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* Work has been a pain in the neck...literally. I had a horrible migraine triggered by my pissed off neck muscles on Monday. (My neck has been screwed up ever since I got a neck sprain in 2007). I spent most of the afternoon laying on the couch downstairs being hurty and sick to my stomach. Needless to say, I didn't manage to get out for my walk that evening. :P

Cosette is on Adequan for her arthritis issues and it's been working for her beautifully. She's much more playful and you can tell she's feeling better. I'm almost tempted to ask the vet and my doctor if I can start taking it for my neck. Or I could just say fuck it and shoot myself up with some of it and see what happens (it has to be taken subcutaneously). Hey...they say some athletes use it for doping so it has been used in humans before (not what I would use it for doping, but if it lets me read for long stretches of time like what I used to do, that would be awesome). And, apparently, Adequan acts a lot like Heparin so it would help with all of my clotting issues too. And no, I won't actually do this, but right now it's looking so so tempting right about now.

Or maybe I should suck it up and start taking glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate....

* It's going up to 92 degrees today. That is pretty damn hot.

* My second cat, Arwen, has a lump on her back. I guess I'm going to have to take her to the vet in August to have things checked out. That is going to be nicht gut because she acts like a hellcat when you take her out of her natural environment (aka our house). The vet and the techs have to handle her with welding gloves. She's not their worst patient-- their worst one managed to bite a tech through the welding gloves-- but she's pretty damn close. the question is, which vet in that practice am I going to subject her to?

* [ profile] doomsey has been talking about pestering some friends and finding out whether they're free this evening. My reaction? Meh. We're going to a play tomorrow, and I don't feel like doing much of anything today. We've had a lot of weekends this summer where we've been booked solid, and for me, that tends to get draining after awhile. Yeah...I'm such an introvert. I think I'm going to do some reading and then see if maybe [ profile] doomsey wants to watch the rest of Torchwood's "Children of Men." We have about three episodes left.

* Jewel goes into undercover into a Karaoke bar and starts singing her own songs. The results are epic. (Blame [ profile] doomsey)

* Commercial done for a library using the same style as the Old Spice commercial. Hilarious! (Via [ profile] happyfunpaul)
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* Don't start imitating wolf howls when you're anywhere near [ profile] emygination's dog, Lucy. She will start licking your face........a lot.

* [ profile] doomsey and I went out with Sam, Gracie, and their daughter Claire to a new all you can eat sushi restaurant called Yummy Gourmet on Saturday afternoon. Their sushi was slightly better than Sushi Para's and they had much better service. It's also a bigger restaurant and can accommodate more people.

* Saturday evening, [ profile] doomsey and I saw The Watchmen. Speaking of movies, one of these days I should watch Repo: the Genetic Opera. I've been meaning to see that one for a long time.

* This afternoon, I had a *horrible* asthma attack right before I had to leave for work. I was in a rush to get things done before I left, and I think I did too much running up and downstairs. It ended with me having to take my rescue inhaler. I *hate* taking it because it's a stimulant, and I get very jittery afterward. Then, when the "high" wears off, I feel very drained. On the bright side, at least I'm not drinking caffeine anymore. What I hated the worst was having to take my inhaler after drinking a soda. I would get extremely jittery, so much so that I would hardly be able to write.

* Obnoxious paperwork is obnoxious.

* Will it never stop raining? My pictures of the day last week were boring because it pretty much rained the whole damn week, and I couldn't get outside to take pictures of the fall foliage.

* I thought I had more to say, but I guess not.
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Wow...I'm right on time with this one...

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My doctor called this afternoon to tell me what the results of my blood test were. She heard my voice...well...more like lack thereof, and pretty much said, "that's're getting an antibiotic." I guess it makes sense. I started coming down with it on Sunday night and it's still not gone yet. I've also had practically no voice for three days now. I think she was kind of leery about prescribing antibiotics in the first place because Warfarin and some antibiotics don't go well together.

Later, I went to pick up a repair kit for the water faucet outside. It took them several weeks to order the part from some factory on the east coast. They called me up yesterday to let me know it was in. I told him my name and it didn't register with the guy who was behind the desk. Finally, the guy who talked to me on the phone yesterday came out and said, "Hey...that's the lady who was losing her voice. Yeah...I have your part." So...that's how I got the repair kit that I needed.

