Jul. 26th, 2010

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This morning I got a phone call from my vet informing me that Cosette had won Pet of the Month. Every time I go in there, I enter her name in the contest and this time she won. Part of the package is that she gets her picture in the paper and a little blurb describing her.

So...dear friend's list, this is where I ask you for help. Which picture should I submit?

Pictures Under the Cut )

And here's the little description I wrote:

"When I went looking for a cat 14 years ago, I didn't pick Cosette out. She picked me. I opened up her cage door and she jumped into my arms and my heart. I named her after a character in the musical, Les Miserables, because the white stripe running down her nose made her look like a sad orphan.

Cosette is fond of tuna, catnip, and long naps in patches of sunlight."


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