Jun. 25th, 2010 04:25 pm
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For the past several weeks, the city has been installing a new water main on our block. Last night, I was bitching on Facebook and on Twitter about how the city managed to block my driveway and turn off my water just hours after we got our power back from the storm. And worse, they didn't let anybody know ahead of time what they were going to be doing. The only reason I figured out that I had to move my car and move it soon was because I looked out my window and saw that workers were digging one huge ass hold in the middle of my front yard ....and they were putting all the dirt in front of my house. Fortunately, I was able to get the car out, but I had to have one of the workers help direct me out. If I had waited until twenty minutes later, I wouldn't have gotten out at all. Nice. You know, a knock on the door before you decided to do all this would have been much appreciated. And, if I remember correctly, a flier that we got from the city said that they were going to tell us way ahead of time if they were going to block our driveway or turn off our water. Communication skills? Yeah, not so much.

Later, while I was at work, I got a series of texts from [ profile] doomsey. One said that the water wasn't working at all. Another one said that it was sort of working, but not very well. [ profile] doomsey called up the city and scheduled someone to come out and look at it first thing in the morning. He told me that he was afraid that the city workers had managed to fuck up while installing the new service line from the water main to our house. He explained that, if that was the case, it could potentially be very very bad. We might not get water back until next week at the earliest AND they might have to kill our trees while in the process of fixing it. One of our trees is an old silver maple that pre-dates the house. It also towers over everything on our block. Taking that tree down could potentially cost tens of thousands of dollars because you can't just attack it with an axe; it'll fall on someone's house that way. One would have to take it down piece by piece starting from the top and working down. *commence me starting to panic*

This morning, a city worker came by and fixed the problem in less than an hour. What was causing our water issues? The meter was plugged with dirt that got into the new service line. BIG RELIEF!!! Last night, I was planning on going over to my in-laws' house to take a shower and do laundry, but now it looks like I can take care of all of that at home. YAAYYYY!!!!!

* I mentioned this on Twitter, but I think this deserves a mention on LJ as well: To the Straight Guy at the Party Last Night. Hilarious! (Via [ profile] davidbrider)

* Bionic Kitty! (Via [ profile] doomsey)
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"Oh oh Power Line...give me some time...I'm living in twilight.
Doowop dooby doo doowop doowah doolang
Blue nights...doowah doolang."
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This past weekend ended up being a bit more challenging than what I expected.... )

Yay! I finally finished updating my LJ. (does a happy dance)
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These past two weeks, the city has been working on installing new water mains on our street so it's been noisy and sometimes dusty here during the day. This morning, [ profile] doomsey woke me up to tell me that he had found a flyer outside our door saying that they were shutting the water off during the day today. I had...oh...five minutes to take a shower before they cut the water. The city must have put the flyers out last night, but between all the confusion with me staying at my parents house until late and [ profile] doomsey meeting me out there for dinner, we missed it. Also, [ profile] doomsey and I usually go out back door so occasionally we miss flyers placed on our front door.

So...I scramble out of bed to take a shower. And was it a close call! The water ran out while I was brushing my teeth, which turned out to be not that big of a deal.

After feeding the cats and eating breakfast, I decided that I should get out of the house for awhile since the water being off was going to get annoying fast. I decided to go to the zoo because I wanted to pick up my member t-shirt (the coupon expires after a certain date, and I wanted one goddammit). I was also considering buying an over-sized t-shirt to use as a night shirt. The one I use now is holy. And by holy, I don't mean that it was blessed by the pope. It's full of holes.

A little before ten o'clock, I packed up my camera and headed out. I got my membership t-shirt and managed to find a cheap, oversized t-shirt to use as a nightshirt. Seriously, with the discount from the membership, it was only eight bucks: I would have paid more at Kohl's, which was where I was originally planning to go.