The pipe company I went to was in a very Mexican neighborhood that was lined with a bunch of taquería restaurants. Everybody in the pipe place seemed to be eating food from the same restaurant so I asked where they got it from. The food looked good, and I figured that I could have a late lunch there (I hadn't eaten yet anyway). I swear...the past few months I've had a lot of cravings for Mexican food. It turns out the restaurant they pointed me to specialized in barbecued food. I ordered Huarache since I'd never heard of it before. I figured it was regional dish. And yes, looking at google, I see that it is a dish from Mexico City. I failed to communicate to the lady taking my order that I didn't want lettuce on it, but she probably didn't understand me. Oh well. It's no big deal. My INR was a bit on the high side anyway so it won't kill me. Also, the barbecued chicken they put on it was delicious. Okay...I can go back there again.

I opted not to go to Random Movie Night or out to dinner with [ profile] doomsey's family because talking is very uncomfortable and I need to rest my voice so it comes back and I don't screw it up more (I kind of need it back by next week). I wouldn't be able to socialize very much anyway. For one, [ profile] doomsey's family is loud and I don't have a snowball's chance in hell of shouting over them to get a word in edgewise. It does seem to be getting better this evening...probably because I had most of the day to shut the hell up. I'm hoping that it will be much better by tomorrow.

After [ profile] doomsey came home, we took my ibook over to the Apple Store because the fan broke, causing it to overheat. They're going to have to replace the part. (I hope I get it back soon!) Then, we went to CVS to pick up my antibiotics only to find out that my doctor hadn't faxed it in. I think she's been distracted lately ever since her husband had his accident. Since it was after hours, we ended up having to page her. [ profile] doomsey's family didn't think it would be a problem because it was something she wanted me to have sooner rather than later. Otherwise, I wouldn't be able to pick it up until Monday.

So...yeah...that's what's been up with me.
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I talked to the doctor today, and found out that my INR was indeed too high. It was 4.8. It's supposed to be no higher than 3.5. Whoopsie! know what this means.

I can has salad. related news, I've sprung another leak. My legs are starting to look like [ profile] doomsey has been beating me or something.
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Today I had to go back to the doctor's office to have my INR tested. I think it's high because I have some bruising on my thighs. I have a particularly nasty bruise on my right thigh. It's a pretty good size and it's also really dark. There's also a small bump under it. Can you say hematoma? I starting noticing the bruise either Saturday night or sometime on Sunday. Throughout the day on Sunday, it kept getting a darker and darker color. It doesn't seem to be getting any worse today though. I don't remember bumping into anything really so I'm not sure what caused it. I hope I'm not bleeding spontaneously.

When the doctor saw it, she didn't seem too concerned. She said that things like this happen when you're taking the medication that I'm on. She drew a circle around it that I have to check to see if it grows any bigger. When she filled out the paperwork for the blood draw, she said that she was going to request that the lab call her tomorrow with the results just in case my INR is too high. (In other words, in case my blood is too thin and I'm not clotting fast enough).

Then, when I got home, I went to take off the band-aid off and noticed that there was blood leaking out around it. The pad was completely saturated. Yeah...I know. TMI. Sorry. It looked like it had stopped bleeding by that point so I just cleaned off the blood and put on a new band-aid just to be on the safe side. Then, I went for my walk. would appear that my INR is a tad too high. The funny thing is, on Saturday, I told my husband that I thought my INR was going to be too low. I don't feel like I've been as careful when it comes to avoiding Vitamin K as what I usually am. I guess I'll know what's up for sure either tomorrow or Wednesday.
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I'm glad I called my doctor today instead of waiting around for her to call me. Last time, she wanted me to change my dosage, but never called me. It turns out that my INR was much too high this week. It was over five. I'm supposed to be between two and three. So, this means that my blood is too thin. Doh!

The good news is that I get a break from my rat poison for two days. I also get to have a salad.


I think I'm going to order salad with thousand island dressing tomorrow...
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I have no idea if this is a cold or bad allergies, but whatever it is, it sucks. Not only am I congested to the point that I can't sleep, but I also have the stupids. Fortunately, it only seems to be affecting my sinuses, which is good, because if it were in my lungs, that would suck big time.

