something to the effect that God may have put you into this world, but by golly, Cthulu is going to take you out of it! (Edited to add that the link was swiped from [ profile] rm and [ profile] stardragonca)

[Edit: And after remembering that I had this LJ icon, I went back in and added "Harold Saxon for President!" under the heading "National Security"].
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* In New York City, people walk past a man dying from a stab wound. One person even stops to take a picture with his cell phone before moving on. No one comes to his aid until it's too late. Seriously? What's the matter with people? (Via [ profile] rm)

* And driving while Hispanic becomes a new crime in Arizona. In this case, an Hispanic man born in the United States was detained by police until his wife shows up with his birth certificate. According to the guy's wife, he supposedly answered their questions wrong. I guess saying that your mom lives in Mexico is a big no-no in the state of Arizona now.

Um...Ihre Papiere, bitte? Now really, guys, how many of you keep your birth certificate on you at all times? And how many of you even know where it is? My answers to those questions: I don't keep a copy of my birth certificate on me and I don't know where I've put it. This new law in Arizona is a very bad idea. Once it goes in effect, we're going to see a lot more racial profiling and harassment of people who are in this country legally. (Via [ profile] doomsey)

* Armed man spotted at North Carolina airport just as President Obama, Air Force One took off -- Are you kidding me? They only charged him with a misdemeanor? The guy just threatened the president. And he had a gun on him. Slap him with a felony and make an example of him!

Oh...and blame Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin for getting the crazies all worked up. If someone gets killed, it's going to be all their fault. (Story via [ profile] ginmar)

* And related news: Facebook page prays for Obama's death -- Trying really hard to not make any nasty remarks about "Christians" or about beating some of them over the head with their good book. (Link via [ profile] petzipellepingo)

* When I stepped out of my house for a nice, relaxing hour long-walk this afternoon, I saw my bird feeder lying on the ground. Next to it was a little yellow bat. I suspect my next-door neighbor's kids might have been involved in this. What did they think it was, a piñata? Talk about the dumbing down of American education! Maybe I should have a little conversation with them that goes something like this, um...hello, kids...this is for, you know, um...feeding birds?"

Thankfully, it wasn't broken. I picked it up, tied back on the post, and re-filled it with bird-seed. No harm done. Maybe, the next time I see them, I should tell them to be more careful next time because I don't want to have to replace it.

* I'm beat. Time for bed methinks. Night all!
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* [ profile] doomsey called me up this morning to tell me that he scraped the side of the car on the gate while trying to pull out of our driveway. Since it's a pretty deep scratch, it needs to be fixed. It's going to cost us $650 to fix and we're going to be down to just one car for three days.

* The story about the girl whose prom got cancelled because she wanted to wear a tux and bring a female date just gets more and more disturbing. After the school cancelled the prom, the parents organized a prom themselves. Constance Miller got an invitation to the prom, but it turned out to be an alternate prom for seven people, two of which were students with learning disabilities. Meanwhile, the rest of her class attended a party elsewhere. You have *no idea* how infuriated this makes me. So fucking spiteful. Well, I guess that's Mississippi for you. Tea-bagger heaven.

* And...our insurance company's mail order is giving us the run around about filling one of [ profile] doomsey's prescriptions. They're harassing our doctor by calling her numerous times to ask her for more information. And now they're calling us saying that the prescription can't be filled until they hear back from her. They pulled that shit when I was trying to get one of my prescriptions filled several years ago or so. After talking to my doctor, I called my insurance company back, told them my doctor hold told me they were harassing her, and asked them not so nicely if they were going to fill my prescription or not. After I said that, the problem got fixed promptly.

* Is it me or a people driving like jack-holes lately? I had a kid riding a bike try to Darwin Award himself on the front of my car this evening. I was waiting at a stop sign because I had to turn right and I had seen a kid riding a bike just behind me. I figured that, being a kid, he'd be more likely to blow right through the stop sign and run into my car when I turned right. So, the kid turns right. I turn right. Then, the kid abruptly veers across the street...IN FRONT OF MY CAR...turns around, and then proceeds to go down the street he was originally on. WHAT WAS HE THINKING??? Well, I had him pegged for being the type that would do something dumb, but I obviously underestimated his dumbness.
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* (dies laughing) Nice product placement!

* Loved today's xkcd.

* Just heard an ice cream truck go by. Forget about spring, we've gone straight to summer.