When I got what I came for, I ambled around the zoo for a couple of hours. The new Great Bear Wilderness is awesome! My sister and I are taking my nieces there in two weeks, and let me tell you that they're going to love it. They have this cool area where you can watch grizzly bears and polar bears under water. I snapped a couple of pictures of a polar bear diving under water. I'm going to sort through them and see if any of them turn out any good. If they do, I'll post them. Also, the wolves were active so I'm sure I got some good shots of them.

And here's a random conversation overheard at the zoo:

Father: (sees a male seal on top of a female one) Hey! That's what Hunter does!
Mother: No, that's not what Hunter does. They're wrestling.
Me: (thinking to myself) Yeah. Uh...huh.

What can I say? I guess they were just feeling frisky....

I also ended up chewing out some random kid today. The zoo usually have geese and sea gulls ambling about the park, and today I caught a couple of kids chasing a goose and her goslings. One of the kids managed to separate one of the goslings from the group and start chasing it. The poor thing was clearly terrified so I told the kid to knock it off. Dang...too bad none of those kids got bitten. They would have deserved it.

Towards the end of my stay there, I had a hot dog for lunch and then, because it was warm, I grabbed a smoothie. Then, I made my way back to the car. The annoying thing was that, as I was driving home, my eyes got irritated and they started to water. I had no idea what set that off. I must have been allergic to something. I was afraid that I'd have to pull over for a few minutes (that's how bad it was getting), but I managed to stick it out. I wonder if it was something in that neighborhood that was bothering me.

Finally, I made it back home and the water was back on. So, thanks to the water being turned off, I got out of the house and had a nice day for myself.
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* In New York City, people walk past a man dying from a stab wound. One person even stops to take a picture with his cell phone before moving on. No one comes to his aid until it's too late. Seriously? What's the matter with people? (Via [ profile] rm)

* And driving while Hispanic becomes a new crime in Arizona. In this case, an Hispanic man born in the United States was detained by police until his wife shows up with his birth certificate. According to the guy's wife, he supposedly answered their questions wrong. I guess saying that your mom lives in Mexico is a big no-no in the state of Arizona now.

Um...Ihre Papiere, bitte? Now really, guys, how many of you keep your birth certificate on you at all times? And how many of you even know where it is? My answers to those questions: I don't keep a copy of my birth certificate on me and I don't know where I've put it. This new law in Arizona is a very bad idea. Once it goes in effect, we're going to see a lot more racial profiling and harassment of people who are in this country legally. (Via [ profile] doomsey)

* Armed man spotted at North Carolina airport just as President Obama, Air Force One took off -- Are you kidding me? They only charged him with a misdemeanor? The guy just threatened the president. And he had a gun on him. Slap him with a felony and make an example of him!

Oh...and blame Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin for getting the crazies all worked up. If someone gets killed, it's going to be all their fault. (Story via [ profile] ginmar)

* And related news: Facebook page prays for Obama's death -- Trying really hard to not make any nasty remarks about "Christians" or about beating some of them over the head with their good book. (Link via [ profile] petzipellepingo)

* When I stepped out of my house for a nice, relaxing hour long-walk this afternoon, I saw my bird feeder lying on the ground. Next to it was a little yellow bat. I suspect my next-door neighbor's kids might have been involved in this. What did they think it was, a piñata? Talk about the dumbing down of American education! Maybe I should have a little conversation with them that goes something like this, um...hello, kids...this is for, you know, um...feeding birds?"

Thankfully, it wasn't broken. I picked it up, tied back on the post, and re-filled it with bird-seed. No harm done. Maybe, the next time I see them, I should tell them to be more careful next time because I don't want to have to replace it.

* I'm beat. Time for bed methinks. Night all!
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* Now I want an iPad! I can use it as an overpriced cat toy! (Via [ profile] rm)

* I did a little more weeding today. I saw not one, but three...count them...three garter snakes in the flower beds next to my garage. Each of them ducked into a little crevice between the garage and the dirt when I passed by. When I finished weeding that bed, I saw one of them poke raise his head up. It was almost as if he was asking, "is she gone yet?" So cute! I'm have tempted to do a little "catchi and release" so I can get some pictures.