For the past two nights, I had to sleep sitting up because, if I tried to lay down, I couldn't breathe. I ended up using some pillows and blankets to prop me up in bed. (Too bad we don't have a comfy recliner). The night before, I tried taking Benadryl, but it didn't do very much for me. I was stuffed up and it doesn't really help me get to sleep. Yesterday, I went to the store and got Claritin-D. Again, I don't think it did much for me. Last night, I waited for the Claritin-D to wear off and then took some Ambien to get to sleep. I didn't sleep as much as what I wanted to, but at least I got a better night's sleep than yesterday evening. Today, I'm trying plain old Sudafed. It's usually worked for me in the past, so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that it's going to do something for me today.


Mar. 8th, 2008 05:17 pm
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I must be weird. I have an alarm on my cell phone that's called "Rat Poison." It reminds me to take my Coumadin so I don't accidentally skip doses, causing my INR to crash.
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This week I had a bit of a scare. I had some swelling on my thigh, and I didn't know what it was. I didn't think it was a clot because the circumference of my leg didn't increase and it wasn't red, but it was still a bit disconcerting nonetheless. I went to the doctor on Wednesday, instead of Friday, which I already had an appointment for, so that she could take a look at it. It turns out that the part of my leg that swelled didn't have any veins in it. My doctor said that it was a problem with my sciatic nerve, which runs from the back all the way down the legs. She said that, sometimes, changes in weather can piss off the muscles so that they aggravate that nerve. She said that sometimes it can hurt like hell, but not always. Fortunately for me, it doesn't hurt very much. The treatment is usually ibruprofen to reduce swelling, but since I can't take it, I'm going to have to make do with exercise (aka swinging the leg back and forth) and a heating pad. Last night, I was afraid that the rear-end collision I got into was going to piss off my neck and back, but so far that hasn't happened. looks like I got off lucky on that one.

My doctor also tested my INR, and it was low, so it looks like it's more rat poison Coumadin for me over the next ten days. I also have to go back in ten days and have my blood tested again too.

Today, I got in contact with my insurance agent, and filled out the rest of the police report. When I told him who the other guy's insurance policy is from, I could hear him cringe on the other side of the line. He told me that said company is pretty crappy, and they jerk everybody around so that they don't have to pay out on claims. I looked up some of the complaints online, and a common theme seems to be leaving people on hold, not answering the phone, and disconnecting on them and not bothering to call them back. I'm glad that my insurance company is the one who has to deal with them and not me. I just don't have the patience to play those kind of games right now. We do have to pay the auto body shop a $250 deductible, but we will get that back once the other guy's insurance ponies up. I have a feeling that we're not going to see that $250 for a long time.

Last night and today, I was kind of depressed. I was in good spirits on Thursday, and it really did feel like things were going to be okay. My classes were going well and my health has slowly begun to improve. Then, I got a cold dose of reality when idiot driver rear-ended me. After the initial fright of the crash had passed, my heart sunk. I was driving the new Prius, and I love that car. I've only had it a couple of months and already it's been in an accident. And it was something stupid that I had absolutely no control over. I seem to be having a rather impressive streak of bad luck. This might sound irrational, but I can't help thinking that, if this is the kind of luck I'm going to have at the start of the year, how bad are things going to be by the end of it? Am I going to live to see 2009? I don't know, it just seems like things are spinning out of control right now, and there's nothing I can do to stop it. I'm also still a bit nervous about the CT scan that they're going to do in April to see if that mass in my chest area is growing. The way my luck is going... Yeah...I'm not going to finish that thought...


Feb. 22nd, 2008 11:04 am
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*picks hair off of her computer*
*picks more hair off of her shirt*
*makes faces at hair stuck to her hair brush*

Here are the less serious side effects of Coumadin because we're just not going to go into the more serious side effects...period:

- nausea, vomiting, stomach pain
- gas and bloating
- hair loss this won't get too embarrassing. If it does...well...maybe I can pull off the Sinéad O'Connor look.

