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This weekend has been just a whirl of activity. On Friday night, [ profile] doomsey and I went to James and Carrie's wedding. I'm sure [ profile] doomsey had a good time talking with friends, but I had a blast. There may have been a bit too much alcohol consumed and a lot of dancing.

More on the wedding and on Pagan Pride )

As soon as we got home, I got a call from my parents. My sister was in the hospital because she was having chest pains and tingling in her left arm. By the time the news got to me, they had managed to rule out both a heart attack and a blood clot. They kept her overnight for observation and to run more tests. This morning, I called my parents back to see if there had been any more developments and found out that she had been released from the hospital. The doctors believe that she had an anxiety attack of sorts (and she has been under a lot of stress lately). The doctors did order an echocardiogram, but I guess she's not going to get the results from that until tomorrow. I hope she follows up with her doctor and/or a cardiologist to make sure that it's just anxiety and not anything more worrying.

My sister apparently told my parents that she felt "foolish" over going to the hospital and finding out it was nothing, but honestly, it's better to get things checked out and have it turn out to be nothing than to have something wrong and not get it treated. When I woke up after having my embolism, I tried to tell [ profile] doomsey not to call the hospital and that we should wait a bit to see if the problem clears up. Yeah, I would have been in deep doo-doo if I had done that because I had another episode of sorts while I was in the ambulance and almost blacked out again. I think the only reasons I didn't faint again is because I was on oxygen and the paramedic told me how to breathe to avoid passing out. So...I plan to call up my sister plan to call up my sister later this afternoon and reassure her that she did do the right thing considering the fact that she has two little ones to look after.

To end things on a less pessimistic note...LINK DUMP!!!

-Hurr durr -- Dumbing down of American education anyone?

-If Historical Events had Facebook Statuses (Swiped from [ profile] cedarseed)

-This? Yeah...not a good idea.
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Today, [ profile] doomsey and I went to a wedding. Because there was a long break between the ceremony and the reception and because the wedding was in a suburb not far from us, we decided to make a Trader Joe's run. Well, that particular visit was full of fail.

Fail #1: [ profile] doomsey pulled a bag of salad off a refrigerated shelf. Either it was already open or it split open. The end result? A bag full of spinach leaves on the floor. *makes random intercom noises* (Clean up on aisle #1 please).

Fail #2: The store had a bunch of samples along the back wall. I grabbed an eclair, grabbed a small serving size of cherry cider, turned around, and discovered that my cart was no longer there. Where was my cart? [ profile] doomsey came back bearing two handfuls of stuff and couldn't find it either. It turns out that another customer had grabbed it thinking that it was hers. The lady manning the stand at the back of the store saw who grabbed it and told us where we could find it. Note: up until the store clerk pointed out what had happened, I thought that either I was going nuts or I was having an early senior moment and forgot where I put my cart.
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These past two weeks, the city has been working on installing new water mains on our street so it's been noisy and sometimes dusty here during the day. This morning, [ profile] doomsey woke me up to tell me that he had found a flyer outside our door saying that they were shutting the water off during the day today. I had...oh...five minutes to take a shower before they cut the water. The city must have put the flyers out last night, but between all the confusion with me staying at my parents house until late and [ profile] doomsey meeting me out there for dinner, we missed it. Also, [ profile] doomsey and I usually go out back door so occasionally we miss flyers placed on our front door.

So...I scramble out of bed to take a shower. And was it a close call! The water ran out while I was brushing my teeth, which turned out to be not that big of a deal.

After feeding the cats and eating breakfast, I decided that I should get out of the house for awhile since the water being off was going to get annoying fast. I decided to go to the zoo because I wanted to pick up my member t-shirt (the coupon expires after a certain date, and I wanted one goddammit). I was also considering buying an over-sized t-shirt to use as a night shirt. The one I use now is holy. And by holy, I don't mean that it was blessed by the pope. It's full of holes.