* And the wasp nest is back! Now, they're tooling around the garage. It's hard to pinpoint where they're nesting, but they seem to like both the gutters at the front of the garage and a little spot under the eaves of the garage. I think that, after anime night tonight, I'm going to go out there and spray with some wasp and hornet killer. [That's going to have to wait until later because of an ill-timed migraine].

* The arborist came by this afternoon and looked at my pine trees. They're infected with Zimmerman's pine moth, and the holes in the bark are caused by woodpeckers trying to get at the larva. [ profile] doomsey and I were afraid that the trees would have to be cut down, but the arborist said that both were salvageable. Yay! She said that they will have to sprayed twice a year for the next year or two. Then, after that, they can be sprayed once a year. It wasn't too expensive so, after talking to [ profile] doomsey, I told her to go ahead and do it.

* Missing anime tonight because of another migraine triggered by my crappy neck muscles. I think I need to start doing my neck exercises again. Oh...and sitting out in the bright sun this afternoon and not getting enough sleep last night didn't help the headache either. Now, the pain's mostly gone, but my neck is still sore so I'm sitting with a neck pillow.

* This cuteoverload picture made me laugh. That is one pissed off cat!
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* This video, called "Epilepsy Dancing," is based on temporal lobe epilepsy in which suffers have a kind of daydream during the episode. I think it's visually stunning. Unfortunately, you have to have a YouTube account to see it; some idiots flagged it because it has OMG BOOBIES! (Link swiped from [ profile] willowing)

* Someone on my friend's list is in the middle of a study abroad program in Spain and for one of her Spanish classes, she had to watch a movie based on the novel, La familia de Pascual Duarte by Camilo José Cela. In the movie, the protagonist snaps, killing a dog and horse during his break with reality. And it's not a special effect either. The director had the actor shoot a dog and stab a horse to death on screen. Let me repeat that. They killed a dog and a horse to make this movie. Now, I'm okay with people going hunting to feed themselves and their family, as long as they're using that animal's life to sustain their own, but I don't at all approve of killing animals merely to make an artistic statement. If I had been in this person's place, I would have told the professor that there was no way I could watch the movie without getting upset and, therefore, I wouldn't be coming to class that day. This is one of the rare cases where I would have taken a hit on my grade. I'm just too much of an animal lover to watch something like that. Which brings me to a poll...

[Poll #1542764]

* Raked up some of the snow mold...thatch...whatever you want to call it. And now I've got a nasty blister on one of my hands from all that raking.

* And it looks like my crocuses that I thought were M.I.A this year have finally re-appeared. Going to have to get pictures of them before the flowers fade.

* I wanted to work on turning over my garden this week, but that might get put off so I can start studying for my German midterm.

* Wow...the right-wing in this country has gone completely and utterly bat-shit insane: Sarah Palin posts about not retreating but reloading on her Facebook page and Democratic congressmen who voted for the bill are receiving more threats. I know many of us liberals were ticked off when George W. Bush was president, but were we ever this bad? *shakes head* After this, there is no way in hell you can convince me to vote a Republican for office. If I don't like the Democratic candidate, I'd rather vote Green. (Links swiped from [ profile] ginmar and [ profile] gehayi)

* And look what we have here. One of the douchebags who is advocating stone throwing. (Link snagged from [ profile] ambitious_wench)

* California voters to decide in November whether to legalize pot -- I wonder what the chances are of this actually passing... (Many thanks to [ profile] ladyfox7oaks for originally posting this)

* In Stephenville, college play featuring gay Jesus stirring emotions -- More douchebaggery. At least one of the actors in this play was disowned by his family after refusing to quit the production. So sad. (Link swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio)

* I'm honked off by all the crap that's going down in the news. Time to call it quits and go to bed.
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* Made fudge today for the dinner we're hosting on Sunday. It turned out phenomenally well. Nice and creamy! I think I'm going to go over here *ahem* and perform some more quality control *cough cough* experiments on it. Hey dooms! Be prepared to defend the fudge on Sunday!