[Edit: This probably also means that I'm not going to get my hair highlighted this year. I don't want the bleach drying my hair out and making the problem worse].
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I meant to post this for awhile, but I never got around to it. I think the anxiety meds are kicking in because I'm starting to feel a little bit calmer about what happened last month. Another source of anxiety was that my legs and thighs always get sore, and every time I feel a twinge in them, I worry that I'm developing another clot. Last Wednesday, my doctor gave me some measuring tape and taught me how and where to measure my legs if they're sore and I think I might have a problem. If it is a DVT, then the circumference of my legs should start to increase. After it gets past 1cm, we'll start keeping an eye on it. So...this helps me be a bit more objective about things and keeps me from freaking out about every pain and every bump that I get on my legs. I still keep an eye on things, but it helps take the pressure off.

Also, I've been feeling a bit better ever since the doctor upped the dosage of Advair. I was taking about 100/50 mg, but she increased it to 500/50 so I don't feel so oxygen deprived. The cold weather, on the other hand, is still kicking my ass. Yesterday, I was able to go to Trader Joes with [ profile] doomsey. Today, I went to Office Depot to get transparency pens (because they don't carry them anywhere else. *glares at CVS and Dominicks*) and Dominicks for more groceries. I got kind of pooped out at Dominicks and had to ask one of the baggers to help me load the stuff into my car. I also made a quick stop at the library to return some books, but I used the book drop and didn't get out of my car for that. After I got home and put the groceries away, I collapsed in a heap upstairs with [ profile] cosettemonster. I was very tired, but I'm sure [ profile] cosettemonster appreciated the company.

[ profile] cosettemonster is doing a bit better today too. On Saturday, she was in pain and she cried a lot whenever she shifted position or started to walk. She did it a little bit on Sunday, and I haven't really heard her cry at all today. She is still limping though. I talked to the vet, and she said that keeping her confined to one room was a good idea. That way, [ profile] arwenmonster doesn't harass her and there's no chance of her pissing off her leg some more by going up and down stairs. Her jumping on things is also a no no. Fortunately, she hasn't really attempted to jump up on something on her own. This afternoon after my shopping, I picked her up and put her on the bed, and when she wants down, I pick her up and put her on the floor. If she's still limping by the time her pain meds run out over the next few days, I'm going to have to go back to the vet and pick up some more for her. Poor kitty. I hope she gets better soon.

Let's see. What else? On Friday, [ profile] doomsey and I watched The Golden Compass (which was so-so) and This Film Is Not Yet Rated (which was hysterical). On Saturday night, we had dinner with [ profile] emygination and then we watched Juno, which was also very good. also looks like I have a new show. Tomorrow night, Season 2 of Jericho begins. *bounce bounce bounce* I watched the first season and decided that I liked it. Yes...I know...I probably have a lame taste in tv shows, but it's different and I still like it. *raspberries*
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So...I think I'm having some major problems with anxiety. For some reason, I have this fear that more blood clots will form even though I'm on the anti-coagulants. Yes...I know that it's completely irrational and said phenomenon is rare. Still, I can't stop worrying. If it were a less serious health condition, I wouldn't feel so bad, but this could make me drop dead from a heart attack, stroke, or another pulmonary embolism. It also didn't help that my doctor seems to think that I might be one of those women who hyper-coagulate-- and are therefore more prone to clots-- because of how slowly I responded to the coumadin. We're not going to know for sure though until she does the tests once I'm off coumadin.

Anyhow, I went to the doctor yesterday and she prescribed me some anti-anxiety meds (Buspar and Xanax) to keep me from panicking. Everyone seems to think that my worrying all the time is not going to help me get better. She also mentioned having me talk to someone who has had a pulmonary embolism before.

Yesterday, I had some more tests done. I had another ultrasound of my leg and I also got my blood tested. I'm now up to 3.2 inr and I don't need to take the lovenox shots anymore. Friday morning, I get to have more fun tests. I'm going to have a CT scan of my abdomen and that means that I have to drink this really vile looking mixture the night before and the morning of. I'm not sure what it is, but I think it's Barium. Then, I have to go to my doctor's office and get another blood draw. I have to say that I really am a human pin cushion. My arms are all bruised from IVs and blood draws and it must look like I use intravenous drugs or something...


