Mar. 17th, 2010

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Busy day today. And I couldn't have picked a better day to do outside work. It's gorgeous outside!

* Irish cheddar cheese acquired!

* This afternoon, I cleaned some of the first floor windows both inside and out. The ones that got done the best were the living room ones as they were easier to reach. The dining room and kitchen ones got the insides washed, but not much of the outsides because I couldn't reach them as well and I was terrified to going too high up on the ladder. I have a tendency to klutz out and fall off.

* I also washed my car, which was *covered* in salt. While I was working, I got buzzed by a yellow jacket. must be spring if those little fuckers those guys are back. I'm probably going to have a hard time with them again this year. Next time I get dive bombed, I'm going to have to watch and see where they disappear to. Then, I can go out and nuke the shit out of their nest spray the nest with wasp killer after sunset.

* Yay! My car is clean!

* Last summer and fall, we had trouble with our rosebush. We had a fungus that left little black spots on the leaves attack it. We had this same problem the year before. The culprit is most likely the wet summers we've been having lately. Last year, [ profile] forestdruid told us to remove all the old leaves and clear away any fallen leaves from around the base of the rosebush. Between that and spraying, that should help keep the rosebush from getting reinfected. Well, today I removed all the old leaves and raked around the base. I couldn't reach some of the leaves at the center of the rosebush. I used a shovel and a stick to poke at them and get out what I could. I still got a couple of nasty scratches from my efforts even with gardening gloves on. Later this spring, I'm going to spray more fungicide. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can get rid of it for good this time.

* And while I'm on the topic of pests, our pine trees have some kind of borer in back. I think this year [ profile] doomsey and I are going to call an arborist to have a look at them and some of our other trees. We're due for that soon.

* Trulawn came by again. They said that we have snow mold on part of the lawn, which requires raking. Too tired to do it today. And it's also not a good idea because they put granules down this afternoon. Maybe sometime next week if the weather is decent.

* I wore a better brace on my ankle, so it's not hurting as badly as yesterday. The only problem is that this one is cutting into my heel. *sigh*

* Oh...I also cleaned my fish tank earlier. The algae is taking over! Maybe I need to invest in another snail to replace the old one that died...

Oh yeah...

Mar. 17th, 2010 11:43 pm
nekosensei: (Default)'s Saint Patrick's Day! Happy Saint Patrick's Day everybody!

* A Doctor Who game is being developed for the Wii (Link swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* SyFy has lost their marbles because they're going to add some reality shows to their line-up, among other things (Link swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* I've had Jonathon Coulton's "Re: Your Brains" stuck in my head all day today.

* So...I have a pint of Guinness sitting on my kitchen counter. I'm not going to drink it though. I'm using it for the Irish fondue on Sunday. Then, someone else is going to drink the rest of it. I don't like the taste of most beers.


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