Feb. 24th, 2010

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* Sick + Insomnia + Snow = Miserable. My throat and my head are killing me, plus I have the chills. The thermometer doesn't say I have a fever though, so in I go. I hate missing class. I've already missed one because of the problems I've been having with my tooth and I'm loathe to miss another one so soon after.

* Conveniently, I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to get prescriptions refilled. Only I would make an appointment for a yearly check up only to come down with something the day of the appointment...

* A temple complex that pre-dates the Egyptian pyramids was discovered in Turkey. Really cool article describing a monument that was built seven thousand years before the Egyptian pyramids . Seriously, go read it. One of the conclusions they come to is that organized religion came first, then human civilization. Damn...I could write some good stories about this... (Link swiped from [livejournal.com profile] ladyfox7oaks)

* Went to the doctor today and got my prescriptions refilled. As for the cold, she told me to take Advil Cold and Sinus. She's afraid that the problems I have with congestion now could aggravate my asthma. The only other alternative is for me to take antibiotics, which cause other problems. Today, I also found out that my insurance company didn't pay for some procedures done in 2008 because they were "experimental." Excuse me, but what's so "experimental" about-- sorry for the tmi-- a pap smear and a test telling me how well controlled my asthma is? So yeah...my pap smear was "experimental." Maybe I should teach them another word: "sexist".

* I'm not too happy about taking the Advil Cold and Sinus because it has Sudafed in it, which is a stimulant that has given my heart palpitations in the past. The palpitations are benign though, so I think I'm going to suck it up and just take it. If I'm a little jumpy these next few days, well, you'll know why.

* Today, my doctor also mentioned at the end of our visit that she could very well close up her practice within the next six months. All throughout my visit, she complained about how expensive the cost of operating has gotten. She's complained regularly about the expenses and all the hoops both the insurance companies and the state make her jump through on a regular basis (not to mention that the state isn't paying her because they're bankrupt), but now she's feeling like it isn't worth it anymore. I'll be very sad if she does decide to close her practice because she's one of the best doctors I've ever had. She's quite an intelligent lady and she's amazing at diagnosing problems, which quite a few doctors suck at. When my face started doing weird things because of what turned out to be Bell's Palsy, she diagnosed me and started me on treatment right away. The doctor I had been seeing before would have merely sent me to the emergency room, which would have taken *hours*. By the way, did I mention how unpleasant Bell's Palsy is? All the muscles in my face pretty much seized up...it hurt like a bitch.

* I'm really going to be very unhappy if I have to find another doctor... :P

* Anyhow, since I'm sick and I didn't get much sleep the night before, I think I'm going to pack it in early tonight. Night night!


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