Jan. 14th, 2008 07:41 pm
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I was released from the hospital this afternoon. I'm really happy to be home. One of the first things I did when I got home was to hug [ profile] cosettemonster. Then, I cried. I missed my cats, my house, and my husband so much. The only good thing about this experience is that it taught me to be more grateful for the things I have and to enjoy them while I can. I almost lost it all on Monday.

Afterwards, I rested on the couch and tried to get caught up to date on LJ. When I felt sufficiently rested, I took a shower. I really felt gross from only taking sponge baths and my hair was an oily mess. It's great to wear normal clothes, feel clean, and not have an IV stuck in my arm.

For the next few days, I'm going to have to take Lovenox (an injectable blood-thinner) in addition to Coumadin (an oral one) because my INR numbers are a little bit lower than what they would like. I'm also going to have to do a ton of following up with my doctor. They're also going to have to draw blood, so I'm going to be pricked a lot in the near future.

Lastly, and certainly not least, I would like if people on my friends list could pop over to [ profile] doomsey's journal and tell him what a great guy he is. It was his quick thinking that pretty much kept me from dying on my living room floor last week. He called 911 as soon as I passed out and, at the same time, rolled me over and got me to wake up and breathe again. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be here today.
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I’m still at the hospital. I’m writing this one handed since I have an IV by my hand and it hurts to type…

As [ profile] doomsey already mentioned, things got really interesting on Monday night. I was talking on IRC with some friends and flipping through LJ when suddenly. I felt my heart start to race and I had a hard time catching my breath. I told [ profile] doomsey at the time that I was feeling strange. Then, I lay down on the floor and tried to calm down, thinking that it was a bizarre panic attack. Before I knew it, I woke up and saw [ profile] doomsey standing over me and talking on the phone with the paramedics. I had passed out. [ profile] doomsey later told me that I had stopped breathing and I was starting to turn blue. Quite honestly, I think that, if this had happened while I was at home alone, I probably would have been a goner. I also think that [ profile] doomsey saved my life. He saw that I was having a serious medical problem and reacted very quickly. Not only that, but I passed out face down on the carpet. We think that his turning me over (and later turning me on my side), may have also dislodged something that caused me to come around again.

The paramedics came in minutes. They checked my blood pressure and pulse and observed that both were pretty high. They also tried to get me to sit up, but I immediately started feeling dizzy again. They decided to put me in the ambulance and take me to the nearest ER. What probably stabilized me (aka kept me from dying) was the oxygen they put me on. Because of my condition, I wasn’t able to pump enough oxygen through my body. At one point, I almost passed out again in the ambulance. The paramedics told me to breathe slowly in through my nose and out my mouth, and I followed their instructions. I barely managed to stay conscious.

When we got to the hospital, [ profile] doomsey got me admitted and answered all their questions about my medical history since I was really out of it. I was very uncomfortable because my heart was going 100 miles per hour and I had a hard time catching my breath. They found me a room and started to do tests. After they saw that my heart sounded like that of a frightened jackrabbit after walking a few feet to go to the bathroom, they decided to tell me not to walk and that they were going to do a CT scan. Then, the doctor came in, said that I had a pulmonary embolism that had broken apart and lodged in my lungs. I was surprised. I thought that either I was either having a bizarre panic attack or I was having an allergic reaction to one of my medications (I had been taking an anti-inflammatory prescribed by my doctor for a foot injury). After I heard his diagnosis, my thoughts were pretty much: “that sounds serious," “am I going to need emergency surgery? “ and “am I going to die?" Later, the ER doctor told me that it was a blood clot in my lungs and that it could have killed me. After I was out of the woods, [ profile] doomsey told me that he did some research online and found out that one in three people with pulmonary embolism die. This did not make me feel good. I still think it’s a miracle that I managed to survive. [My sister called me after I got into the ICU. She said to me, “The ICU is for old people, loser. She later told me that she knew I was going to be okay when I told her to sit and spin. Yep…I was still being sarcastic with my sister].

Right after the ER doctor gave me a diagnosis, they put me on heparin, a blood thinner that is administered intravenously, and Xanax to get my heart rate down. Then, they wheeled me up to the ICU where they hooked me up to a bunch of machines to measure my blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. I was also hooked up to oxygen and an IV with heparin and fluids. I was told to lie in bed and try not to move around a lot since the blood clots could travel and cause more problems (ie a heart attack or a stroke). This meant that I couldn’t get up to use the bathroom and had to use a bedpan. Yuck! Not fun!

