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The culprit of last night's dream must have been this little guy. [ profile] doomsey brought it home from work yesterday afternoon.

Tee hee! subconscious is really that random.

Also, you need to check out a video called Night of the Living Trekkies. It is hysterical! (Swiped from [ profile] muntahz)
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Except for having a busy day on Saturday, not much has been going on with me. On Saturday evening, I went to a lovely Lammas / New Moon ritual. After that was over, I dropped by a friend's house for the tail end of their Casino Royale party. They only not so good thing that happened to me that evening was that I got bit by mosquitoes at both events. Many many mosquitoes. I must have at the very least ten mosquito bites on me. Not cool, not cool at all.

Oh...I was a bad [ profile] nekosensei yesterday and didn't go for my walk. It was too humid outside and I didn't feel up to being both itchy and sweaty. Yeah...I excuse. No cookies for me. :)

That's it with me. Time for some links:

- A Turkish man accused of beating his wife is now claiming that he was dancing the kolbasti and that a passer-by mistook it for domestic violence. I tried to be open-minded, but after looking a few videos of people dancing the kolbasti on YouTube, I decided that I just had to call bullshit on this one. How can you possibly confuse wife beating with this dance? Yeah...I'm just not seeing it. What do you guys think?

It looks like a cool dance, by the way. Anybody want to teach me? :)

- Anybody still arguing that global warming does not exist either has their head in the sand or is just plain blind.

- How to Be Alone -- Go watch it. It's very poignantly stated. (Via [ profile] muntahz)

- And last, but not least...Heeere's Kitteh! Muhahahahahah!
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* Work has been a pain in the neck...literally. I had a horrible migraine triggered by my pissed off neck muscles on Monday. (My neck has been screwed up ever since I got a neck sprain in 2007). I spent most of the afternoon laying on the couch downstairs being hurty and sick to my stomach. Needless to say, I didn't manage to get out for my walk that evening. :P

Cosette is on Adequan for her arthritis issues and it's been working for her beautifully. She's much more playful and you can tell she's feeling better. I'm almost tempted to ask the vet and my doctor if I can start taking it for my neck. Or I could just say fuck it and shoot myself up with some of it and see what happens (it has to be taken subcutaneously). Hey...they say some athletes use it for doping so it has been used in humans before (not what I would use it for doping, but if it lets me read for long stretches of time like what I used to do, that would be awesome). And, apparently, Adequan acts a lot like Heparin so it would help with all of my clotting issues too. And no, I won't actually do this, but right now it's looking so so tempting right about now.

Or maybe I should suck it up and start taking glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate....

* It's going up to 92 degrees today. That is pretty damn hot.

* My second cat, Arwen, has a lump on her back. I guess I'm going to have to take her to the vet in August to have things checked out. That is going to be nicht gut because she acts like a hellcat when you take her out of her natural environment (aka our house). The vet and the techs have to handle her with welding gloves. She's not their worst patient-- their worst one managed to bite a tech through the welding gloves-- but she's pretty damn close. the question is, which vet in that practice am I going to subject her to?

* [ profile] doomsey has been talking about pestering some friends and finding out whether they're free this evening. My reaction? Meh. We're going to a play tomorrow, and I don't feel like doing much of anything today. We've had a lot of weekends this summer where we've been booked solid, and for me, that tends to get draining after awhile. Yeah...I'm such an introvert. I think I'm going to do some reading and then see if maybe [ profile] doomsey wants to watch the rest of Torchwood's "Children of Men." We have about three episodes left.

* Jewel goes into undercover into a Karaoke bar and starts singing her own songs. The results are epic. (Blame [ profile] doomsey)

* Commercial done for a library using the same style as the Old Spice commercial. Hilarious! (Via [ profile] happyfunpaul)
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So, I thought there would be more than a few people on my friends list who might get a kick out of this. Sesame Street did a muppet version of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Adorable! (Ganked from [ profile] geek_girls_anon)
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I survived wrangling kids today. It was fun, but also very tiring. Oh...and at one point, I entertained my nieces by showing them baby animal videos on YouTube. They asked me to play this one at least fifteen times. I don't know why they thought it was funny, but they did. This one is my favorite. So cute!

It turns out that I don't have to babysit tomorrow because my brother is going to be there to help out. That's a big load off since that means that I won't have to wake up at the ass crack of dawn again.

