Aug. 10th, 2010

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One of my LJ friends, [ profile] hellziggy, is trying to win a trip to Antartica through Quark Expeditions and needs your help. This is her second attempt as she tried to win a similar trip in 2009, but did not get enough votes. Anyhow, she needs people to go here, sign up, and vote for her. It only take a few seconds. Boosting the signal on your own LJ or Twitter would also be very helpful.

You can read a longer explanation on why she wants to win this trip on her blogspot, here. Aside from a brief stay in Canada, she's never been outside of the United States before. Wouldn't it be cool if the first stamp on her passport were Antartica?
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When I saw the large gaggle of dragon flies winging back and forth high above my garden while I was pulling veggies, I was like :D

When it became apparent that the reason we had a frenzy of dragon flies overhead was because my vegetable garden was teeming with mosquitoes thanks to it having flooded two weeks ago, my reaction changed to D:

Now, I have four squash, one poblano pepper...and three mosquito bites.

Well, I gotta look at the bright side. At least the dragon flies are taking care of 'em.

By the way, anybody want some squash?
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...but what a way to make an exit. Best "I quit!" story ever! (Blame [ profile] doomsey)


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