May. 26th, 2010

nekosensei: (Default) this one is wild. Last night's dream alluded to a dream that I had several months ago. Has anybody ever had this happen to them?

Dream #1: As I said before, this dream took place awhile ago. I dreamed that I lived not far from some woods. One day after work, I drove my car over to the woods, got out, and went for a hike. Everything was fine and dandy until I came upon three bears. Worse, they were between me and the way out. In the dream, I somehow managed to stay calm and not provoke them. I slowly made my way around them, got back in my car, and drove away. Eventually, I went back to those woods in a white camper with friends. There was much hilarity and randomness, but this time no bears were involved.

Dream #2: I wanted to fly a kite that is sitting in my guest bedroom. (Yes, this part is real, I have a kite sitting in my guest bedroom that I have never flown; I would love to take it out of its packaging one of these days and fly it). The problem was that there was no good place to go fly my kite that wasn't clear of electrical lines or telephone poles. I considered flying it in the woods mentioned in Dream #1, but then I thought, "I can't fly it there because of the three bears." Even cooler, I specifically remembered that I had been trapped by the bears in Dream #1 and that I had to find my way around them.

If I remember correctly, I think I've had something like this happen before too. I don't remember the particulars about any of the dreams though. It's so weird because it's like a recurring dream, yet it isn't. And for the record, I've never had a recurring dream that I know of.

[ profile] nekosensei <-- is starting to think her subconscious mind rocks
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Who comes up with these questions again?

And for the record, cats wouldn't see the point in having a mobile phone. They would say, "screw it. This is stupid."


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