* Aside from making fudge, I did laundry and gave both the kitchen and the living room a thorough cleaning. My ankle is killing me. Anybody who tells me to do the cat litter "because they keep dropping things" or anything else that I haven't already planned on doing-- aka finish the laundry-- is going to get shot at dawn.

* Also had the plumber out to do his yearly inspection thingy. (It was part of the package we got when we hired this particular company to do the sewer lining last spring. We're canceling it after this spring because we don't want to pay the extra $60 a year). He fixed some leaks under the kitchen sink and one of the bathroom sinks. He also pointed out that the fill-valve on our upstairs toilet was wonky and our fifteen year old water heater is on its last legs. We already knew both of those things actually. [ profile] doomsey has been able to fix the fill-valve by himself. He might eventually replace the part, but he doesn't want to do it right now. The water heater is not broken in any way that's going to make it explode. When it does break, we plan on having our home warranty replace it.

* Texan accused of disabling 100 cars over Internet -- Yeah...I make you a bet he thinks his little prank is not so funny anymore... (Link swiped from [ profile] ginmar)

* Steve Jobs Cheese Head (Swiped from [ profile] doomsey)

* Kindle for Mac -- I'm going to have to give this a try.
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Busy day today. And I couldn't have picked a better day to do outside work. It's gorgeous outside!

* Irish cheddar cheese acquired!

* This afternoon, I cleaned some of the first floor windows both inside and out. The ones that got done the best were the living room ones as they were easier to reach. The dining room and kitchen ones got the insides washed, but not much of the outsides because I couldn't reach them as well and I was terrified to going too high up on the ladder. I have a tendency to klutz out and fall off.

* I also washed my car, which was *covered* in salt. While I was working, I got buzzed by a yellow jacket. must be spring if those little fuckers those guys are back. I'm probably going to have a hard time with them again this year. Next time I get dive bombed, I'm going to have to watch and see where they disappear to. Then, I can go out and nuke the shit out of their nest spray the nest with wasp killer after sunset.

* Yay! My car is clean!

* Last summer and fall, we had trouble with our rosebush. We had a fungus that left little black spots on the leaves attack it. We had this same problem the year before. The culprit is most likely the wet summers we've been having lately. Last year, [ profile] forestdruid told us to remove all the old leaves and clear away any fallen leaves from around the base of the rosebush. Between that and spraying, that should help keep the rosebush from getting reinfected. Well, today I removed all the old leaves and raked around the base. I couldn't reach some of the leaves at the center of the rosebush. I used a shovel and a stick to poke at them and get out what I could. I still got a couple of nasty scratches from my efforts even with gardening gloves on. Later this spring, I'm going to spray more fungicide. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can get rid of it for good this time.

* And while I'm on the topic of pests, our pine trees have some kind of borer in back. I think this year [ profile] doomsey and I are going to call an arborist to have a look at them and some of our other trees. We're due for that soon.

* Trulawn came by again. They said that we have snow mold on part of the lawn, which requires raking. Too tired to do it today. And it's also not a good idea because they put granules down this afternoon. Maybe sometime next week if the weather is decent.

* I wore a better brace on my ankle, so it's not hurting as badly as yesterday. The only problem is that this one is cutting into my heel. *sigh*

* Oh...I also cleaned my fish tank earlier. The algae is taking over! Maybe I need to invest in another snail to replace the old one that died...


May. 8th, 2009 10:28 pm
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Eeep! And I'm neglecting my dragons. Does anybody who cares want to click on them so I don't kill them off again? :)

