Feb. 25th, 2010

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5. Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger -- I'd been looking forward to reading this book for a while now as it was done by the same author of The Time Traveler's Wife. I was half tempted to buy a copy of this book instead of checking it out from the library because it was a new release and every copy the library had was on hold. I would have put a hold on it myself, and wait my turn, but I was concerned that, between work, classes, and other activities, I wouldn't be able to read the book in the time allotted me by the library. And it was extremely likely I wouldn't be able to renew it because someone else would have placed a hold on it too (this has happened to me repeatedly there). Well, I shuffled my feet a couple of months because I was being cheap and didn't want to spend money. Then, I went to the library's website on a lark and found that they had copies of it sitting on the shelf...so in I went. Anyhow, the book itself was a real page turner. The only criticism I had was that, towards the end, they had a few of the characters doing something that I considered out of character. I can understand Valentina doing what she did because she's young, but Elspeth and Robert especially seemed older and maturer enough to know better. (But now that I think about it...it was later revealed in back story that Elspeth had pulled weird shit before). Really? What made these people think that this was a good idea? I also thought the ending was somewhat abrupt. Why did Robert wait that long to do what he did? But...other than that...very good. In particular, I enjoy Niffenegger's descriptions of people and scenery.

Anybody else out there who's read the novel want to chime in?
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* I started having the same trouble falling asleep last night as I did the night before, until I had the bright idea of grabbing my iPhone and playing an app called Naturespace as ambient noise. Seriously, if you have an iPod or an iPhone and you have a hard time with insomnia, go get this app. It's free.

* Last night, I dreamt it was spring and there were flowers. I particularly like the pretty red ones. Then, I woke up in the morning to discover that a couple more inches of snow fell overnight. Boo.

* Still sick. And now the congestion is kicking in. I'm taking Sudafed, but thankfully, I haven't had any problems with it, which is surprising because the last time I took it, I had some major issues with it.

* Crop Mob. Too bad they don't have anything like this in Illinois. I think I would learn a thing or too. (Link swiped from [livejournal.com profile] rm)

* Keeping Ancient Samurai Traditions Alive in Japan. A family in Japan is teaching samurai traditions in Kyoto. (Link swiped from [livejournal.com profile] laurainlimbo)

* This is a cool animation. (Swiped from [livejournal.com profile] bottledgoose)

* A few days ago, I looked up long-range weather using Farmer's Almanac to get an idea of what the weather would be like in our region in March. This is what it said: "MARCH 2010: temperature 29° (7° below avg.); precipitation 2" (1" below avg.); Mar 1-9: Snow showers, cold; Mar 10-14: Snowstorm, then snow showers, cold; Mar 15-22: Heavy snow, then snow showers, cold; Mar 23-26: Rain and snow, cold; Mar 27-31: Sunny, then rain, turning warm."

I was hoping for an early spring, but according to this, it's going to snow, a lot. And it's going to be colder. Anybody have any idea of how accurate the Farmer's Almanac is? Because if it is somewhat accurate, than next month is going to suck...

* Andrew Koenig found dead in Vancouver. Well shoot. I was hoping that this would have a much better outcome than what it did.


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