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When I saw the large gaggle of dragon flies winging back and forth high above my garden while I was pulling veggies, I was like :D

When it became apparent that the reason we had a frenzy of dragon flies overhead was because my vegetable garden was teeming with mosquitoes thanks to it having flooded two weeks ago, my reaction changed to D:

Now, I have four squash, one poblano pepper...and three mosquito bites.

Well, I gotta look at the bright side. At least the dragon flies are taking care of 'em.

By the way, anybody want some squash?
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* Hey everybody! Happy Lammas to those who celebrate it.

* This morning, I slept in until noon, then sat around for most the afternoon reading. I'm 70 pages from the end of the book I'm reading now. I'm reading a 900 page book, and with all the work I had this summer, it's taken me for-freaking-ever to read it. At least the library let my husband check it out for me after I used up all my renewals. Tee hee!

* Today, I discovered that what we thought was a melon plant growing in our backyard is actually a Hmong cucumber plant. I think somebody at the seed factory may have made a little mistake. Oh well, [ profile] doomsey and I eat a lot of salad, so this shouldn't be too big of a deal. But dang...I was really curious about how that melon plant would have turned out.

Yay! Link Dump!

* Why mini cows could save the planet -- The short answer? They require less food and produce more beef. (Via [ profile] ginmar)

* Lastly, These macros on the icanhascheezburger site amuse me greatly.
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I'd like to take a few minutes to welcome all my new friends from [ profile] ontdcreepy. If you like all things scary, what are you waiting for? Go over there now! You'll be up reading creepy stories for hours.

Also, I have, by popular demand, made a new gardening fail community called [ profile] oopsikilledit. If you have a brown thumb or even if you're good at gardening but are accident prone, go check it out. back to work with me....
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My dearest cilantro plant,

I fed you. I watered you. I put you in the warm sunlight. I spoke to you lovingly while caressing your tender green leaves. What have I done wrong? Why do you despise me so?

I guess this is the end of our beautiful relationship. I shall miss you terribly. Too-da-loo! *waves handkerchief*

[ profile] nekosensei

P.S. ¡¿Por qué?!


I don't know. You think maybe I came on too strong?


Dang! I just suck at growing cilantro in the house, don't I? This is the second plant I've managed to kill. I think my mistake this time was clipping off all the flowers. I thought that, if you let it flower, it would turn into coriander and that would change the flavor of it.

So sad. I love the smell of cilantro....

Also, I'm half tempted to start an LJ community for gardening fails...the fail blog of gardening if you will. Maybe we'll all learn from each other's mistakes. I think "oops_i_killed_it" is a good name.

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* I got a crappy night's sleep last night. Today is going to be interesting....

* Last night, [ profile] doomsey and I were pulling out of our house to go to a birthday party at a friend's house when I saw a dead bird-- it looked like a robin-- lying in the street not far from our house. I couldn't get a very good look at it and I feared that it might have been the juvenile robin that's been hopping around our front yard. This morning, I looked out the window, anxious to see any sign of him. When I saw both him and the adult robin, I did a small cheer.

* [ profile] doomsey and I have a lot of trees on our property, which make for great bird homes. This season, I've seen one baby sparrow, one baby robin, and two baby black birds in our front and back yards.

* Not long ago, a friend of mine suggested I should get a field guide to identify what kinds of birds are coming into our backyard. Hmmm...might not be a bad idea. I've had one little guy who used to visit our bird feeder in the fall and I have no idea what kind of bird it was. He was a dark blue on top and a lighter gray on the bottom.

* I'm such an animal lover. When I was a kid, I used to sit and watch the birds and other critters in our backyard. It got the point where I was able to not only identify birds, but also recognize their songs to some extent. To this day, it amazes me that [ profile] doomsey can't distinguish between a cardinal or a robin based on its song. Maybe I should start teaching him?

* Last year, the rosebush in our garden wasn't looking very good because it had black spot, a fungus caused by too much humidity. This year, [ profile] doomsey and I have been spraying it like mad. In the early spring, I picked off all the old leaves to try to keep it from getting re-infected this year. It looks like it worked because it's currently blooming like mad. [ profile] doomsey took some pictures yesterday and posted them to his journal today. By the way, anybody know what kind of rosebush that is?

Oh Cu-rap!

May. 8th, 2010 01:08 am
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We're supposed to get a frost tonight in some areas. I've pulled in my rosemary and my cilantro, but I'm not able to do very much for the seedlings I planted out in the garden earlier this week. I hope they're going to be okay. *crosses fingers*

My email must have been broken today. I am just now getting the voice mail-- we have Vonage and I get voice mail messages via email-- that somebody left me earlier in the day. Whoopsie!