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

So...I'm still being a twit on Twitter with this The Stand thing. If you don't want to follow all of us-- there are a lot of characters-- you can follow the feed here. I got yet another direct message from a reader today pretty much saying wow you guys are good and asking how we were doing it. He wanted to know if we were sending emails to one another off-line (aka back channeling) or if we lived close and knew one another. I told him that we didn't know one another and we've sent maybe two or three direct messages, but most of it was improvised. We take our cues from the other players. Personally, I don't think it's as hard as what it looks. You read the relevant parts of the novel, try to get a sense of what that character is like, and then you attempt to react how they would react. It's also easy to bullshit in 140 characters or less. And even then, I'm not always taking things seriously. I've thrown in a bunch of song references, Buffy references, Ghostbusters quotes, and even a Dollhouse reference just for giggles. (Too bad I couldn't work in a Star Wars one on Monday, huh?) One tweet that a few people seemed to like was, "Am I crazy? Am I dreamin'? Am I marrying a demon? We could really raise the beam in makin' marriage a hell...." For those of you unfamiliar with the story, Nadine Cross eventually ends up shacking up with the Anti-Christ, and let's just say that things don't turn out so hot for her. I was listening to the Buffy musical on the way to the grocery store and thought, "Oh my God! I can totally use this and it will be very very silly."

Other than that, not much has been going on. I got a ton of work done today because this weekend is going to be pretty busy. [ profile] doomsey and I are going to see a play tomorrow, and we're spending Sunday at my folk's house. Today, I also took [ profile] doomsey's car in for an oil change, and waited around for the plumber to come and do the last inspection of the sewer line. of these days I need to figure out what plants I'm putting in my garden, and get them in there. Maybe Monday? I think [ profile] forestdruid has some tomato plants he was planning to give us too.


May. 1st, 2009 09:04 pm
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Hey! I've been neglecting LJ a bit over the past couple of days because I was busy playing on Twitter and doing real life stuff. (By the way, I love whoever made this feed. It makes things so much easier to keep track of...And I still think it's hysterical that they posted about us on Wired). I finally caught up on LJ this evening.

Yesterday, we had the sewer line re-lined, and had to stay elsewhere overnight while it set. Yesterday afternoon, [ profile] doomsey found out that the plumbers we hired laid twenty-two feet of the liner under the patio and only two feet under the tree. We bought thirty feet of liner, but they only used twenty-six. This was not what we had agreed upon when we signed the contract. The contract states that they would put fifteen feet of liner under the patio and another fifteen feet by the tree. [ profile] doomsey was uncomfortable with the fact that they only put two feet of liner by the tree. He's afraid that the tree roots can get in around the section they reinforced and create more havoc with the sewer line. [ profile] doomsey talked with the person organizing everything, and he agreed to knock a couple hundred dollars of the price and give us a ten year warranty on the work back there.

And last, but not least, I wandered over to Dragon Cave and picked up new eggs. Please click!

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Trash Day

Apr. 23rd, 2009 11:04 pm
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Today is trash day in my town. Every year in late April, you can put as much trash on the curb as you want, and the city will come and take it away for free. This means that we also get an influx of garbage pickers. Hispanic people in rickety trucks drive up and down the street looking for scrap metal. Folks driving cars and minivans also cruise the neighborhoods looking for furniture, old toys, clothing, etc.

Since we both feel bad about throwing away things that can be reused, [ profile] doomsey and I put out stuff that we know will get picked up. Before I got home, [ profile] doomsey set out an old computer, and within ten minutes someone came by and claimed it. The weird thing is that another computer in better shape wasn't taken. [ profile] doomsey pulled it back inside before it started to rain to see if maybe he could get someone at his work interested in it. Someone else in a truck took a cheap, plastic desk lamp I used back in college. Something really weird happened to our next-door neighbor though. Somebody. Took. His. Garbage. And by garbage, I mean paper, packaging, and table scraps that people usually set out at the curb every week. Ewwwww. Maybe they didn't understand the concept?

[Edit: And I forgot to mention that a green bouncy ball and a wicker basket got pulled out of the throw away pile because the cat liked them. Figures. She's batting at the one and using the other has a bed. By the way, did I mention that our cats were spoiled?]

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Click here for pictures )

Wow. I've posted a lot today, haven't I? Tomorrow, I'm going to post more hawk pictures from Thursday and I'm going to write about the book I finished on Saturday.