Okay...time to fall over now.
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* Last night, I dreamed that I was at a party at a friend's house and someone slipped three NoDoz pills into my drink. This ended up going very very badly. I don't drink caffeinated coffee or sodas anymore because I can't handle stimulants: they give me heart palpitations. In the dream, my heart raced and I had bizarre heart palpitations where I'd have three quick beat in a row instead of two. Eventually, I blacked out-- most likely from panic-- and [ profile] doomsey and a few friends had to cart my sorry ass to the hospital for tests.

* Did LJ change their format so that they show only ten entries per page instead of twenty? Not that I'm complaining! My pages are loading faster. My friends list has been very picture heavy ever since I joined [ profile] lj_photophile and [ profile] naturesbeauty.

* Here, have a bit of satire: The Front Fell Off

* BP announced this evening that top kill has failed to stop the oil spill. This is some seriously bad news. :(
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* It's called a turn signal. Use it. If I clip you because you couldn't be arsed to use your turn signal when you change lanes, I will tear it out and shove it up your ass. Really...what's with people not using turn signals today? I had two people do that to me in a thirty second interval.

* Saw a "New Driver" sign on a Lexus. You're really going to let your kid learn how to drive on your nice Lexus? Well okay then....

* Amazing Video Shows Shockwaves Explode From Volcano -- I know it's Faux News, but the video is kind of cool. Go watch it.

* I am greatly amused that the German word for jewelry is der Schmuck.

* The vet called. This time, Cosette's blood work turned out almost completely normal. Thank God! I asked whether the Pepcid AC could cause a weird heart beat, and it turns out that that's very unlikely. In fact, they're finding that people and animals benefit from Pepcid because it controls acid. Still taking her in to get her heart checked on Monday though.

* You know, I usually don't read much fanfic, let alone recommend it, but you've got to read this Buffy / Farmville crossover. Hilarious! It's also not very long... (Via [ profile] sl_podcast)

* Looks like [ profile] doomsey and I will be going to that party tonight...
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* Victoria Secret commercials are okay for public television, but Lane Byrant commercials are not because heavier women in the their underwear is too obscene. Okay...gotcha. (Via [ profile] popfiend) [Edit: Also may be NSFW]

* A MAGIC the gathering card inspired by the Icelandic volcano. (Swiped from someone on Twitter)

* Really? Really? The cat jumped up onto the coffee table about two hours ago. Then, she started favoring her leg and shaking it like it was bothering her. I hope whatever it is works itself out because I don't think I can handle something *else* being wrong with her. :P

* Tonight during dinner, [ profile] doomsey was rambling on about zucchinni and heckling me about not feeling up to cooking. It ended with me breaking down into tears.
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* Today, I did my grocery shopping. When I got back home, I looked at the package of pitas I had gotten and noticed that it had a few little specks of mold growing on it. A sticker on it also said that the expiration date was 3/30. How I managed to not notice that in the store, I don't know. (Well, actually, I do know. The lighting in the section by the bread is kind of dark and I was in a hurry). So...back to the grocery store I went to return it and get another one. Yep, the pitas were being a PITA. In the end, it wasn't that bad because I had to head in that general direction anyway to pick up a library book I had requested and to fill up my tank with gas.

* Bwhahahaha! I love this Doctor Who macro. By the way, don't click on the link if you haven't seen "Victory of the Daleks" yet. This is also amusing.

* And here's an amusing Doctor Who video called "Doctor Who: The Musical." Madonna's "Vogue" at the end was a nice touch! (Snagged from [ profile] txvoodoo)

* This is a very sad story about an elderly gay couple in California. When one of the men is put in a nursing home after a fall, the police labeled his partner of twenty years as his room-mate and then proceeded to sell off all their possessions. Despicable. (Via [ profile] ginmar)

* Forgot to hit post on this one last night. Whoopsie! Going to do that now.
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* Now I want an iPad! I can use it as an overpriced cat toy! (Via [ profile] rm)

* I did a little more weeding today. I saw not one, but three...count them...three garter snakes in the flower beds next to my garage. Each of them ducked into a little crevice between the garage and the dirt when I passed by. When I finished weeding that bed, I saw one of them poke raise his head up. It was almost as if he was asking, "is she gone yet?" So cute! I'm have tempted to do a little "catchi and release" so I can get some pictures.

* And the wasp nest is back! Now, they're tooling around the garage. It's hard to pinpoint where they're nesting, but they seem to like both the gutters at the front of the garage and a little spot under the eaves of the garage. I think that, after anime night tonight, I'm going to go out there and spray with some wasp and hornet killer. [That's going to have to wait until later because of an ill-timed migraine].