* And the three mile walk we were going to take tonight was cut short by a surprise thunderstorm. And boo on [ profile] doomsey for not wanting to turn around when I said that we should. No...he wanted to walk all the way to the place where our street dead-ends and then back going back. Well, choosing to do so ended up with us getting stuck in a downpour. Way to go, dooms. Also, while I don't mind lightening so much when I'm sitting inside, I'm terrified of it when I'm out in the open ever since a classmate of mine died after being struck by lightening.

* Oh...on our way home, [ profile] doomsey told me, "well, it wasn't supposed to rain today." Yeah...that was so helpful.
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* Wow did I have a bad dream last night. A group of tea-baggers were holding a demonstration so liberals in support of health care reform decided to hold a counter-demonstration. What the liberals did not know was that some of the tea baggers came armed. A couple of nut jobs pulled out their guns and started shooting at the liberals. Before you knew it, everybody was shooting, and the end result was a blood bath with the liberals getting the worst of it because so few of them were armed. This eventually touched off a coup d'état with a far right wing group taking over the government by force. Once they had control of the country, the first thing they did was repeal the health care reform bill. At that point, I told [ profile] doomsey to pick a country; we were leaving.

* It's been a gorgeous day today. It went up to 81 degrees! In April! [ profile] doomsey and I celebrated it by going to the zoo, which was very crowded as a lot of other people had the same idea. It was so packed that we had a hard time even finding a parking spot! I've never seen it that bad! And not enough employees were out directing traffic either. One person told us they were talking about opening up other lots by the children's zoo, but they weren't very helpful about where exactly those lots were. She told us to head closer to the zoo itself, which we did. By sheer chance, we ran into someone else who helped fanagle us a spot on a small patch of grass. She told us that they had so many visitors today that they "had to get creative." Wild! [ profile] doomsey and I went to Tropic World-- the exhibit where they keep the monkeys-- first and it was packed. Afterwards, I steered us to more of the exhibits that were outside where we would have more room.

* I took a lot of pictures today. I'm going to have to post some once I get a chance to go through them.

* My zoo membership is expiring at the end of this month, and I'm planning on renewing it when it does. I spent about fifteen dollars extra in order to get the version that lets me take a guest with; usually, I drag [ profile] doomsey with me. This year, we've used it enough that we've more than recouped the money we spent on it.

* Cut for disgusting )

* Another amusing April Fool's joke from Think Geek. And hey! Here's a second product I want to see made: the LOST alarm clock. God I love Think Geek! (Via [ profile] hellziggy)

* If You Voted for Obama, Seek Urologic Care Elsewhere’ -- There are no words. I've gotten into political debates with my doctor before-- she's close friends with my husband's family-- and I know that we don't see eye to eye on politics. I'm a liberal Democrat while she is more of a Libertarian, and she *definitely* doesn't support the health care reform bill. On the other hand, she's a smart lady and an incredible doctor so I continue to see her. I could never in a million years see her pulling something like this though. (Via [ profile] doomsey)

* And we're off again. [ profile] doomsey and I are going to Rock Band Night at a friend's house tonight. We're leaving a little bit late because we're going to get dinner on the way there. I think they normally serve pizza at this shindig, but [ profile] doomsey can't eat it because it's Passover. We're probably going to get Mexican instead.
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* Texas Conservatives Win Curriculum Change -- This is a big deal because the curricula in Texas schools often affects those of other states. If I were a teacher, I would refuse to teach that shit, and I would teach my students the correct information. If they were to fire me for it, so be it. I wouldn't want to work for a district that would enforce that bullshit. (Link swiped from [ profile] foresthouse)

* Tarleton professor cancels performance of plays, including controversial 'Corpus Christi'
-- So the drama professor canceled the play that had a gay teenager whose life mimicked that of Jesus because of all the threats both he and the school had gotten. The right-wing in Texas is usually nucking futs, but it's been crazier than normal lately. (Link swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio)

* Went to to the Goodman to see The Johnston Flood this evening. Dinner was at Petterino's. We ended up waiting there a long time for our check because their server crashed. Didn't get home until after 1:30 in the morning. Oh...and my mother-in-law may have accidentally glutened herself; she ate one of J's olives stuffed with blue cheese. Blue cheese is bad because the mold that's on it is usually grown on wheat. Oh well...if she did gluten herself, we'll know by tomorrow...