And if that wasn’t enough, more drama followed. Within a few hours, my parents arrived at the hospital with my brother. My brother is mentally disabled, and I think that he had a hard time processing what was going on. He just couldn’t deal with seeing me so sick and hooked up to all kinds of machines. When the doctor came to talk to me, my dad sent my brother out of the room. We think that either he wad eavesdropping or he saw someone else in bad shape in another room. Just as he was finishing explaining things, we heard someone fall down outside. My brother had fainted. They ended up taking him down to the ER to get things checked out, and my mom had to go with him. I saw her when she left, and she was just overwhelmed. She was crying. In the ER, they determined that my brother was going to be okay. He did, however, have a nasty bump on his head.

I was supposed to check out of the ICU around the second day, but more shit hit the fan. They had me sitting up in the bed as if it were a chair (I was doing much better by that point.) This was my first time sitting up and I also so happened to be talking to my mom and worry-worting. Suddenly, I felt dizzy. My mom was in the process of finding someone when I fainted. By the time I had woken up, all kinds of people were in my room. I lay down and started feeling faint again. The doctor came running in and had the nurses give me more fluids. I immediately started to feel better. They held me an extra day and had a cardiologist order some more tests. They gave me an EKG and an ultrasound and determined that there was nothing wrong with my heart. The fainting spells were caused by stress, and I was certainly under a lot of it after almost, you know, dying the day before. The cardiologist explained that this is something that often happens to people between the ages of 15 and 35 and that it was not unusual for someone who is in the ICU.

The next day, I was given the green light to move to a room in the cardiovascular wing. I have a roommate and the rooms are kind of small. It's hard to navigate through the room with an IV. There’s also what [ profile] dewfreak referred to as a “singer" ([ profile] blondibritecake and [ profile] dewfreak came to visit yesterday) across the hall from me. When I first got here, she was yelling “Hello?," “Help me," “Get me out of here!" and “Where did my little friend go?" It’s also kind of sad because she’s from a nursing home, has health problems, and is alone.

It looks like I am pretty much out of the woods. It’s just a matter of weaning me off of the IV blood thinners and onto oral ones. They want my blood count to be between 2 and 3 (INR?) before they can let me go home. They think this isn’t going to happen until Monday. Tonight, they’re going to take me off the IV and start giving me injections, so at least I don’t have to do that. I might also be allowed to take a walk tonight, but I’m not sure. The nurses here tend to be a bit more conservative about what I’m allowed to do than the doctors.

Oh…I also wanted to mention that I’m going to have to take blood thinners for four to six months to prevent another clot. The doctors seem to think that this clot was caused by a combination of factors: birth control and the foot injury on New Year’s Eve. Needless to say, I’m not going to be taking birth control anymore seeing as it damn near killed me.

So…that’s about it. The nurses aren’t letting me get up very often, and I’m tired of looking at four walls. I am very very bored…
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[ profile] doomsey has been off in Germany this week, and while he was gone, we got snow. Remember how I said that I didn't know how to use the snow blower? Well, [ profile] bmtstandard came by and showed me how to get it working, so I took it from there and cleared the driveway and part of the patio. Between doing that and shoveling the stairs, I must have messed up my back. It started hurting a few hours later, and by the end of the day on Wednesday, I was practically in tears. Thursday I didn't think I was going to make it in to work, but I took 4 ibruprofen and felt well enough to drive in.

Well, the physical therapist said that my back was causing my neck and hamstring problems. I guess he was right...

This weekend, it looks like we're going to get more snow. [ profile] doomsey's flight comes in on Sunday evening. I wonder if I'm going to be able to get my cars out of the driveway to pick him up. I also wonder if he's going to be able to get in on Sunday period.