* The arborist came by this afternoon and looked at my pine trees. They're infected with Zimmerman's pine moth, and the holes in the bark are caused by woodpeckers trying to get at the larva. [ profile] doomsey and I were afraid that the trees would have to be cut down, but the arborist said that both were salvageable. Yay! She said that they will have to sprayed twice a year for the next year or two. Then, after that, they can be sprayed once a year. It wasn't too expensive so, after talking to [ profile] doomsey, I told her to go ahead and do it.

* Missing anime tonight because of another migraine triggered by my crappy neck muscles. I think I need to start doing my neck exercises again. Oh...and sitting out in the bright sun this afternoon and not getting enough sleep last night didn't help the headache either. Now, the pain's mostly gone, but my neck is still sore so I'm sitting with a neck pillow.

* This cuteoverload picture made me laugh. That is one pissed off cat!
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* Blame [ profile] bottledgoose. It's all her fault.

* Called an arborist to come and look at my two ailing pine trees, which seem to have some kind of borer. They'll be stopping by sometime next week to look at all the trees. [Scratch that....they're coming tomorrow]. I'm hoping they can save the pines because they make a good hiding place for birds. And having bug-eating birds hanging around is a good thing considering the fact that my garden is nearby. They'll control whatever likes to nibble on my plants. Also, I'm thinking that, if they can't be saved, then I'll call a tree removal company that will turn them into wood chips. That way, I can at least use the wood chips to control some of the weeds I have growing back there. Keep your fingers crossed that I can save them though, because they are pretty firs and I'm kind of partial to them.

* That brings me to my garden. Last year I had a huge problem with "something" nibbling on my garden. I was weeding and turning over the soil this weekend and disturbed a nest of red ants. I asked my next door neighbor, who is very knowledgeable about gardening and who was out at the time, if they would be a problem. He said that usually ants are a negative. He told me to put some coffee grounds out there and that should kill off a lot of the problem bugs. The caffeine kills the harmful bugs and, at the same time, is good for night crawlers, which make the soil richer. [ profile] doomsey left me some of his coffee grounds from breakfast this morning-- I can't drink caffeinated coffee-- and I put them out there this afternoon.

* On my way out to the garden, I heard some rustling by the garage. Turned out it was a garter snake who was out sunning himself. He saw me coming and then slid into a crack by the garage. I love garter snakes. Do you think [ profile] doomsey would get too pissed off if I kept one as a pet? :)

On second thought, scratch that. I would have to feed them crickets and other bugs. Crickets tend to squick me out. I could probably handle mealy worms though...

* The road construction on my way to work is turning people into assholes. I had not one but two people refuse to let me merge onto the expressway. (grumbles) Also, the exit where I usually get off-- which is already very difficult to navigate because you have to move over two lanes in order to get off-- has been made impossible to navigate with all the road horses they put up. I damn near clipped someone trying to figure out where my lane was and how to get off at the the dark. At first I thought they had narrowed it down to one lane because of the construction. I was wrong. I hope the guy behind me forgives me for the fright I must have given him. :(

So yeah, I think I'm going to get off at a different, much simpler exit from now on. They way they've got it set up makes it kind of dangerous.
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* Cute Overload posted the standing cat video about a week ago. Yesterday, somebody came up with this.

* [ profile] doomsey found out that the condensor on his car has a leak. It's going to cost $1,000 to replace. (sigh)

* Took the bike in to have some repair work done. The brakes have been squealing for a long time. The tires also need to be filled again.

* And my computer crashed right in the middle of a YouTube video. It didn't even give me the kernel panic warning that said I needed to reboot. No, it stopped and the mouse wouldn't respond. [ profile] doomsey thinks that either something got corrupted in the last update because of the bad memory or that flash was being buggy. I re-installed everything on my computer and re-installed Flash.

* I have a headache. And I have work to do. (sigh)

* Ich habe ein Kopfschmerz. :P (Translation: I have a headache)

*United's Crappy Treatment of a Disabled Woman. Wow...epic fail. They're trying to boost the signal so please read it and pass it on.
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* Feeling much better today after getting a full night's sleep.

* This morning, some doofus running a red-light damn near hit me. The person was turning left on red as I was headed straight. Imagine the fright I had when I saw a white SUV come barreling towards my driver's side window. Yeah...that was enough to get my blood pumping. Thankfully, he stopped in time, but it was so very very close.. Oh...and last night I almost got side-swiped by one of those people that like to weave in and out of lanes. The expressway was four lanes merging down into three. When the driver of this car-- which was also white-- saw that he couldn't pass a slow-moving truck on the right because the lane endend, he tried to pass him on the left. Problem was that I was in that lane. Idiot.