Tonight, [ profile] emygination told me that I sound like a space case when I talk on the phone because I started my phone conversation with "'s me." She probably has a point. I hate talking on phones. :P

And in other news, Cosette is being very needy. She has been poking me all evening.

Wow...I stayed up way too late reading...again. Time to sleep.
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I've been a bad [ profile] nekosensei and haven't posted in almost a week. Sorry! My bad!

So...what have I been doing this past week? On Sunday, [ profile] doomsey and I went to art in the park. We didn't buy anything this time around, but we did pick up some cards from a few artists we liked. Maybe we'll buy from them later this year. I really like this artist, and this one...and also this one.

Sunday evening, [ profile] judygs, [ profile] forestdruid, and his fiancee came over to watch the latest Doctor Who episode. [ profile] forestdruid came to my house bearing various tomato, eggplant, and pepper seedlings, which I planted in my vegetable garden on Monday afternoon. I also did a bunch of weeding that day.

Tuesday and Wednesday were busy with work work and school work. Thursday I bought poblano pepper and acorn squash seedlings. I also got some cilantro and basil plants. loves the smell of cilantro. Future plans for my yard are adding more wood chips to the flower beds, planting a Japanese maple (which I've been meaning to do for years), and buying a hammock. Of course, I'm half tempted to hold off on the wood chips this year because they're going to replace the water mains on our street and they're probably going to have to rip up part of our front yard. I guess I'm going to have to see what the city is planning to do before I start working on that.

I've also gotten back into my old habit of walking three miles a day. And the past three days I've walked about three-and-a-half miles. I used to do a lot of walking in 2008, but stopped at the end of the year and eventually fell out of the habit. Seriously, you people need to yell at me if I stop going for my walks because they're so helpful: I have a lot more energy and I don't get the munchies quite as much when I'm exercising.

I've been reading LJ sporadically, so if I missed something, sorry! If there's anything you think I should know, please send me a comment.

Amusing Links:

Quantum Honeybees: How could bees of little brain come up with anything as complex as a dance language? The answer could lie not in biology but in six-dimensional math and the bizarre world of quantum mechanics. (Swiped from [ profile] doomsey)

Lord Jesus Christ suffers minor injuries in downtown Northampton crosswalk mishap -- Uy...what were this guy's parents thinking? If I were him, I'd change my name STAT! (Swiped from [ profile] bottledgoose)
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* Now I want an iPad! I can use it as an overpriced cat toy! (Via [ profile] rm)

* I did a little more weeding today. I saw not one, but three...count them...three garter snakes in the flower beds next to my garage. Each of them ducked into a little crevice between the garage and the dirt when I passed by. When I finished weeding that bed, I saw one of them poke raise his head up. It was almost as if he was asking, "is she gone yet?" So cute! I'm have tempted to do a little "catchi and release" so I can get some pictures.

* And the wasp nest is back! Now, they're tooling around the garage. It's hard to pinpoint where they're nesting, but they seem to like both the gutters at the front of the garage and a little spot under the eaves of the garage. I think that, after anime night tonight, I'm going to go out there and spray with some wasp and hornet killer. [That's going to have to wait until later because of an ill-timed migraine].

* The arborist came by this afternoon and looked at my pine trees. They're infected with Zimmerman's pine moth, and the holes in the bark are caused by woodpeckers trying to get at the larva. [ profile] doomsey and I were afraid that the trees would have to be cut down, but the arborist said that both were salvageable. Yay! She said that they will have to sprayed twice a year for the next year or two. Then, after that, they can be sprayed once a year. It wasn't too expensive so, after talking to [ profile] doomsey, I told her to go ahead and do it.

* Missing anime tonight because of another migraine triggered by my crappy neck muscles. I think I need to start doing my neck exercises again. Oh...and sitting out in the bright sun this afternoon and not getting enough sleep last night didn't help the headache either. Now, the pain's mostly gone, but my neck is still sore so I'm sitting with a neck pillow.

* This cuteoverload picture made me laugh. That is one pissed off cat!
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* Blame [ profile] bottledgoose. It's all her fault.

* Called an arborist to come and look at my two ailing pine trees, which seem to have some kind of borer. They'll be stopping by sometime next week to look at all the trees. [Scratch that....they're coming tomorrow]. I'm hoping they can save the pines because they make a good hiding place for birds. And having bug-eating birds hanging around is a good thing considering the fact that my garden is nearby. They'll control whatever likes to nibble on my plants. Also, I'm thinking that, if they can't be saved, then I'll call a tree removal company that will turn them into wood chips. That way, I can at least use the wood chips to control some of the weeds I have growing back there. Keep your fingers crossed that I can save them though, because they are pretty firs and I'm kind of partial to them.

