Aug. 18th, 2010

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My next-door neighbor's kids found an injured sparrow late this afternoon. They can't keep it because of their dog, so now I have it. ([ profile] doomsey volunteered me because I'm the animal person). Oy! Anyhow, I explained to them that wild birds taken into captivity often die of shock, so don't be sad if he doesn't make it. Harsh, but better to be upfront. If somebody had told me that before I took in a certain fledgling back when I was a kid, I think it would have saved me a little heart-ache. Mr. Bird is resting comfortably in a box out in my garage. (I'm not bringing it inside in case it's sick. I don't want to expose myself, my husband, or the cats to anything). Mr. Bird also has some food and water. The little guy looks hungry because he started chowing down as soon as I gave him the food. I watched him for about five minutes while he was eating and then picked him up and took a closer look at his legs and wings. It doesn't look like anything is broken, so honestly, I think either he ran into something and stunned himself or he's sick.

I tried calling Willowbrook Wildlife Center, but they closed at five. I think, what I'm going to do his hold him over night and, if he makes it until morning, hand him over to the specialists at Willowbrook when they open at nine.


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