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Today definitely qualified as a bad day. Things were going well until I was just about ready to leave for work. I walked upstairs and noticed that [ profile] cosettemonster was limping again. And, yet again, she was favoring the back paw that has a chipped bone in it. This morning she was walking around normally (she started getting better a few days after she first injured it), but now she looks like she's back at square one. She must have strained it again jumping up on something. I asked [ profile] doomsey to check on her and give the cats some food before he went to anime night, and he noticed that she was hiding behind the couch. He said that he had to poke her to get her out so she could have some food. Hiding is not a good sign. It means that she's not feeling well. Tonight, when I got home, she came out from behind the sofa to greet me (because I'm her mommie). I gave her her pill (aren't I nice?) and then gave her a little bit of food since she's supposed to eat with the medication. I talked to [ profile] emygination this evening, and she said that I should leave a message with the vet and see whether she wants us to wait a few days to see if she gets better or to bring her in again. I really worried that she's going to have to have surgery. I'm going to be a basket case if it's determined that that's what she needs.

The day goes downhill from there. I ended up leaving later than what I wanted for work because I wanted to make sure things were okay with [ profile] cosettemonster before I left. As I said, I noticed she was having problems right before I was supposed to go. Next, I'm on the expressway and some idiot leaves a large plastic bag fall out of their car or truck. It drifted into my lane, but I couldn't avoid it since there were cars on either side of me. I thought it was going to end up stuck under my car and that my car would smell like burnt plastic for the next couple of weeks (that happened to me several years ago). What happened was that the stupid bag ended up wound around my side mirror so that I couldn't see out of the goddamn thing to change lanes. I tried to open up the window to remove it while I was on the expressway, but the damn bag started flapping in the window, and I was afraid it was going to start flapping in my face and obscure my vision if I opened the thing any more. That was even more dangerous so I closed the window and put up with the goddamn bag until I got off the expressway (I'll tell you...other cars were leaving me a lot of room!). Then, I stopped and took the damn bag off. I still have it in my car if you want a souvenir! Actually...scratch that...I think I'm going to light a fire and burn it.



Nov. 11th, 2007 06:34 pm
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In my last post, I mentioned that I had taken [ profile] cosettemonster to the vet. She did another X-ray and found that she did indeed have a bone chip in her knee. There are three things she can do:

1) give [ profile] cosettemonster a shot of Adequan every week to see if it makes things better
2) take her to a place in Saint Charles where they can do orthoscopic surgery on her knee
3) have her stay at the vet's and do full blown knee surgery

So far, we're going with the shot of Adequan and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things will continue to improve. Her gait has gotten better over the past week and I think this will continue to help her. The only problems she's having is when it comes to jumping up on things. She hesitates and it sometimes takes her a couple of attempts.

The shot is also the least invasive. The downside with options 2 and 3 is that they're more invasive and would require that she have physical therapy. Since she's overweight and getting up there in age, the outcome of this is usually not very good. The last time a cat her age and size needed knee surgery, she was at the vet's office for three weeks getting physical therapy. So....if we go with option 1 and it works, the bone chip will eventually disappear, but the downside is that she'll probably have arthritis in her knee. It's also less risky. She already has arthritis in her neck in back so *shrug* I guess we can just add that to the list. Poor kitty!

I also thought I would add that, as of Friday, I've been limiting how much food [ profile] cosettemonster eats. For one, I've been separating her from [ profile] arwenmonster when they eat so there are less fights and so that she doesn't eat [ profile] arwenmonster's food. Instead of leaving the bowl down for her all morning, I've been picking it up after she loses interest and wanders away. Hopefully, that will help bring her weight down gradually. If, God forbid, she needs surgery, that will help her. And if not, it will still help her by taking the extra weight off her bad knee.

Cat torture

Nov. 6th, 2007 11:10 am
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Since [ profile] cosettemonster started getting barfy on Sunday on the Clavamox, the vet switched her to a new medication that is supposed to be easier on the stomach. She's supposed to take one and a half pills once a day. I had a hell of a time getting her to sit still to take one and a half pills as well as her pain medication. In fact, she spit one of the pills out and I had to hunt her down and make sure she took it. It took a couple of tries! I wonder if I can give her one pill in the morning and one pill at night to spread the torture things out a bit more so she doesn't get fed up and struggle as much.


Oct. 19th, 2007 09:52 am
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Notice to allergies:

Not only are you making my life miserable, but you are not helping with my other problems. Sinus issues are making my migraines worse and sneezing at a bajillion miles per hour is unpleasant. Please go away...NOW!

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