A little before ten o'clock, I packed up my camera and headed out. I got my membership t-shirt and managed to find a cheap, oversized t-shirt to use as a nightshirt. Seriously, with the discount from the membership, it was only eight bucks: I would have paid more at Kohl's, which was where I was originally planning to go.

When I got what I came for, I ambled around the zoo for a couple of hours. The new Great Bear Wilderness is awesome! My sister and I are taking my nieces there in two weeks, and let me tell you that they're going to love it. They have this cool area where you can watch grizzly bears and polar bears under water. I snapped a couple of pictures of a polar bear diving under water. I'm going to sort through them and see if any of them turn out any good. If they do, I'll post them. Also, the wolves were active so I'm sure I got some good shots of them.

And here's a random conversation overheard at the zoo:

Father: (sees a male seal on top of a female one) Hey! That's what Hunter does!
Mother: No, that's not what Hunter does. They're wrestling.
Me: (thinking to myself) Yeah. Uh...huh.

What can I say? I guess they were just feeling frisky....

I also ended up chewing out some random kid today. The zoo usually have geese and sea gulls ambling about the park, and today I caught a couple of kids chasing a goose and her goslings. One of the kids managed to separate one of the goslings from the group and start chasing it. The poor thing was clearly terrified so I told the kid to knock it off. Dang...too bad none of those kids got bitten. They would have deserved it.

Towards the end of my stay there, I had a hot dog for lunch and then, because it was warm, I grabbed a smoothie. Then, I made my way back to the car. The annoying thing was that, as I was driving home, my eyes got irritated and they started to water. I had no idea what set that off. I must have been allergic to something. I was afraid that I'd have to pull over for a few minutes (that's how bad it was getting), but I managed to stick it out. I wonder if it was something in that neighborhood that was bothering me.

Finally, I made it back home and the water was back on. So, thanks to the water being turned off, I got out of the house and had a nice day for myself.
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* Today, I did my grocery shopping. When I got back home, I looked at the package of pitas I had gotten and noticed that it had a few little specks of mold growing on it. A sticker on it also said that the expiration date was 3/30. How I managed to not notice that in the store, I don't know. (Well, actually, I do know. The lighting in the section by the bread is kind of dark and I was in a hurry). So...back to the grocery store I went to return it and get another one. Yep, the pitas were being a PITA. In the end, it wasn't that bad because I had to head in that general direction anyway to pick up a library book I had requested and to fill up my tank with gas.

* Bwhahahaha! I love this Doctor Who macro. By the way, don't click on the link if you haven't seen "Victory of the Daleks" yet. This is also amusing.

* And here's an amusing Doctor Who video called "Doctor Who: The Musical." Madonna's "Vogue" at the end was a nice touch! (Snagged from [ profile] txvoodoo)

* This is a very sad story about an elderly gay couple in California. When one of the men is put in a nursing home after a fall, the police labeled his partner of twenty years as his room-mate and then proceeded to sell off all their possessions. Despicable. (Via [ profile] ginmar)

* Forgot to hit post on this one last night. Whoopsie! Going to do that now.
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* There was another shooting at Northern Illinois University. Sheesh!

* You know how at Babies 'R Us and Toys 'R Us they have a sign on the cash registers saying that you get a free soda if they forget to ask you if you'd like batteries with that? Well, they should extend the same deal when they forget to give you the gift receipt you asked for. I was hungry and, sorry for the tmi, had to pee like a racehorse, and I was having a bad day in general, but no...I had to go up to the service desk to get my damn gift receipts. And they way they have their system set up, it took another five goddamn minutes for the lady to get the receipts printed up. It would have taken only thirty seconds if they cashier had been paying attention to what he was doing...