* it late. This is the second night in a row where I've gone to bed after one. Monday morning is going to be painful.
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* People who like both Doctor Who and cats might enjoy this picture on Deviant Art. (Blame [ profile] ferenpanther)

* The high school that suspended prom because a lesbian couple wanted to attend also suspended a transgender student earlier in the year. (Link swiped from [ profile] rm)

* I've liked Amanda's Palmer's work and I was willing to give her a little bit of slack after the whole Evelyn Evelyn kerfluffle, but I have to say that I'm more than a little disappointed in her after reading about her latest comments. (Link swiped from [ profile] rm)

* Just got back from a three-mile walk. I am beat!

* Did some more studying for German. I am so confused. When do you use auf, zur, in, im and ins? Our teacher never went over it. To go a party is auf eine Party gehen, to go to work is zur Arbeit gehen, and to go to the mountains is in die Berge gehen. *scratches head* comprendo???

* Went to dinner at the in-laws' house last night. [ profile] almeda managed to get them hooked on I'm tempted to get a fourteen day trial, but I'd have to sit down with my parents first and get information about when my grandparents and great-grandparents were born and such. I'm not sure I want to buy membership though. It's too fricking expensive. A minimum of twelve bucks a month? I'll pass.

* This Clip Is Proof That Birds Are Secretly Composers -- That is really neat! (Swiped from [ profile] bottledgoose)
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* This morning I went back and read some of the comments on this blog. Some of the commenters are seriously suggesting flinging poo. I shit you not.

Oh...the IRONY!

I need to come up with a macro for this. Too bad I'm not going to have much time...

* And they might be able to squeeze the public option back into the health care bill after all. Well played, Democrats, well played.

* Did tons of studying for my German midterm today. I've stopped for today, but I plan to do some more tomorrow. Oh...and I may have mentioned before that the flashcards I made to help me study vocabulary are sometimes on crack.

* Bwahahahahahaha!

* Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were visiting Haiti a few days ago. Well, here's a video of Dubya shaking hands with a Haitian and then wiping that same hand on Bill Clinton's shirt. Seriously? What the FUCK? Is it me or is he treating the Haitians like they have cooties or something? (Link from [ profile] ginmar)

* Trying to answer essay questions on a player questionnaire for the LARP I'm going to be doing in a couple of months. I have a hard time answering some of these questions because I've done mostly tabletop roleplaying and not that many LARPS. I did only one Vampire LARP many years ago when I was in college. I remember my friend and I spending most of the time being confused because we were sort of thrown into it without much preparation and didn't have much of an idea of what to expect. Fortunately, this game has a lot more documentation and we get to create our own characters, which is kind of fun. For the Vampire LARP, we were just assigned characters.

* I'm just staring at a blank screen trying to answer these questions. Maybe I should sleep on it overnight and come back to it tomorrow.

* And never mind. I've managed to answer those two niggling questions. That leaves one more question I'm going to have to answer, which is, "During Elizabethan England, the politics were cutthroat, the aristocracy barely noble, and everyone tried to get a leg up on the other. If you were playing in that time, who or what type of character would you be?" I don't know. Court jester? Can I be that? But seriously, I read the rules and I've already figured out what kind of character I want to play: the snooty magician. That's kind of a cross between an aristocrat and the court jester, right?

* And it occurred to me that I never posted to link to "Epilepsy Is Dancing" yesterday. Here it is.
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* This video, called "Epilepsy Dancing," is based on temporal lobe epilepsy in which suffers have a kind of daydream during the episode. I think it's visually stunning. Unfortunately, you have to have a YouTube account to see it; some idiots flagged it because it has OMG BOOBIES! (Link swiped from [ profile] willowing)

* Someone on my friend's list is in the middle of a study abroad program in Spain and for one of her Spanish classes, she had to watch a movie based on the novel, La familia de Pascual Duarte by Camilo José Cela. In the movie, the protagonist snaps, killing a dog and horse during his break with reality. And it's not a special effect either. The director had the actor shoot a dog and stab a horse to death on screen. Let me repeat that. They killed a dog and a horse to make this movie. Now, I'm okay with people going hunting to feed themselves and their family, as long as they're using that animal's life to sustain their own, but I don't at all approve of killing animals merely to make an artistic statement. If I had been in this person's place, I would have told the professor that there was no way I could watch the movie without getting upset and, therefore, I wouldn't be coming to class that day. This is one of the rare cases where I would have taken a hit on my grade. I'm just too much of an animal lover to watch something like that. Which brings me to a poll...

