Apr. 4th, 2010

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* I woke up to some nasty dreams this morning. My first dream was the all too familiar one about being in a play and not knowing any of the lines. In this version, I had the book open backstage and I was cramming like mad in between scenes. That, in and of itself wasn't so bad. What made it worse was that it was a Shakespeare play and all of my lines were in verse. Holy, I can't remember my lines and I'm shit up a creek, Batman! The next dream made the first one look like a walk in the park though. In that one, I dreamt that my sister had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had just weeks to live. I spent most of the dream being beside myself with grief. It was so bad that I woke up depressed, and didn't quite shake it off until we left for the day.

* I had a good Easter over at my folks' house. And my two nieces are adorable! E., who is not quite three years old, must have my brother-in-law's slightly off sense of humor. When I joked that she was too spastic to be a brain surgeon, she made this wide-eyed face at me. It was kind of creepy. Her new favorite word is "frustrated" and her favorite phrase is, "come on" when she thinks you're teasing her. She is very good at picking up new words-- and sometimes digs!-- and using them in the correct context. C., who is one and a half, is also talking quite a bit more. She's at that stage where she's repeating random words, so you have to be careful what you say!

* When [livejournal.com profile] doomsey and I got home from my parents' house, we invited my mother-in-law over to watch the new episode of Doctor Who. Oh my God...it is AMAZING. I *love* it! I'm going to enjoy this new season, aren't I? Also, is it me or does the new companion have the bug-eyed look down pat?


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