* A story about people living in the storm drains under Las Vegas. Some of the residents have trouble with gambling, alcohol, and drugs, others are folk down on their luck because of the recession. (Swiped from [ profile] ginmar)

* An article about Robert Ebert living with cancer (Swiped from [ profile] hellziggy)

* And the Feds are now investigating the school district that spied on kids at home using webcams. Good (Swiped from [ profile] hakeber

* A very poignant article from Salon on the Kevin Smith / Southwest Air debacle (Swiped from [ profile] naamah_darling)

* So late. Hitting post and going to bed...
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* Nice. I'm already in a bad mood this morning because people were being obnoxious in my dream last night. I was in the store, and my sister was being a little shit, just like she could sometimes be when we were kids. Then, the sales lady gave me attitude because my sister was being a shit, which I had no control over. So...I put the item I was going to buy down, took my money, and went elsewhere. I also left my sister there, telling her that, just for that, she could find her own way home. See? You make trouble for me, I can make trouble for you. about waking up on the wrong side of the bed...

* Went to the dentist this morning. He didn't see anything major on the X-ray. He also thinks the nerves in my tooth are working properly. He thinks that problem with my tooth was caused by me grinding my teeth while I was sleeping, especially considering the fact that it was bad on Saturday morning, but got a bit better as the weekend went on. It should be back to normal in a couple of days. In the meantime, I bought myself some Sensodyne and I'm going to see if that helps. I might also lay off the mechanical toothbrush for awhile.

Anyhow, that's good news. Whatever's pissing it off will go away in a few days and, better yet, no drilling involved! You have no idea how happy I am about that.

* Had a bad headache this morning. Ended up doing my grocery shopping after I was finished at the dentist's office, popping some ibruprofen, and taking a nap. My head is still sore, but not as bad as what it was earlier. Still feeling grumpy too...

* This looks interesting. And if I were to find out that my mom's side of the family does have Jewish ancestry after all, I would *so* throw it in my parents' face for giving me a hard time for marrying a Jewish man. (Swiped from [ profile] rm)

* This comment was the first one I read on this article about the Kevin Smith / Southwest Airlines debacle:

"I don't normally fly southwest, but if they are the ones taking a stand against obese air travelers I think they needed to be supported. Not only will there be less obese people on the flight bothering us, the average intelligence of Southwest passengers will go up!"

What the fuck? So...all fat people are dumb now? My brain hurts. I'm going to go report this as abuse just to be obnoxious.

* The author of the book I'm reading is a Doctor Who fan, apparently...

* I spent this evening studying for German. And no...I did NOT just make a flashcard with a guy sitting next to a bottle of Ritalin to help me remember the word for quiet/calm in German. And for crazy, I did not draw a grinning guy holding a meat cleaver. :)

* Okay...time to hit post now...
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* The computer that hosts our email is down. That means no email for me until tomorrow. Bummer. Also, our wireless hasn't been working for a couple of days now. What's with random computer stuff going kaput lately?

* I invented a new term this afternoon. When [ profile] doomsey and I were on our way home from Trader Joe's shopping, we got stuck behind someone very slow. I told [ profile] doomsey that he was "pud-ing it up."

* Between staying out late last night and getting up early-ish this morning, I am feel very sleepy. Me thinks it's going to be an early bedtime tonight.

* Hmmm...thinking I might make Chocolate Bread Pudding and Kahula Fudge for the Superbowl Party next Sunday.

* [ profile] doomsey and I just finished watching the Dollhouse finale. Echo??? Paul??? WTF??? That's all I'm going to say in the post itself because I don't want to spoil anyone.

* Okay...sleepy time...
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I'm three weeks behind! Time to catch up!

Click here for Pictures )
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Click here for pictures )

Since the weather forecast said that it was going to rain most of the week except for today, I decided to make a trip out to the zoo. Got a bunch of cute pictures. I think I'm going to end up posting some of them in the days to come.
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Hopefully by now, most of you have heard about Amazon Fail. Long story short, Amazon has removed sales rankings from books that deal with LGBT issues or that have homosexual characters. What's worse is that these books are no longer picked up on searches. When you do a search for "homosexuality," books that take an anti-homosexual stance are the top results. WTF??