[Poll #1542764]

* Raked up some of the snow mold...thatch...whatever you want to call it. And now I've got a nasty blister on one of my hands from all that raking.

* And it looks like my crocuses that I thought were M.I.A this year have finally re-appeared. Going to have to get pictures of them before the flowers fade.

* I wanted to work on turning over my garden this week, but that might get put off so I can start studying for my German midterm.

* Wow...the right-wing in this country has gone completely and utterly bat-shit insane: Sarah Palin posts about not retreating but reloading on her Facebook page and Democratic congressmen who voted for the bill are receiving more threats. I know many of us liberals were ticked off when George W. Bush was president, but were we ever this bad? *shakes head* After this, there is no way in hell you can convince me to vote a Republican for office. If I don't like the Democratic candidate, I'd rather vote Green. (Links swiped from [ profile] ginmar and [ profile] gehayi)

* And look what we have here. One of the douchebags who is advocating stone throwing. (Link snagged from [ profile] ambitious_wench)

* California voters to decide in November whether to legalize pot -- I wonder what the chances are of this actually passing... (Many thanks to [ profile] ladyfox7oaks for originally posting this)

* In Stephenville, college play featuring gay Jesus stirring emotions -- More douchebaggery. At least one of the actors in this play was disowned by his family after refusing to quit the production. So sad. (Link swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio)

* I'm honked off by all the crap that's going down in the news. Time to call it quits and go to bed.
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* This is a big fuckin' deal -- Hah hah! Nice! Joe Biden doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut at times, but this was an entertaining one...

* Not much to say lately. Still recovering from whatever bug I came down with on Sunday. The good news is that I was less congested this afternoon and I was able to get some work done. Yipee!
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Random Person on Twitter: "the end of freedom for Americans. Communist and socialist takeover of America. Good job America."
Me: " you think libraries are socialist? Same system...they're run by the government."
Random person: "yes."
Me: "That explains a lot."
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* Wow...the Saint Patrick's Day dinner I hosted for my family turned out well. And the fondue was amazing; it was a real hit with my family. Many thanks to [ profile] doomsey, my mom, and my brother for helping me out when I needed an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Also many thanks to [ profile] emygination for giving me the recipes for the soda bread and the Irish fondue.

* So...I couldn't get anyone to drink the left-over Guinness this afternoon. I'd drink it but I just can't stomach the taste. :(

* My nieces, who have never seen a cat before, got to briefly visit with my cats this afternoon. Arwen wanted to have nothing to do with them. Cosette hissed at them when they first came in the room, but after I sat with her, she was curious but cautious. Eventually both E. and C. were able to pet Cosette.

* Yay! Health care reform is going to happen. You can not understand how happy this makes me.

* [ profile] doomsey and I are watching all of the Republicans throwing a shit fit on C-SPAN. Most of them are bitching about how much the health care reform bill is going to raise the deficit. Oh really? Why didn't they pipe up when Bushy-boy led us into a un-necessary war that wasted billions of tax-payer dollars and got us absolutely nothing to show for it? Hmm???

* [ profile] doomsey is amusing himself by surfing Twitter and laughing at all the insanity going on under the #killthebill hashtag.

* Good point (Link swiped from [ profile] doomsey)

* Cute! 1968 ASCII Animation from Russia (Link swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* Tea baggers (and I have no problems calling them that) yell racist epithets at black congressmen, call Rep. Barney Frank a "faggot," and heckle a man with Parkinson's disease. Yeah...those people can go fuck themselves. (Links swiped from [ profile] ginmar and [ profile] rm)

* I've had a slight cold for the last two or three days. I swear that, now that I've gotten time to sit down and decompress, my cold has gotten worse. My sinuses are just awful.
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* Yesterday it was almost 65 degrees and I was able to have the windows open for part of the day. Today, it's 33 degrees and we're expecting between one and three inches of snow. Gotta love Spring in Chicago...

* Oh yeah...headed up to Milwaukee so I can set up a character for a LARP I will be participating in. Fortunately, I'm carpooling with someone else so I won't have to do a fuck-ton of driving.