* That brings me to my garden. Last year I had a huge problem with "something" nibbling on my garden. I was weeding and turning over the soil this weekend and disturbed a nest of red ants. I asked my next door neighbor, who is very knowledgeable about gardening and who was out at the time, if they would be a problem. He said that usually ants are a negative. He told me to put some coffee grounds out there and that should kill off a lot of the problem bugs. The caffeine kills the harmful bugs and, at the same time, is good for night crawlers, which make the soil richer. [ profile] doomsey left me some of his coffee grounds from breakfast this morning-- I can't drink caffeinated coffee-- and I put them out there this afternoon.

* On my way out to the garden, I heard some rustling by the garage. Turned out it was a garter snake who was out sunning himself. He saw me coming and then slid into a crack by the garage. I love garter snakes. Do you think [ profile] doomsey would get too pissed off if I kept one as a pet? :)

On second thought, scratch that. I would have to feed them crickets and other bugs. Crickets tend to squick me out. I could probably handle mealy worms though...

* The road construction on my way to work is turning people into assholes. I had not one but two people refuse to let me merge onto the expressway. (grumbles) Also, the exit where I usually get off-- which is already very difficult to navigate because you have to move over two lanes in order to get off-- has been made impossible to navigate with all the road horses they put up. I damn near clipped someone trying to figure out where my lane was and how to get off at the the dark. At first I thought they had narrowed it down to one lane because of the construction. I was wrong. I hope the guy behind me forgives me for the fright I must have given him. :(

So yeah, I think I'm going to get off at a different, much simpler exit from now on. They way they've got it set up makes it kind of dangerous.
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* I shouldn't kill spiders in my house, but I do because I am terrified of them. If they're outside, I have no problems. If I find them inside though? SPLAT they go! The same goes for centipedes. If I catch them crawling on a wall, they end up on the bottom of my shoe in no time flat. I hate centipedes the most of all, and I don't even want to get close enough to them to catch them with a wadded up piece of tissue or toilet paper!!! So...under the shoe they go.

Any critter with more than six legs gives me the creeps, and the more legs they have, the worse I hate them.

* Dan wasn't too happy with me earlier this afternoon. I stretched while reading a book and knocked over a lamp. The lamp itself is fine, but the bulb inside it broke. Worse, I didn't realize that the bulb contained mercury until after I picked up the broken pieces with my bare hands. So...if I start acting a little nutty, you'll know why. (Me being nutty is a little par for the course, so in reality, nothing will really change much).

Oh...I also have to replace a cat bed and some cat toys because the lamp fell on them. I could have probably gotten away with cleaning the cat bed really well, but I didn't want to take any chances. Besides, Cosette already has random kidney issues. The last thing we need is for her to come down with any more problems.

* Weeded and turned over my vegetable garden today. I'm planning on growing eggplant, pepper, and squash so I probably won't plant anything until May. I was thinking about growing tomatoes as well, but now I'm not so sure. According to the farmer's almanac, it's supposed to be rainy and cool again this summer. Last year, my tomato plants didn't do so well because it didn't get hot enough.

* After I cleared my veggie garden, I rested for a bit and then started working on weeding and clearing one of my flower beds. I still have to work on the bed next to the garage though, but I think I'll leave that until tomorrow. I also want to do some weeding in the way back. As for big projects, I'd like to put some more cedar chips out in the beds out front and in the way back. I think I'll leave that for when I have a little bit more time, probably in late May. I'm also going to need to borrow a wheelbarrow and a bigger shovel. Lastly, I'd also like to buy a Japanese maple for that one spot I've been meaning to fill for ages. I take it that I should probably wait until May to plant a tree though, huh?