Needless to say, if Amazon does not correct the problem and issue an apology, I will no longer be doing business with them.

Here's Amazon's blog. You know what to do. Go complain. (Many thanks to both [ profile] rm and [ profile] vashtan for that one).

And now it's time for a Google bomb! Amazon Rank, your morons!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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As the title of this entry claims, today was full of fail. First of all, I had a doctor's appointment at ten-thirty, but my doctor was running way behind. I ended up waiting two hours just to be seen. I didn't leave there until almost one o'clock. So, that put me way behind. I really hope all of my tests for "scary clotting disorders" turn out negative. If I test positive for one of them, that means I'm going to have to take blood thinners for life. I'll have to go to the doctor to have my INR checked every three to four weeks for the rest of my life. Not only will I not be able to eat many of the foods I enjoy, but it will also be a major pain in the ass with copays and time wasted at the doctor's office.

The only good thing about that appointment was that my doctor was originally going to send me to the hospital for the hyper-coagulability tests and some other blood tests for another unrelated problem because she didn't like dealing with her testing company, QUEST. When I mentioned this to [ profile] doomsey over IM, he pointed out that going to the hospital is most likely going to cost us a lot more money because we have to pay the deductible because everything reset after the new year. (It's also a pain in the ass for me too because I have to arrange another appointment and yadda yadda yadda). I told her this, and she agreed to do the tests in her office (she had everything she needed to do it anyway). Man, did she have to draw a ton of blood.

After the doctor's office, I was somewhat close to Hobby Lobby, so I stopped in to buy some yarn and buttons that I needed for a secret project. I had also planned to go straight to the pet store and the grocery store since it was on the way home, but right after I got out of the car, a lady in the parking lot made a comment about my pants.

Me: Huh?
Lady: Your pants. (points to the seat of her pants)
Me: (putting her hands on the butt of her pants thinking that she had something on the seat of her pants, and...) OH MY GOD!!
Lady: *snickers*

What had happened? The back of my pants had ripped...a lot...and my ass was hanging out of my pants. I was extremely embarrassed. I'm really hoping they weren't like that at the doctor's office or in Hobby Lobby, but they probably were. I guess a whole lot of people got to see my bright pink panties today. (I'm also hoping that no cellphone pictures of my sorry ass end up floating around online). *falls over and dies*

Click here for picture )

I ended up getting my ass (hahahaha!) back in the car and heading for home to change my pants. Then, I went all the way back to Petco and Dominicks to do my shopping because it needed done. That was another half hour of lost time. Between the two of those things, most of my day was blown out of the water.

And one last bit of wisdom, if you point out that someone has a "wardrobe malfunction"....FOR FUCK'S SAKE DON'T LAUGH AT THEM!!! *growl*

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Apple Store

Aug. 9th, 2008 01:37 pm
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[ profile] doomsey and I went to the Apple Store today because [ profile] doomsey needed a new laptop. His old one died a few weeks ago. We got to the store and saw that they had a line of people waiting outside to buy an iphone. When we asked about buying a new computer, they told us that they wait for a computer was two-and-a-half hours because they were at full capacity today. We turned around and went home. I think [ profile] doomsey is going to order what he needs online.

Oh...and as [ profile] doomsey said, I got honked at by the guy behind me because I stopped for some asshat who was about to run a stop sign. Sorry, but I'm not going to trash my car because you're an impatient asshole.
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On Friday, [ profile] doomsey and I had dinner at Amada's Cafe with his family. I ordered chilaquiles. Mmm...chilaquiles.

On Saturday, [ profile] doomsey went to Graue Mill to show a friend how to use her new camera while I stayed home and got work done. When they were finished, they picked me up and we went out to lunch. We also went to Best Buy because G. wanted to look at lens. I perused the movies section, but didn't buy anything. I concluded that I really do need to sign up for Netflix sometime.