* Podcasts Podcasts Podcasts. I'm currently listening to NPR's "This American Life" as well as "Buffy Between the Lines" and "Angel Between the Lines" when it's available. Now, I'm looking for more. Anybody know of any free podcasts that you think I'd enjoy listening to?

* Back from driving up to Milwaukee. During the drive there and back, it was snowing south of the Illinois-Wisconsin border, but it wasn't snowing north of the border at all. Weird.

* Please please please let this be true. (Link swiped from [ profile] doomsey)
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* Would anybody be even remotely surprised if this were true? And the answer to this question posed by some small businesses in Minneapolis. NO!

* Palestinians dress as Na'vi to protest Israeli barrier.


(opens mouth to say something)


Sorry, I got nothin'

* It's been one month since the earthquake in Haiti. The rainy season is fast approaching, and now Haitians are being told that they're no longer getting the tents they were originally promised. Now, they're being given one piece of plastic per family until they can get them more permanent building materials starting May 1st. That's right. ONE PIECE OF PLASTIC. IN THE RAINY SEASON.

* Since I've been so talented at screwing up my knee in the past, I am now the expert on knee injuries. My father-in-law called me up and asked about where he can find a knee brace. I'm also taking him to a doctor's appointment later this afternoon.

* There's nothing like petting a cat that's been sitting in the warm sun. Cosette was basking in a patch of sunlight, so I joined her. The sun felt good and the kitty's fur was nice and warm. Kitty snuggles!

* I took [ profile] doomsey's dad to the doctor's office. I brought my German textbook with me to start learning some more vocabulary. Said doctor is friends with my family; she went to [ profile] doomsey and my wedding. Anyhow, when she came out to the reception area to talk, I mentioned that I was studying another language. She boggled at how many languages I know, then she told me that I should consider working for the government. Then, after the doctor's office, I took my father-in-law to the drug store to find a knee brace. The one that I had brought over turned out to be too small.

* Tonight, we had John and [ profile] emygination over for dinner. We were talking about recipes over the chocolate bread pudding I had made last week, and at some point, I decided to show them my great-grandmother's recipe book. Everybody thought it was amazing. They were particularly amused by some of the recipes and ads dating back to the 1920s and 1930s, which had been clipped out of the newspaper. One of these days, I should scan everything before the pages start deteriorating. I'm also considering posting links to some of the recipes.

* Now this is just plain ridiculous. (Swiped from [ profile] doomsey)

* Ouch! (Also swiped from [ profile] doomsey)
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*headdesk headdesk headdesk*

* I heard rumors that Neil Gaiman was going to write a Doctor Who episode, but after not hearing about it for awhile, I thought it was only that, rumors. Then, today, I read this story". YES!!!! This is going to be AWESOME!!!

* Since I'm going to go to a Superbowl Party today, I have to come up with a team to root for. I'm kind of partial to New Orleans-- been meaning to go there for years-- so I'm going to go with the Saints.

* Got tons of stuff accomplished today. Should probably work on studying a bit more for German class before heading out to watch the game.

* I have one more color to add to my afghan and it's D-O-N-E...done!
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* Sarah Palin Bingo! (Swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio

* Making chocolate bread pudding. So good. Must. Not. Eat. All. The. Batter.

* Chocolate bread pudding is done. I think I'm going to heat it up a bit before I leave for the party tomorrow. It tastes better when warm.

* And of course, the wireless had to start acting up when I'm trying to get work done.

* Grrrr...Internet is being flaky. Have to get my fucking work done, godammit!

* Ich habe Hausaufgabe in mein Deutschkurs. Ich studiere Worschatz.

* Thought I had more to post today, but apparently I didn't. Too busy getting work done and studying German.
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* Woke up this morning to snow. And it's still snowing. Well, today's commute is going to be fun.

* The air raid sirens are going off. Looks outside. Oh no! It's a snowpocalyspse!

Wait. You mean the sirens always go off on the first Tuesday of the month? Okay...never mind then...

* We're only supposed to get one to two inches of snow today, so today won't be so bad, thankfully.

* Just got back from voting in the primaries. I decided to vote for the local guy for Lieutenant Governor even though he doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell. If he doesn't win any of the seats he's running for-- he's also on the ballot for precinct committeeman too-- I'm half inclined to write him and suggest that he run for mayor when those elections come up. The guy we currently have in there apparently thinks the economy so bad that he's decided to say fuck it and ask for divine intervention.

