Mar. 14th, 2010

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* This is pretty much what my day looked like yesterday: work, work, and more work, mad dentist appointment dash, clean up the house because my family is coming over for dinner next week, work, go to dinner at my in-laws' house, play with the Karaoke machine and surf the web until I fall over.

* I was due to have X-rays taken during this latest dentist app-- which they did-- and no cavities or any other problems turned up. Yay! Clean bill of health. On the other hand, the oral hygienist did point out that teeth with crowns on them are more prone to problems with the roots and surrounding tissues; some of the sensitivity I've been having could be the beginning stages of that. If that's the case, then I *might* need a root canal somewhere down the line. Anybody ever have a root canal? How expensive are they? Are they painful? (Yep...I'm a wuss when it comes to pain).

* My cats act strangely every time I pull out the Karaoke machine. They start out by hovering. Then, Cosette trills, pokes at me, and in general, tries to get my attention. Arwen bites my leg before harassing Cosette, who has been busy harassing me. They never used to do this before my pulmonary embolism when I had to give up singing for awhile. So why are they doing this now? Do they think I'm sick or in pain?

* Today, I have to work, set up a character for a LARP (Live Action Role Playing Game), and study for German class.

* Wow...somebody really wants that poor Swedish cartoonist dead. Isn't that the second woman that's been arrested?

I guess it's not really appropriate to tell Kill Bill jokes here, is it?

* Yay! [ profile] doomsey is home from downstate!

* Just finished an outline for my character for the LARP. Reading through the documentation and coming up with a rough sketch took me much longer than what I expected. And I'm still going to have to go to the character building session to get some help with choosing useful skills, advantages, and disadvantages. So far, my character is a snooty half-elf with a penchant for fire sorcery. And some of the backstory I came up with should be amusing. This is going to be so much fun...I can't wait until we start playing.

* Never did get to studying some more for German. Oh well...there's always tomorrow.

* Cute car. Now, my question is, what happened to the Volt? Is GM still going to be able to make it?
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* Okay...I admit it. I was singing in the shower this morning. And the cats...well...they were fighting outside the shower door. Damn cats.

* Hmmm...They don't have a karaoke version of The Secret Garden's "Fine White Horse" do they?

* Hey...if I try out for Lombard Idol this year, they won't let me get away with singing Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" will they? Maybe I can do "All That Jazz?" "White Rabbit" is another possibility. And that's all assuming that they're still going to have a Taste of Lombard this year. The Village of Lombard is short on cash and talking about pulling funding for it.

* It's still really a shame that I can't find "Fine White Horse." I can sing it with the Welsh accent. That would have been kind of impressive.

* And my computer crashed. Thankfully it didn't take my LJ post with it because it autosaved it.

* It's definitely spring. The daffodils are coming up at my in-laws's house. I'm going to have to get pictures when they start blooming.

* Where are my crocuses? They haven't sprouted yet. :(

* (giggles)


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