On Sunday, [ profile] doomsey, his family, and I went to Ren Faire. [ profile] judygs and [ profile] emygination got me a new bodice as an early birthday present from Pendragon. My old one no longer fits as well because I had lost a lot of weight. I'm happy I caved and let them buy me one because I have to admit that it does look quite nice on me. I also bought myself a new belt to go with the bodice and more comfortable shoes.

Oh...I also ran into someone I went to school with ten years ago. Unfortunately, he couldn't talk because he had to be in character. It's a small world, isn't it?

After the Faire closed, we went to Yummy Bowl in our old stomping grounds for dinner. It's been two years since we've last eaten there. As always, the food was delicious. What was really funny, though, was when we first walked in the door. Everybody stared because we were all dressed in garb--with the exception of [ profile] doomsey because he's a stick in the mud. I think he would look very cute in garb, but he will have none of it. Any time I pick something up and say that we should get it for him, he threatens to stay home the next time we go to Ren Faire.
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Let's see. What didn't I do today?

First, I did grocery shopping. Afterwards, I went to the hardware store and picked up a couple of odds and ends. One of the things I bought was Shake Away, which is a chemical that is supposed to smell like predator (aka coyote, fox and bobcat) urine. Many thanks to [ profile] 1koolspud for recommending that! I also got some chicken wire, fertilizer, and a different nozzle for the hose since the original one is broken. And no, [ profile] doomsey, you're not going to seed it over with grass seed in the fall. I'm trying very hard to not screw this up. (Hey, [ profile] forestdruid! Do you have any seeds for some really hot peppers I can plant? Maybe if I can successfully grow one of those, [ profile] doomsey will not give me a hard time this fall. He likes 'em!)

I also weeded some thistle and bramble that was growing in the way back. Later, I should try to try to pull and/or spray some of the creeping charlie that is growing back there. I also trimmed some of the hedges and bushes out front. I'm planning on going on a walk this evening...provided [ profile] doomsey decides to get his butt out of the chair sometime soon and go with me. Whew! It's been a busy day.
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This afternoon, I called [ profile] doomsey asking him if he could stop at the store and buy me another potato because one of the potatoes I was going to put in my curry went bad. He did, but he came back bearing a sweet potato. Yeah...that's going to do me a lot of good.

Hmm...I'm considering cutting up the sweet potato and putting it in the curry anyway. It might be...interesting. I'll be using yellow curry, a white potato, onions, and tofu as well.


Mar. 2nd, 2008 12:29 pm
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Since one of my goals is to get out and do some more walking when the weather gets a little nicer, I'm thinking about getting some new shoes. The L.L. Beans don't seem to be cutting it for me. [ profile] doomsey swears by them, but I've had two pairs now, and both of them give me nasty blisters on the back of my foot when I walk more than a mile. My questions are: What do you wear? Do you have a nice pair of walking shoes that are working out for you? If so, where did you get them from?
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I meant to post this for awhile, but I never got around to it. I think the anxiety meds are kicking in because I'm starting to feel a little bit calmer about what happened last month. Another source of anxiety was that my legs and thighs always get sore, and every time I feel a twinge in them, I worry that I'm developing another clot. Last Wednesday, my doctor gave me some measuring tape and taught me how and where to measure my legs if they're sore and I think I might have a problem. If it is a DVT, then the circumference of my legs should start to increase. After it gets past 1cm, we'll start keeping an eye on it. So...this helps me be a bit more objective about things and keeps me from freaking out about every pain and every bump that I get on my legs. I still keep an eye on things, but it helps take the pressure off.

Also, I've been feeling a bit better ever since the doctor upped the dosage of Advair. I was taking about 100/50 mg, but she increased it to 500/50 so I don't feel so oxygen deprived. The cold weather, on the other hand, is still kicking my ass. Yesterday, I was able to go to Trader Joes with [ profile] doomsey. Today, I went to Office Depot to get transparency pens (because they don't carry them anywhere else. *glares at CVS and Dominicks*) and Dominicks for more groceries. I got kind of pooped out at Dominicks and had to ask one of the baggers to help me load the stuff into my car. I also made a quick stop at the library to return some books, but I used the book drop and didn't get out of my car for that. After I got home and put the groceries away, I collapsed in a heap upstairs with [ profile] cosettemonster. I was very tired, but I'm sure [ profile] cosettemonster appreciated the company.