* It's late. Time for bed. I took Ambien, and then went downstairs to take care of the things that had to be harvested in Farmville. I figured that I'd be ready to go to bed by the time I was finished, but no, the sillies hit sooner. By the time I was finished, I didn't know whether I was going or coming. Accidentally planted some strawberries. They take four hours to grow so they're probably going to be all rotted by the time I wake tomorrow. Yeah...I'm not with it. Okay...time to get up stairs and go to bed before I start doing something silly like wandering down the street looking at all the pretty lights.
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* One of the snails in my fish tank died yesterday. Poor little guy. Also, my fish isn't looking too hot. I wonder what's going on in that tank. Maybe something is making them all sick? The other snail seems to be doing fine though.

* So, Amazon and MacMillan got into a tiff, and Amazon decided to pull all MacMillan books. Man...if I were an author affected by this, I would be pissed. Then again, that's probably why Amazon did it, to get the authors to put pressure on MacMillan.

* The city council of my town is debating opening city council sessions with prayer. Time for another strongly worded letter. I'm thinking something along the lines of we didn't elect you to pray in office and do that on your own time. Also, my block as been trying to get sidewalks for years because cars often take the corner too fast and come barreling down our street. One of my neighbor's kids narrowly avoided being hit last summer. Once again, we petitioned the city for sidewalks, and once again, they turned it down saying that they have no money. I guess we'll have better luck praying for 'em...

* Important: A personal friend of mine is about to lose her health insurance if she can't make her COBRA payment. She goes by [ profile] ordinary on LJ and gookygox on Twitter. This would be disastrous because, several years ago, she developed a lung condition-- growths on the lining of her lungs-- that is so rare that even the Mayo Clinic couldn't figure out what was going on. She has to have nerve blocks done on a regular basis in order to be able to function. (I took her to the hospital to have one of these nerve blocks done last January). She is taking donations right now in the hopes that she will be able to raise enough money to cover the cost of her COBRA. You can donate here. If you don't have any money to donate, re-posting this in your journals to boost the signal would also be helpful.
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* Well this sucks. No more July 3rd fireworks in Chicago. Oh well...

* snerk*

* Wo ist meine Hose?
Oh wait...never mind. I found them.'s been that kind of morning.

* [ profile] emygination just sent me a link to this. I'm going to have to make it.

* I tried calling my friend who had her baby on Saturday. Still haven't heard anything from her. I hope things are still going okay...

* Finally got around to watching the State of the Union address. One would hope that that speech would light a fire under Congress' butt so that they pass health care reform already.

* What? No more questions?

* This one is swiped from [ profile] popfiend. Everyone needs one of these for that moment of sheer frustration.


Jan. 27th, 2010 03:40 pm
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Hmmm...maybe if I keep the "Post an Entry" page open in a separate tab, I'll be apt to post more often. I'm trying to keep up the best I can with LJ, but I've been swamped lately. I'm hoping things will calm down in the next week or two.

* A few days ago, [ profile] doomsey suggested that I start writing letters to random politicians to light a fire under their butts about National Health Care Reform. Well, yesterday, I sent out letters to Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, and Roland Burris. I still have to pen a letter to our representative, Peter Roskam, but I'm busy at the moment so it's going to have to go on the back burner for awhile. I'm not going to be too upset if it doesn't get written; he's against health care reform, and I doubt that there's anything I can say to convince him otherwise.

* While I was at work last night, my best friend called to tell me that she delivered her baby on Saturday through C-section. I tried getting a hold of her this afternoon, but haven't been able to. I'm hoping to visit her either tomorrow or Friday afternoon. I have a baby blanket to drop off for her.

* German class is still going well. This class isn't too challenging for me because it's a beginning class and I tend to pick up languages easily. I'm finding that learning German is much much much easier than learning Japanese. For starters, I don't have to learn a whole knew writing system. Also, it's related to English, and some of the words sound very similar. Now, what's probably going to end up kicking my butt is noun-adjective agreement. I'm not used to a language that has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. Spanish only has two genders and Japanese doesn't have any.

* This website,, is entertaining. If you have any questions, ask away! Also, if you create an account, let me know so I can friend you there.

*Brrr...I'm fuh-fuh-freezing. So much for the spring-like weather we've been having...

* Somebody just sent me an email telling me how to check my email.
Well, okay then.

* Aww fuck it. *raises the thermostat*

* For those who know German...Wherein I attempt to use the language )


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