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As I mentioned in my last post, [ profile] doomsey and I had someone come out and jet our sewer line to remove any blockages and to get a better view of what's wrong with the line. The good news is that our sewer line was not collapsed. It was merely being blocked by lots and lots of roots. We don't have to replace the entire line, but there is a section towards the back of our property that is either going to have to be relined or replaced. The previous owner of our house, in his infinite wisdom, had decided that it would be a good idea to plant a pine tree by his sewer line, and that was causing the line to shift. That's why said pine looks healthier and is taller than the other trees: it has access to the water from the sewer. While the plumbers were out, [ profile] doomsey and I talked to one of our neighbors, who is a gardening geek. He said that he told the previous owner that putting a tree right over his sewer line was a bad idea. Previous owner obviously didn't listen. It's a shame he didn't because my neighbor is usually right when it comes to gardening. His yard always looks nice with all the stuff he plants, and the guy clearly knows what he's doing. During my experiment with gardening last year, I followed said neighbor's advice, and it always turned out to be good. (Note: Last year, [ profile] doomsey predicted that my gardening experiment was going to fail because I had no clue what I was doing. He threatened to reseed the area when-- not if-- it did fail. I surprised him and managed to get a good yield out of that vegetable garden. Well, part of the reason it didn't fail was because I wasn't stubborn and I listened to my neighbor when he gave advice).

Anyhow, I digress. Back to the sewer line. [ profile] doomsey and I have two options:

Option #1: We can dig up the roots and replace the sewer line. This means that the pine tree in the back will die, and that we will eventually have to cut it down. Cutting it down will be a real bitch because it's dangerously close to the power lines running along the back of our property.

Option #2: We can reline the sewer line in the back, which will save the tree. Once it's relined, that tree will no longer interfere with the sewer line. On the other hand, it's about $1,500 more than Option #1.

Personally, I'd rather go with Option #2. Now, the company that gave us the estimate will only come out for a minimum of 30 feet of lining, and the job we require calls for less than that. On the other hand, we do have a part of the sewer line running underneath the patio that isn't doing so hot, and is eventually going to need to be replaced. The company will split up the 30 feet between the two areas so it kind of makes sense to go with Option #2 and have both areas relined. I guess we might as well spend the money now, and have them replace that section so that we don't have to have them come out again in five or ten years and repeat the whole process again. I guess, what I'm saying, is that it will be cheaper in the long run to kill two birds with one stone.

Lastly, Cosette was once again being barfy again Thursday through Friday. The vet so happened to call my in-laws while I was at their house doing laundry on Friday, and I was able to tell her about it and get a recommendation on what we should do. The doctor seems to think that Cosette might be getting so gassy because she's becoming intolerant to the grains in regular cat food. As [ profile] emygination said, cats, after all, are obligatory carnivores. So now we're switching her food again from Purina Pro Plan to a prescription food that doesn't contain any grains. I gave her her first can today, and so far she hasn't had a problem. Fortunately, Cosette isn't a picky eater and will eat almost anything you put in front of her. She ate the new food with gusto. I hope this works because I'm getting tired of cleaning up cat barf in random places.

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Sewer Line

Mar. 21st, 2009 11:06 am
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Yesterday afternoon, [ profile] doomsey and I had someone come out to televise the sewer line. Unfortunately, after he got to a certain point, he couldn't see much because the camera at the end of his scope was under water. He kept pushing it down the line to see if it would come out somewhere and ended up coming up against some kind of blockage. He doesn't know if the line is blocked by a big root from our silver maple or if the sewer line is collapsed. We're thinking that the sewer line might be okay because, when he stuck a big metal rod into the ground to tap on the line, he found it and it sounded hollow; however, we don't know for sure until they can clear out the line enough to look around with the camera. Today, a crew is coming out to jet the line with water. Depending upon what happens, we'll know whether we're dealing with a collapsed line or a blockage. If it's being blocked by a root, the jetting will wash that away. If it doesn't work, it means like the line is collapsed and that we'll definitely have to dig it up.

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