* Called my folks. Turns out I'm not baby-sitting my niece today because I got exposed to someone with a 104 degree fever yesterday. I called them up and let them make the decision. They said no, which was what I was expecting.

* I'm not doing any more driving today. No how. I'm still pretty shaken up from the close call I had this morning.

* Kids performing Scar-face -- Turns out that it's not a school play. The movie was made by a firm called Rockhard Films and the kids came from a casting agency. Can you imagine the outrage that would have come pouring out of the internets if this had been an honest to goodness school play? The principal and the teachers that thought this play was a good idea would have lost their jobs in a heart beat. (Blame [ profile] bottledgoose)

* Single Ladies Devestation -- Bwahahahahaha! (Blame [ profile] bottledgoose)

* Here...have some cuteness.
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* In the news of the weird: Woman Falls Pregnant While Already Pregnant -- Bwah? Is that even possible?

* "A Wedge Into The African-American Community:" Pro-Choicers Fire Back On Abortion And Race -- Yep...what she says. (Link swiped from [ profile] bonobochick)

* Listening to what sounds like a blackbird or a red-winged blackbird outside. God, I love spring.

* Went outside to take pictures of the blackbirds, and I'm glad I did because the weather is gorgeous. It went up to 63 degrees. 63 degrees! In March! Anyhow, I think I might have gotten a few good photos of some blackbirds and a random robin.

* Battle Star Galactica a la Sabotage)

* Warren Ellis challenges his readers to re-design the cover of Superman keeping in mind that the only thing they know about the character is that they dress in blue and wear a red S, nothing else.
Much artwork follows. (Stolen from [ profile] almeda)

* The Washington Post has to defend from bigots its decision to put a gay couple kissing on its front page and Virginia's Attorney General is seeking to end protections for gays in that state's universities. -- This country is so backwards. *sigh* (Link nabbed from [ profile] rm)

* Utah Governor Signs Controversial Law Charging Women and Girls With Murder for Miscarriages -- What was I saying about this country being bassackwards? (Via [ profile] ginmar)
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* Today's dose of Schadenfreude brought to you by Roy Ashburn, a California State Senator. (Link swiped from [ profile] rm)

* Ok Go -- This Too Shall Pass --> This is really cool.

* Texas police warn spring breakers: Stay out of Mexico border towns

* Finally got some food down me, and I'm no longer nauseous. Yay for no longer feeling like I'm going to pass out from hunger...

* Didn't have much to say today apparently. Spent most of the day recovering from my stomach bug. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
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* Our internet is being flaky again. Joy.

* Now this is just ridiculous. A college student was arrested before his flight for carrying Arabic-English flashcards. As a language person, I find this highly insulting...

* There is a new Simon's Cat cartoon on YouTube.

* Today I saw someone wearing a brown overcoat and white Converse All Stars. Nice cosplay costume. I was half tempted to ask him where his Tardis was parked.
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* I spent some time reading ahead in my German book yesterday. So...I get the impression that the rules for making masculine and neuter nouns plural are arbitrary. Oy vey!

* Why didn't I have any math teacher like these when I was growing up? I the only one who thought that was funny? Then again, my sense of humor has always been skewed to the slightly sinister...

* [ profile] doomsey bought a new wireless for the house because the one we currently have was being flaky. Then, it started working again, and it was working long enough that [ profile] doomsey considered returning it to Amazon when it came. And...I was using my computer last night when it flaked out again. Nope...we're not returning it to Amazon, dooms. Sorry to disappoint.

* Teaser for an animated zombie movie. Oooh...I like! (Swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* I have to stop playing on the computer. It's not very productive. Sheesh!

* Just found out that they closed the restaurant where [ profile] doomsey and I got married. So sad. It was a beautiful place-- the grounds were gorgeous and just perfect for an outdoor wedding-- and the food was out of this world. They had a trout farm on the grounds and served fresh trout at dinner.

* Both Flash and my email client crashed. Guess it's time to hit post and reboot...
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...and the results are never good. This means that I get to torture you with clips of me singing.

I have to figure out a better way of recording these. What I do is hook up my mic to the computer, and sit near the Karaoke machine with the mic between me and the Karaoke machine. It's a bit awkward as there is some contorting involved, and it's much much easier to sing while standing up. [ profile] doomsey seems to think that there's a way to hook up the computer directly to the karaoke machine, and one day he's going to show me.

So...I now bring you "The Rose" as done by Bette Midler and "Memory" from Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats. Also, the pictures I've used in the videos are both ones that I've taken this year.

Click here for videos )

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Mar. 24th, 2009 11:14 pm
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This video is for all my fox and cat loving friends out there.


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