Mar. 3rd, 2010

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* Thoughts from my Ambien-riddled brain before falling asleep: Mother Nature and the Old Testament God are a lot alike. They can both be loving at times, but boy can they smack your shit down when they want to. Hmmm....maybe it's not a coincidence? [ profile] nekosensei wanders off to press the [smite] button.

* Submitted without comment

* Passive Aggressive's The Joys of Motherhood. The last picture is kind of cute. Poor little guy. :)

* Wonka candy launches a real-life 'Golden Ticket' contest And the grand prize is a trip around the world. *wants* (Link swiped from [ profile] bottledgoose

* To Avoid Funding Gay Marrieds, Catholic Charities Denies Benefits to All Spouses And it's shit like this that made me run screaming away from christianity in the first place... (Linked swiped from [ profile] rm)

* What is up with my stomach? It was mildly annoyed at me this morning, but eventually it settled down and I could eat breakfast.'s killing me again...and I haven't even eaten lunch. What the hell?

* Uh-oh.

* False alarm.

* Or maybe not.

* My stomach can't decide whether it wants to reboot or not. So far, it's going with not, which is actually worse because "rebooting" would at least give me some relief.

* Went upstairs and took a 2-3 hour nap. The Good: I was unconscious and not aware of how much my tummy was hurting. The Bad: Now I have a raging headache from not eating or drinking anything since morning.

* [ profile] doomsey came home. Sprite was procured. Took some Pepto-Bismal for the tummy, Tylenol for the headache, and I am now sipping Sprite in an attempt to get something in me. Might try chicken noodle soup later this evening if I'm up to it. Not sure if that's going to happen at this point.

* How Christian Were the Founders? I finally got around to reading the whole thing, and it's absolutely terrifying. Yep...that's exactly how to take over the country...get 'em while they're young. I'm okay with talking about the role of religion in American History-- and we did so in some of my college history classes--- but make sure that you get the facts right. And whatever you do, don't try to push an agenda. (Link swiped from [ profile] vanitashaze)

Here are some selected passages from the article for those who are interested )

* Why is my iPhone chirping at me? Damn app. do I turn it off? The app is closed yet it's still making noise.

* thinks I fixed it.

* Still feeling crappy so no soup for me. This post is long so I think I'm going to press enter.


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