Jul. 11th, 2010

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*pauses from wiping up a mess*

I like my wrapping paper how I like my vampires, not sparkly.

*goes back to cleaning the glitter off her kitchen table*

(Seriously. Worst wrapping paper ever! If I had known that it had glitter, I never would have bought it).
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This fortune cookie will give you bees....

[Edited to add: So far, I don't have any bees over here, but unfortunately, this wrapping paper has given me glitter.

I think I would rather have bees].
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Lately, I've been taking my three to four mile walk at night because it's too frigging hot out during the day. The only problem with that plan? Skunks. For some reason, this neighborhood has a lot of skunks. And this evening I damn near got skunked. This is the third frigging time! Of course, it didn't helped that this thing came out at me from the shadow of a tree...and I was being blinded by the lights of an oncoming car at the time so I didn't see him until I was damn near on top of him.

So anyhow, I see a black shadow come out from by the tree and pass within inches of my right leg and cross the sidewalk behind me. Um...why did it come towards me? You'd think that it'd either hear me or see me coming and hide. As soon as it passes me, I let out a startled gasp. I turn around (and I'm still moving because there's no way in hell I'm gonna stop!) and I see it standing on the sidewalk behind me all puffed up. And I could have sworn that it hissed at me too. The little shit.

Well, if I show up to work one day smelling of skunk, everybody'll know why...

[Edited to add: I think I'm going to have to be more careful on that stretch of road. It doesn't have any street lights].


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