* Man Receives Ticket While Walking From Car To Parking Meter -- Ninja police officer! (Swiped from [ profile] popfiend)

* Watched Episode 2 of Doctor Who with [ profile] doomsey and [ profile] judygs. Click here for minor spoilers )
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* This video, called "Epilepsy Dancing," is based on temporal lobe epilepsy in which suffers have a kind of daydream during the episode. I think it's visually stunning. Unfortunately, you have to have a YouTube account to see it; some idiots flagged it because it has OMG BOOBIES! (Link swiped from [ profile] willowing)

* Someone on my friend's list is in the middle of a study abroad program in Spain and for one of her Spanish classes, she had to watch a movie based on the novel, La familia de Pascual Duarte by Camilo José Cela. In the movie, the protagonist snaps, killing a dog and horse during his break with reality. And it's not a special effect either. The director had the actor shoot a dog and stab a horse to death on screen. Let me repeat that. They killed a dog and a horse to make this movie. Now, I'm okay with people going hunting to feed themselves and their family, as long as they're using that animal's life to sustain their own, but I don't at all approve of killing animals merely to make an artistic statement. If I had been in this person's place, I would have told the professor that there was no way I could watch the movie without getting upset and, therefore, I wouldn't be coming to class that day. This is one of the rare cases where I would have taken a hit on my grade. I'm just too much of an animal lover to watch something like that. Which brings me to a poll...

[Poll #1542764]

* Raked up some of the snow mold...thatch...whatever you want to call it. And now I've got a nasty blister on one of my hands from all that raking.

* And it looks like my crocuses that I thought were M.I.A this year have finally re-appeared. Going to have to get pictures of them before the flowers fade.

* I wanted to work on turning over my garden this week, but that might get put off so I can start studying for my German midterm.

* Wow...the right-wing in this country has gone completely and utterly bat-shit insane: Sarah Palin posts about not retreating but reloading on her Facebook page and Democratic congressmen who voted for the bill are receiving more threats. I know many of us liberals were ticked off when George W. Bush was president, but were we ever this bad? *shakes head* After this, there is no way in hell you can convince me to vote a Republican for office. If I don't like the Democratic candidate, I'd rather vote Green. (Links swiped from [ profile] ginmar and [ profile] gehayi)

* And look what we have here. One of the douchebags who is advocating stone throwing. (Link snagged from [ profile] ambitious_wench)

* California voters to decide in November whether to legalize pot -- I wonder what the chances are of this actually passing... (Many thanks to [ profile] ladyfox7oaks for originally posting this)

* In Stephenville, college play featuring gay Jesus stirring emotions -- More douchebaggery. At least one of the actors in this play was disowned by his family after refusing to quit the production. So sad. (Link swiped from [ profile] tx_cronopio)

* I'm honked off by all the crap that's going down in the news. Time to call it quits and go to bed.
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Busy day today. And I couldn't have picked a better day to do outside work. It's gorgeous outside!

* Irish cheddar cheese acquired!

* This afternoon, I cleaned some of the first floor windows both inside and out. The ones that got done the best were the living room ones as they were easier to reach. The dining room and kitchen ones got the insides washed, but not much of the outsides because I couldn't reach them as well and I was terrified to going too high up on the ladder. I have a tendency to klutz out and fall off.

* I also washed my car, which was *covered* in salt. While I was working, I got buzzed by a yellow jacket. must be spring if those little fuckers those guys are back. I'm probably going to have a hard time with them again this year. Next time I get dive bombed, I'm going to have to watch and see where they disappear to. Then, I can go out and nuke the shit out of their nest spray the nest with wasp killer after sunset.

* Yay! My car is clean!

* Last summer and fall, we had trouble with our rosebush. We had a fungus that left little black spots on the leaves attack it. We had this same problem the year before. The culprit is most likely the wet summers we've been having lately. Last year, [ profile] forestdruid told us to remove all the old leaves and clear away any fallen leaves from around the base of the rosebush. Between that and spraying, that should help keep the rosebush from getting reinfected. Well, today I removed all the old leaves and raked around the base. I couldn't reach some of the leaves at the center of the rosebush. I used a shovel and a stick to poke at them and get out what I could. I still got a couple of nasty scratches from my efforts even with gardening gloves on. Later this spring, I'm going to spray more fungicide. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can get rid of it for good this time.

* And while I'm on the topic of pests, our pine trees have some kind of borer in back. I think this year [ profile] doomsey and I are going to call an arborist to have a look at them and some of our other trees. We're due for that soon.

* Trulawn came by again. They said that we have snow mold on part of the lawn, which requires raking. Too tired to do it today. And it's also not a good idea because they put granules down this afternoon. Maybe sometime next week if the weather is decent.

* I wore a better brace on my ankle, so it's not hurting as badly as yesterday. The only problem is that this one is cutting into my heel. *sigh*

* Oh...I also cleaned my fish tank earlier. The algae is taking over! Maybe I need to invest in another snail to replace the old one that died...
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Click here for pictures )

Since the weather forecast said that it was going to rain most of the week except for today, I decided to make a trip out to the zoo. Got a bunch of cute pictures. I think I'm going to end up posting some of them in the days to come.


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