[ profile] cosettemonster is doing a bit better today too. On Saturday, she was in pain and she cried a lot whenever she shifted position or started to walk. She did it a little bit on Sunday, and I haven't really heard her cry at all today. She is still limping though. I talked to the vet, and she said that keeping her confined to one room was a good idea. That way, [ profile] arwenmonster doesn't harass her and there's no chance of her pissing off her leg some more by going up and down stairs. Her jumping on things is also a no no. Fortunately, she hasn't really attempted to jump up on something on her own. This afternoon after my shopping, I picked her up and put her on the bed, and when she wants down, I pick her up and put her on the floor. If she's still limping by the time her pain meds run out over the next few days, I'm going to have to go back to the vet and pick up some more for her. Poor kitty. I hope she gets better soon.

Let's see. What else? On Friday, [ profile] doomsey and I watched The Golden Compass (which was so-so) and This Film Is Not Yet Rated (which was hysterical). On Saturday night, we had dinner with [ profile] emygination and then we watched Juno, which was also very good. also looks like I have a new show. Tomorrow night, Season 2 of Jericho begins. *bounce bounce bounce* I watched the first season and decided that I liked it. Yes...I know...I probably have a lame taste in tv shows, but it's different and I still like it. *raspberries*


Jan. 27th, 2008 02:25 pm
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Last night I must have gotten eleven or twelve hours of sleep. I'm happy because, with everything I've been through these past few weeks, I really needed it. I haven't really been sleeping as much as I used to and it's nice to be able to catch up. Now...if only I could get a break from the anxiety dreams. Last night, I dreamt that I ended up in the hospital again. The weird part about that dream was, the room was pretty big and I was able to teach my classes from my hospital bed. The obnoxious thing was that I didn't have any of my handouts that I needed for class and had to get help from someone else. That was one strange dream.

Yesterday, I went to the store with [ profile] doomsey to do the grocery shopping. It's sad. Since when did going to the grocery store become "exercise"? I was able to do get what we needed, but I had to have [ profile] doomsey stand in line and pay at the register since I was getting tired. It's annoying that recovery is taking such a long time. I really wish I could do something fun like go for a walk while listening to music. I used to do that a lot and I would have started it back up again if it hadn't been for all the health problems I've been having since early July. Oh well...hopefully I'll be able to do that again once the weather starts warming up. I guess I've also been taking good health for granted all these years.

Oh...I also hate having to depend upon people for help. [ profile] doomsey must be getting really annoyed with me.

I've also been having weird heart palpitations, usually at night on days where I've been doing a lot. I'm thinking that I'm getting them because of a combination of overexertion and anxiety. The doctor says that they're only a problem if my heart rate increases when I have them...and it doesn't so things should be okay. They used to be unnerving, but now I think they're mostly annoying. Last night after I went to bed, I hugged the cat while she was purring so I wouldn't notice them. I think this is something that's going to go away when my lungs start getting better, but I'm still going to have a talk with my doctor about it when I go in for my blood draw tomorrow...along with some issues with my back. For whatever reason, around late afternoon / early evening, I feel like I've been kicked in the kidneys. It usually goes away and stays gone until the next day once I take Tylenol.

Let's see...what else have I been up to? Last night, [ profile] doomsey and I watched the last two episodes of Doctor Who: Season Two. That was really sad. This morning, I talked with a friend that I haven't heard from for awhile. We used to be neighbors when I was living in my old apartment. This afternoon, [ profile] doomsey and I plan to meet up with Sam and Gracie to get sushi. Mmmm...sushi.


Dec. 12th, 2007 11:37 pm
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