May. 30th, 2010

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* Last night, I dreamed that I was at a party at a friend's house and someone slipped three NoDoz pills into my drink. This ended up going very very badly. I don't drink caffeinated coffee or sodas anymore because I can't handle stimulants: they give me heart palpitations. In the dream, my heart raced and I had bizarre heart palpitations where I'd have three quick beat in a row instead of two. Eventually, I blacked out-- most likely from panic-- and [ profile] doomsey and a few friends had to cart my sorry ass to the hospital for tests.

* Did LJ change their format so that they show only ten entries per page instead of twenty? Not that I'm complaining! My pages are loading faster. My friends list has been very picture heavy ever since I joined [ profile] lj_photophile and [ profile] naturesbeauty.

* Here, have a bit of satire: The Front Fell Off

* BP announced this evening that top kill has failed to stop the oil spill. This is some seriously bad news. :(
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* I got a crappy night's sleep last night. Today is going to be interesting....

* Last night, [ profile] doomsey and I were pulling out of our house to go to a birthday party at a friend's house when I saw a dead bird-- it looked like a robin-- lying in the street not far from our house. I couldn't get a very good look at it and I feared that it might have been the juvenile robin that's been hopping around our front yard. This morning, I looked out the window, anxious to see any sign of him. When I saw both him and the adult robin, I did a small cheer.

* [ profile] doomsey and I have a lot of trees on our property, which make for great bird homes. This season, I've seen one baby sparrow, one baby robin, and two baby black birds in our front and back yards.

* Not long ago, a friend of mine suggested I should get a field guide to identify what kinds of birds are coming into our backyard. Hmmm...might not be a bad idea. I've had one little guy who used to visit our bird feeder in the fall and I have no idea what kind of bird it was. He was a dark blue on top and a lighter gray on the bottom.

* I'm such an animal lover. When I was a kid, I used to sit and watch the birds and other critters in our backyard. It got the point where I was able to not only identify birds, but also recognize their songs to some extent. To this day, it amazes me that [ profile] doomsey can't distinguish between a cardinal or a robin based on its song. Maybe I should start teaching him?

* Last year, the rosebush in our garden wasn't looking very good because it had black spot, a fungus caused by too much humidity. This year, [ profile] doomsey and I have been spraying it like mad. In the early spring, I picked off all the old leaves to try to keep it from getting re-infected this year. It looks like it worked because it's currently blooming like mad. [ profile] doomsey took some pictures yesterday and posted them to his journal today. By the way, anybody know what kind of rosebush that is?


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